Collection of Love

by Johnny Bear

I'd been in a relationship for about three years. Over that course of time, though I'm not really a poet, I managed to come up with this small collection of poems I'd written for her.

MY BEAUTFUL LOVE I love you today. I'll love you tomorrow. I'll love you your whole life through. I'll never need anything in life. Just as long as I have you. You are my blessing. You're my gift from above. You're my life. You're my breath. You are my beautiful love.


MY ONLY ONE I loved you last night. I loved you this morning. and I still love you tonight. You are the star in the my night sky. Tomorrow, you'll shine as my sun. Forever you'll be my everything. Right now, You're my only one.


REASON TO BE HAPPY My love, you came to me And turned my life around. Now the expression I wear Is no longer a frown Of loneliness. No longer do I dispair. Since now with you, My life, I share. I've a reason to be happy, no longer blue. Because I found love The day I found you.


FEBRUARY FOURTEEN Today is the day, I'll prove my love. How special you are to me. No one else has made me as happy as you. To my heart, you hold the key. I love you now, this very hour. And the minutes in between. To me, not just today But everyday Is February Fourteen

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