Helping Hand

by James Cosby


Everyone in life needs a helping hand.

Helping hand

It was dark and dim night as Randy works another double at the construction site. He is thirty two, tall, short wavy hair. He is irritated with his supervisor. Randy's exhausted and dehydrated. He had no choice but to work such long hours because his grandfather has prostate cancer with no health insurance. The surgery is very expensive. Randy is hoping and praying he can come up with the money. The reality is that his 20,000 a year and back pay child support is holding him back. It's break time, he walks in the cafeteria, coffee pots, chips, crackers and donuts were on the counter. Empty sugar and cream packets left their and brown stains by the sink. He grabs a soda from the vending machine, sits down, rubbing sweat from his face and his supervisor Keith with gray hair, beard and in his early 60's sat down. It was tension as they smoke, and he said calmly, Randy I can loan you the money for your grandfathers surgery. Keith, I told you earlier I don't need any handouts. I'll get the money myself. Young man you have too much pride. When someone is willing to help you. You shouldn't refuse it. Everyone needs help from time to time. Times are hard. It doesn't make you less of a man, says Keith. You are a good man and dedicated worker but your pride will be your biggest downfall. Listen, Keith I don't need a lecture. I'm doing it my way. OK, Randy, I won't bother you about anymore. Thank you, Keith. Randy gets up to throw his pop away. He breaks down in tears saying You know Keith, you're absolutely right. Keith hugs him, saying I love you, like a son. Take the money and don't worry about paying me back. He cries, saying thank you for putting up with me. He hands him the money and says Take the rest of the night off and go get that surgery done. Two days later Randy's grandfather had a successful recovery but Keith sadly suffered a stroke and passed away. Randy was devastated.

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