by Carla Cadenas

The sound of thunder surrounds him as he awakes from a sleep , not knowing where he is or where he was before this moment , He stumbles to his feet looking over his body` his clothing ripped and his personal information gone (wallet , rings , necklace) , Looking down at his chest through the large slash in his fancy suit and tie , He pulls the shirt appart with his two dirt ridden hands and reveals a strange burn , This mark resembles a crow inside of a hexagram , No larger then his palm the burn feels cold and does not cause him pain or discomfort , He takes the first glance to his current surroundings and notices a damp old victorian room , done up in old cherry red wooden dressers and a vintage bed sheets satin /red ` the smell of dust and decay of roses that were once a beautiful red now a black tatterd color fill the air, A sudden clash of lightining surrounds the room and wakes him out of his shock and he fumbles around to look for a way to escape , Over there to his right` he notices a window `with solid oak shutters and a deep red velvet curtain just barely reveals a lock , He quickly runs over voilently pulls appart the curtains to show the bars across it , He looks out of it wiping away the steam from the window , he sees he is on a large mountain top and inside of some sort of castle, as the storm grows louder and more intense , his fear sets in . his mind thinking to yell his body wanting to flee . He turns to run to the obvious , as he runs across the room to the door it is locked , as if it would be that easy he thought hopelessly, pushing his head into the door in disbelief` he runs his fingers across the door peeling off the white paint , He hears a soft piano in the distance , Do I call out "he thinks " ? Instead he continues to listen as he thinks he hears footsteps getting closer he looks through the key hole just in time to see a woman's body pass by swiftly . Being a man that he is , he thinks oh it is just a women no harm even if she is the one who hath put him in this position , he calls out to her , I demand you let me go at once ! the footsteps stop , The woman gives a playfull laugh , I will be with you in a moment My dear Be patient . He again repeats` No~ now or I will... She quickly cuts him off louder as if she were right in front of him , Or you will what she says angry ~ You will do as I say , You really have no choice .. she continues to walk away . he turns around and slides his back down the door , All he can do is wait as she said for him to do . His mind plays thoughts of why or what reasons this is happening to him .The door unlocks it is a child , he is holding a Black velvet suit and pants , shoes and a tie with a single red rose , The boy says nothing just motions for him to take it , The man assumes he is to change for some sort of formal meeting between him and this mysterious lady . The man goes to ask a question and just a quick as the boy appears he is gone with the door locked behind him . The man undresses and he can't help but feel he is being watched , Sometime passes and the boy comes back for him , The boy warns him not to run , just stay behind me and follow he says , One who is not fimilliar with this castle can get lost and we would not want that , the boy tells him with an evil grin , They walk down a long hallway no windows just endless walls , The light fixtures flicker as he walks by , They come to a corridoor where they pass a long flight of steps leading to another part of the castle , Entering a large dinning room , A beautiful silver chandelier upbove a long twenty seated cherry oak table is in the middle of it . The boy seats him at one end of the table , He notices there is only one set of dishes and wine glass , He remains silent as he listens to the now louder piano playing in the background , The man can feel eyes tearing into his back looking deeply inside of him .He knows someone is standing behind him , He feels a hand clasps his shoulder he turns quickly to see nothing .He truns to face the table , time slows slightly as his eyes meet a beautiful pale face , blackest long hair flows across her beautiful red gown and cape , she is sitting at the opposite end of the table`like king and queen they stare at each other for momments that feel like eternity , Her crimson lips `her deep brown eyes , he starts to say something but her beauty has captured his voice , She laughs * Would you like a drink , she motions to the boy in the corner and he brings a bottle `embroiderd in what looks to be dried flesh , He pours a thick red wine into the mans glass , The man turns to thank the boy and again he has vanished . She continues to chat with him , Why, is what you are tring to spout out ? I will explain but who I am will remain a mystery all you need know is you belong to me as at this very moment , I passed you two moons ago on the street , Your scent attracted me , I followed you and I saw everything , all that you hide from the world , I watched at how you carried yourself , drunken and ignorant .So full of hate for the world , lonely and the tears full of sadness dropped from your face night after night , wishing for something but did not know what . I realized we had something in common , On the last night of your mortal life . I watched as you attempted to take a women in the woods , Both of your pathetic bodies passed out before you could devour each other's lust. That mark you have controls you Keeps you from mortal feelings , strips you of any happiness you would ever feel and any memories you may have had that would bring a smile to you ` I kissed your chest ~ My lips placed a forever burn over your heart , yet I did not make you immortal , So now your lifeless body just hangs between the world of death and life , You are a forever a void and slave , Do as I say I can keep your pain bareable , but disobey me and You will wish for death . The man quickly stands from the table , blasphemy he shouts , I am not a slave and You are just a mere crazy women , He starts to storm out of the room , She stands and waves the doors shut ` he stops and turns , within seconds she has passed a distance of the large room and is before him. She has a smile on her face ,as she slightly caresses his face looking him deeply in his eyes and she says softly , You are my food , my amusement , and company .. She slightly tilts his head reveals his neck and bites , His heart beats fast and his palms sweat , his groins fill with lust , confused he just gives in to this overwhelming feeling , She drains him enough where she is satisfyied , they return to her chambers where there is a large coffin surrounded by candles and they lay together , he is wrapped in her embrace , Inside he realizes she did not kill him but she has saved him , In a sort of twisted way his mortal life was depressing sad and lonely , Not wanted , Now in this void he is needed for her survival and he is wanted as her company and he is no longer alone , In death he is happy in life he was sad ... They completed each other !

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