by Southern Cloud

It was a bad day in office. I came back very late and got fresh. I said thanks to the babysitter and prepared some soup. After we finished dinner, me and my daughter, who is two years old, sat on the couch to watch TV. I put some news, and the President was giving his final speech as President.

'I thank Michelle' He was continuing to talk, but my daughter interrupted me.

"Why would he say that, mom?" she sounded astonished.

"He said what"? I couldn't get what she meant.

"Why would the president thank me?", her curious little eyes were filled with wonder.

I bust out into a laugh because my daughter's name is Michelle. I explained that it is his wife and her name is also Michel. I don't know whether she understood. But she seems to listen to what I say. I couldn't stop laughing and my little girl had wiped all my worries of the day.

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