Breakup - a Love Story

by Feroz Mohamed

"I wish I met you long before" she said with tears swelled up in her eyes. He couldn't see it. He could only hear her snuffling. She hung up without words and he stayed on the phone stuck to his ears.

Years have passed and many stories have been told. But how many love stories have gone unnoticed or untold? Not that only those were portrayed are true enough to digest? That made you cry and you felt like I want one of those? The reason is that not all the love stories are written by Nicholas Sparks or John Green.

"I will not tell you our love story, because like all real love stories, it will die with us, as it should" - Fault in our Stars | John Green

A breakup is a term often used in an intimate relationship when one or both decide to call it off. The slang is 'dumping'. The term cannot be used by married couple because it then becomes a separation or a divorce.

Susie Orbach, a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and also a social critic; wrote in one of her articles that the dissolution of dating and cohabiting relationships can be as painful as or more painful than divorce because these non-marital relationships are less socially recognised.

Today, I would like to tickle your inner you to bring out the past in you. That could suck big times but memories are good to be recalled.

You could be with someone else now. Married to another or with kids. Who's that someone you struggle yet to get over? Some would say 'Huh! Everybody knows my story' but no. Only you know something that nobody knows. Let's face it. People know who you loved. But they will never know how much you loved. Do you care to explain? Forget it. You wont even get the slightest of clue. Such untold stories can never be put in to a book or a movie. Trust me, I am trying. So this particular story, a real one; disturbed me a lot. I have been thinking about it and I can't wait to share it with you all.

"A mismatch in a pair, cannot be tolerated even if it is a shoe" - Myself

It started with a good morning and ended with late goodnights. In-between were the sweetness. That of the nectar the bees found in those blossoms. They both shared the same interests though he stood by DC and she held on to Marvel. They both could quote books, line by line with their eyes closed. Name the author have always been their favourite game. They never ran out of conversation. Instead, they ran out of time. Million things to say, so little time they had in a day.

Now you must be thinking, why should they even break up? Possibilities. Religion, cast, sexual preferences, long distance or even bad history? Hold your guesses. Cause you wont be able to. Keep reading.

He loved her tiny eyes and the biggest of her smile. He never skipped a day without letting her know that. And she never had enough of hearing it. Their casual friendship grew in to a bond. A bond that no ordinary will understand. It was way beyond love and affairs. He called her his crush. She smiled and kept striking him with a 'Go away'. But boy, did he? Their days started for each other and their nights ended with each other. He knew he was falling hard. He knew it was wrong. He knew she wouldn't feel the same. With hesitation, he opened up. He didn't expect her to say yes. But he still told her because staying loyal also means revealing the moral. He couldn't fake a friendship when he had so much love in him. I wont blame him, he did the right thing. But the issue in here is, that the girl is already taken by another.

Alright. Now you might be having a lot of questions, tempted to ask me. But hold on. Not just yet. To recap. This is how it worked. The girl has been in a relationship long before she met him. She has told him she has a guy. They started to talk randomly about the book they both had read recently. What's wrong in two nerds talking about nerd stuff, right? Unless they are talking about 50 Shades of Grey. That, could be very weird. Anyways, let's move on.

"Every second you spend with the wrong person, is a second wasted in search of true love" - Leon Brown

She wasn't the typical one. She didn't blame him for that. She chained the words carefully not to hurt him. She said she would have said yes if it was six years ago. She said they'd be together if there wasn't another one for her. But he yet pursued. The love he had for her was enormous. He knew he wouldn't survive without her. He also knew that she is helpless. He didn't stop loving her. He was relieved that he let out everything from his chest. He had nothing to fear. As days passed, she felt what it was like to be given. How it looks like to be loved. Because in her six years of relationship with the other, all she has been doing is 'give' and expected nothing in return. For the first time in her life, she saw herself through him. How he expected nothing and yet gave away every drop of love he could squeeze out of his heart. He told her things she never expected to hear. Not even through a book. Without even realising, she found herself deeply in love with him.

It is easy for anyone to judge her. By the time you have finished reading this, I promise you. You will have a whole new perspective on love. I don't know if it is going to be a good one or not. But it will seem new.

When she realised that she has found her perfect other half, it was already too late. She had nothing to give. She felt broken. She wanted this. But she can never have it. Even worse, she had only 2 weeks left for her wedding. She begged him to stop all this. And he pleaded with her not to go. They both knew it wont end the easy way. They are not destined to be together. He prayed that she should keep her smile. He fasted for her good health and a better future even though he wouldn't be a part of it. She had to erase each and every word he has said so far. The words that livened her up. Words that gave her new meanings. A reason for her to look towards east. He knew, she will see him in her smile. For him, nothing else seemed prettier than her tiny lips parting to reveal her teeth, purse her tiny little eyes to cover a large portion of her retinas and her apple chin to glow. Her smile was his world. I guess it still is.

What amazed me was that, even when it was the last seven days they'd be talking, he didn't stop making her feel like she was the only girl in this whole universe.

"Oh, I wouldn't mind, Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you" - Fault in our stars | John Green

'I want you to go places, where no one hoped you'll ever end up in. Dream big and never settle for anything less than what you deserve' before even she could finish, he said "You are everything I deserve". They never exchanged goodbyes. He requested. He wanted her to hang up like she usually does. Like he'd go to sleep that night and hope he never woke up the next morning. The morning never comes for him. The mornings, that usually brought her closer to him. She got married to the one she had held on to for the past six years. Her, bearing the ring and him, bearing her in his heart. Forever.

You see, some love stories never die. A relationship doesn't have to always have a happy ending. But the love shared right, is the life in it. It will live even after the hearts have perished. And it doesn't take another Shakespeare to write the literature. The love will speak on behalf of them. Now, if you had someone in your mind while reading this, thank them for the memories, for the pain, for the lessons and overall, for this life.

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