At My Last Breath

by Southern Cloud

As my last breath leaves me, I became none. My body is no more. Neither my mind. My soul which I met in my life has not made its appearance. It was dark... soon I heard a voice. Just voice. And the voice was the only thing existed. As the voice became clear the light started to fall on me. What is me? Still a question. But I felt sound. It was not been heard. I felt it. I was inside the voice. I became a part of it.

Then it happened. That came back. That most important thing which I left or lost, somewhere in my life, has come back.


That was an intense love.

An intense romantic love.

Then I felt complete. I felt as a whole. I had all the other colors of love- care, compassion, kindness, forgiveness.... but not romantic love. As my last breath left me, the romantic love came back.

I used to think that I was cursed. I used to think in my life. I thought I never would experience a true romantic love. But it happened now.

I had humbly requested my relatives and friends to place only white roses in my coffin when I am gone. White for purity. I never wanted red roses in my coffin since I lacked the warmth of redness in my life. A pinch of true romance in my life. But when my last breath left me, I could sense why I never had the leisure of romantic love.

It would have made me almost complete in the world itself.

But no is one is supposed to experience in the world. Thus the universe has poured me with romantic love now. At this very moment, I thought... but I was wrong.

I looked at my coffin it was filled with white roses. But wait... there was a red rose... not one... but six red roses.

Oh! then my husband came near the coffin, weak and sad. With his trembling hand, he placed the seventh red rose near to my hands, which were on chest holding the cross. He was looking at my face and blabbered... "her face shines more than ever...."

It was all pure love.... just I was blind to observe. As my last breath left me, I found the truth. Truth never clear and was numb. Now truth spoke and the voice became me.

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