A World of Words

by Rafael Lopez

A World of Words

By Keckith (a poet from The World of Eath, by Rafael Lopez)

This world we live upon,

Is made

From layers of words

Words that shape it,

And change

The tides that wash over our world.

By the words,

Spoken and written

Heard and remembered

Our world is crafted

And made into this land

Which we love

And this land

Which we live upon.

'Tis a world of words.

Everything has words,

Lingering upon their lips.

Waiting for the moment

To utter them,

Or to think them.

Our world is talking,

People and creatures

The wind and water

Sky and land.

In each of them

Lies a story made of words.

'Tis a world in words.

The world is full of words.

Floating in the breeze or carried by the currents.

They can all be heard.

They can all be read.

Go now and read them.

The world around us is speaking --

Go and listen to it.

Copyright 2007 Rafael Lopez, All Rights Reserved.

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