by James Cosby


This short story is about a woman who is addicted to a cheating man.


Denise is a beautiful, educated woman, but she makes bad choices when it comes to men. You see she's addicted to this guy name Leon. They been in a relationship for five years. He's cheated on her over twenty times, they argue and fight but she always takes him back. Last week, Denise was coming home , she parked,and took the key out. She walked in the house, candles, roses, clothes on the floor. She ran upstairs and busted the door. Lorie, her sister, was face down, Leon pounded hard, smacked that booty, Denise pulled Lorie's hair, she kicked and yelled, I'm sorry, he holds Denise, Lorie sobbing, put her clothes on, Denise throws a vase, Lorie ducked, reached for a 45 under the bed, she fires, two shots, she's hit, two bullets, she wounded, left shoulder, blood drips on his stomach, he cried, she is not remorseful, cold-blooded smile, we can get married now, she's out the way, two weeks later, bright lights, bridesmaids, groomsmen, pastor standing at Drew's Baptist Church, Leon at the alter, Frey tuxedo, gold tee, braids, the groomsmen were envious as he lifted both gowns, kissed his brides, both sisters and both pregnant.

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