by Southern Cloud


As time passes, friendship grows.... and at moments, decisions has to be taken....

It was a usual Monday morning. Alicia reached the office early and kept her black laptop bag on the side of her desk. She switched on the monitor and opened the inbox to go through the emails. Her thin fingers scrolled the mouse and the cursor on the screen got stuck for a moment. Might be getting shocked by the soft cold touch of her little fingers. As time pass by she didn't move much from that posture except to open her workbook to scribble something and also to remove a sticky note of 'to do' list from the edge of the monitor.

She was looking at the computer screen with her big pretty black eyes. But her mind was wandering with the thoughts on him. Why didn't he come yet? Is he not going to come?

It was 11 am in the morning when he called. Her face lit up by seeing his name on the phone screen. With a soft voice, she answered


"Hey, are you coming for a coffee?" His voice was low

"Yeah, sure"

"See you, " he kept the call

"See you, " she said when the beep sound started 'Why does he sound dull?' She murmured on the way to the cafeteria.

"Hi, " he greeted her near the billing area with a straight face.

"Hi, how are you?"

"I'm good"

"Why do you sound so dull? What happened to you?" She cared for his feelings as they were not only colleagues but also friends for past two years.

"I am fine. Perfectly fine, " he gave a smile with wrinkles on the corner of his eyes. After a pause, he continued

"I need to tell you something important"

He took the coffee and they both walk near a corner seat away from other people.

"I got an opportunity in 'Harmony' " as he said this, he was looking at her eyes for a response. Her eyes opened up and her lips parted. She was surprised. Her eyebrows curved a bit. Then she looked down and hold her coffee mug. 'Oh! She looks beautiful' he thought.

After a short pause, she asked, "what is your decision?"

"Their pay scale is good. And they are starting a new office near to Roland's. So it will be easy to go"

"Good, " she told without expression. She sipped the coffee and the silence continued.

'It is better this way'. He thought

They both are good friends. Proceeding their relationship to the next level seems to be impossible. He doesn't want a to hurt his girlfriend who was with him from the last eight years.

At the moment he didn't have plans for marriage with his girlfriend, but he doesn't want to end that relation. It became a part of his mundane life. And Alicia was a good friend who bought lots of colors to his life. He always liked rainbows, but rarely dared to explore the sky. He didn't know how she feels about him. But now, after seeing her face, his doubts doubled. He tried to keep minimum eye contact.

" So, when are you planning to leave?" She clenched her hands to the coffee mug.

"After the notice period," he said spiritless

"Ok, " she replied.

'Why is she not asking anything else? Why is she so silent? Is she sad' he wondered.

A corner of his heart ached. 'But it is better this way. Let her be happy and continue to smile loud and be playful, even after I leave'

"Anyway, all the best, " she tried to put a smile

"Hmm. Keep in touch, " he said

"No" her response was fast. He could sense some amount of anger in her pretty face.

It was harsh to reply like that. But he smiled. His eyes were kind.

At that very moment, they both knew what was hidden deep in their hearts. Their real feelings to each other. Some feelings are better when unexpressed and in silence, they speak a million words.

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