Paranoid Heroics

by Henry Sinclair

September 6th

So the doc decided that I should start writing about things I see in my life and how I see them. I don't know what my parents think is wrong enough with me to send me to a psychologist but it makes them stop questioning me at a every turn.

I guess today was normal? I had a biology test. But I doubt doc wants me to write about my actual education. He probably wants me to write about the people I talk too. That's my problem. Talking to people. I didn't really have a real conversation today. I guess that's all.

September 10th

Today I talked to my English teacher. She asked how I was since my time out. She seemed very concerned with my health. She is trying to pry information from me about staying at the ward. That bitch. She probably doesn't even care about me. Although, I did notice there was something weird with her eyes. I can't put my finger on what but something was definitely wrong. I guess I shouldn't go crazy about it.

September 16th

I had about three conversations today. They were just with some of my so called friends. The conversations were uninteresting. I almost ignored them and I have already forgotten the specifics. It feels like I wasted air. I don't understand why people do that. Have casual conversations that exchange no important information.

I did notice something though. They also had something wrong with their eyes. They just weren't quite right. It's like something is wrong with them. I just don't know what. If I was crazy, I'd say they'd been replaced. But that would be crazy.

September 23rd

I've figured it out! They are being replaced! I didn't know it at first but now I'm confident. They must be trying to get me. I must know something they don't want me to know. Now that I know, I need to be careful. I need to figure out how they're being replaced. I also need to figure out who all is being replaced. Once I know that, I can make plans. But as of now, I know 6 people who have been replaced. I have to make sure they can't get my parents. Maybe if I get one to interrogate. I'll update my progress when I learn something.

October 6th

I have logged 43 people who have been replaced. It seems that the eye thing can only be spotted when they talk to me. This makes it a lot harder to spot them but I can still do it. I just have to pretend that I'm getting better. Doctor Brown thinks I'm getting worse but he has obviously been replaced. I can pretend to get better so that they don't notice anything. My plan is coming together rather nicely. I think I have one of them picked out. She is smaller and probably weaker than the others so it should be easy to catch her. I plan on taking her to one of the abandoned warehouses on Downer Drive. No one goes there except druggies. It will be risky. She could have a tracker. I'll make sure she doesn't though. Then I can get some answers.

October 10th

My interrogation proved unsuccessful. Snatching the fake was easy. She put up a fight but all it took was big hit to the head to knock her out. I got her to the warehouse undetected. She screamed and pleaded. Trying to maintain her cover. I found a tracker in the hand. It was to hard to get it out with her screaming so I had to just remove the hand. It was messy. She started bleeding a lot and she screamed louder. I asked her questions after I threw the hand in the fire I had made. She claimed not to know anything. She claimed that she didn't know what I was talking about. But I knew better. I got so outraged that she wouldn't answer my questions that I simply had to remove her from the equation. There is no reason to worry though. I disposed of everything accordingly. I'll have to try again.

October 30th

11 attempts. 11 failures. The only place there seems to be a tracker is in the hand. All of them were able to maintain their cover even through the pain. The police keep visiting the school and are crawling all over the city but they're too late. I've decided that I don't need answers. I just have to know that their here. Trying to surround me. I see the worry in their eyes. They don't even suspect me. They don't think I know what's going on. They are weak. They are stupid. I have a plan to get rid of them all. I just need to get it all worked out.

November 4th

The most horrible thing has happened. I looked at my parents this morning and I didn't see them. Their eyes were messed up. They were fakes. I had to remove them immediately. I can't continue with the plan if they were left to their own devices. It is almost all worked out. It is too late to turn back.

November 13th

It's all worked out. I found my dad's key to the safe and there are enough bullets to take care of everyone. I am also going to borrow his car. I doubt he'll mind. When I get him back, he'll probably be happy I used it to save him. I have decided that I'm going to go to Doctor Brown's office in the morning. I can remove him quickly. Then, I'll go to school like nothing has happened. I'll ask to go to the bathroom and then I'll go through and remove them all. Everyone I have marked as a fake. My plan happens tomorrow. I'm gonna save the world.

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