God Takes Care of His Own.

by Arnold Nelson


A story that shows how can can and does takes care of his children.

This is not a true story, this is a story I made up to show the love of God.

I have lived alone most of my life. It doesn't bother me I'm used to it. At times I do get lonesome and I would like to have someone to talk to or to go places with. For the most part it is fine. God is the center of my life and I will do what I can to help Him as long as I'm able. God takes care of me, I am his son and I do my best to be a good son and do what he wants.

One day I was walking from my computer room to the front room to take a break from the computer and watch TV for a little while. I had just turned the corner into the living room and felt a sharp pain in my chest and I could hardly breathe.

The next thing I remember I woke up in a hospital room with lots of wires and tubes and stuff attached to me. The doctor that was examining me was saying that I was doing real good I should be able to go home in a few days. He said "When you go home you should thank your daughters, because they saved her life."

I got a shocked look on my face and I said "What! what are you talking about? My daughters died over 40 years ago when they were left alone by pool in a foster home and they fell in and around. They were not quite two years old."

It was a doctor's turn to get a shocked look on his face. He said "The EMTs told me that one of your daughters preformed CPR while the other called 911 for help. If it wasn't for them you would have been dead."

I said "Would it be possible for me to have a talk with the EMTs and find out from them exactly what happened? "

The doctor said "I will have a talk with the nurses and see if we can arrange it."

I said "Thank you, I would appreciate it."

Then the doctor left.

Three days later two men and woman came into my room. One of the men said "We were the EMTs that brought you here. I am Philip Crane and this is Robert Fletcher. We also brought Sara McKinsey she was a 911 operator that answered your daughter's call."

I said "Thank you all very much for coming. The doctor tells me my daughters saved my life I find this hard to believe because they have been dead for over 40 years. Please tell me what happened that day."

Sara started "I took the call at 9:04 that morning. The lady said her name was Patsy Nelson. She said her father has had a heart attack and her sister was administering CPR. Please send the EMTs as soon as possible. We talked for 7 min. and then she said she heard sirens and said had to go, then she hung up the phone."

Robert said "When we walk into your home there was no one else around. We saw you lying on the floor and went over to take care you. When we got there you are breathing on your own. Your breath was very shallow but it was steady. We checked your heart and it was beating, a very weak beat, but it was beating. So we packaged you up and got ready to transport you. We took a quick look around the house but there was no one else in the house. After we got you to the hospital we started talking. We knew the 911 operator and said that your two daughters were there and they were taking care you. We have no idea what happened to them. It is a mystery to us what happened. We talked to Sara the 911 operator later that she confirmed that your daughters were there and she had talked to one of them but she had no idea what happen either. When the nurses told us what us you said to the doctors we were even more baffled so the first day the three of us had off we came over here to talk to you."

I said "Thank you all for coming. I appreciate you telling what happened. This is what I think happened that day. God saw I was in trouble and sent my daughter down to take care of me because God takes care of his own. I don't think it was my time to go yet. I think God has more work for me before I can go home, so I will just stay here and do God's work. When that time comes I can go home and spend the rest of eternity with my daughters and praising God in the highest. It is hard to wait I want to go home so badly, but we have to work with God's time, not our time. God knows when the time is right. He answered prayers three ways. He will say yes, no, or wait.

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