Smoke Out

by Aamnah Shahid

                     Smoke Out

Out of the clear blue sky,her innocent vision had paused when she saw him walking briskly on the road shattered with dried yellowish leaves.Her eyes had ceased to blink when her heart fastened it's beats. She was earnestly peeping out at him from the glass window of a coffee shop. The red flushed face, deep shuttered blue eyes,wearing black leather jacket with a neck-wrap & joggers under blue jeans made her heartbeat run like a leopard's pace. Both of his hands were indulged to lit up a cigarette. She could feel her heartbeat skipping twice a second when smoke bubbles came from his mouth. She felt like her own insides were burning to ashes. No sooner had fast pace vanished his glimpse. Her eyes froze there engrossed with the illusion of bubbles popping up on her window.

A sudden voice that made her flip back was the poor waiter who addressed her, "Here is your strong cup of sugar free coffee, Ma'am". She hurriedly wiped her tears & settled her place.He got shocked to see her flustered face but he silently set her table & went away.Meanwhile she took out her cell phone from her bag & kept on gazing the screen for a couple of minutes. Then her shivering hands dared to push his number & sent him a message from her new number. This gave her heart a peregrine falcon's wings to fly in it's cage. Not losing a moment she threw her cellphone back to her bag & zipped it. She took her awaiting cup of coffee to take its first sip. The only obsessed drug "Coffee" she used to took even that had lost its efficacy. Her throat ceased to flush the first sip.Like her taste buds had lost their sense. Though her brain was bursting with the smoke explosion that she felt around him. She left her coffee & few amount on table & rushed to her home as she couldn't stay here for a second.

A silent gatecrasher beep interrupted his lost thoughts. While lying with closed eyes drowned in wrecked dreams one of his arm weighing on forehead. He forwarded his hand in his right pocket of his jeans that she once gifted him. Screen light that irritated his eyes to open properly he endeavored to read the blinking text. He pushed it & astonished to see "Cigarette-Prohibition" text from a local unknown number as though he hadn't been using his cellphone for any contact except for scrolling her pics & memorizing the old convo. He started reading the text with so contemplation that every word was instigating him to read more & more. He was feeling an unknown condolence in each phrase that he could feel her essence in each alphabet. He perceived the hidden love behind those words that compelled him to text back to that unknown number.

Like building castles in the air she was impatiently getting conscious to know either he'd read that text or not, "Would he reply me back or not ? Won't he ignore it without reading?" & never ending list of thoughts.

She was gazing her cell phone curiously while holding it in damp hands. Then an instant blink on her cellphone seized her thoughts & skipped her heart beat twice & thrice a second that once again made her feel perplexed. The very next moment she got baffled to see the unexpected reply from the same number she was anxious about.

"Still you care"

A bittersweet smile curved her face & her eyes got stuck on screen till then it's screen light turned off. Everything was just paused on it's way. Meanwhile the screen again started to blink that was the third time on that day when her heart was beating so randomly that could take her to death. It kept on blinking with an anticipation of her faze. She was a living dead body with irregular heartbeats that banned her hands to attend the call. As though she had not heard his voice for a long so she persuaded her heart to let her listen his voice only for once. She swiped right to attend the call & calmly headed the cell phone straight to the left ear. A candid voice that solaced her soul echoed from the other side "Hello". His intoxicated voice consoled her soul so fascinatingly that her cell phone slipped from her hands.

A long pause of silence.

"Hello" once again echoed.

Silence whispered.

Half in subconsciousness she now hold her cell phone to her heart to condole it's tenderness.


Again silence sighed.

Meanwhile after all the failure attempts he put his cell phone on his chest to feel the moments with his closed eyes.

Tears were rolling down their cheeks.

They were on call & they were not talking yet both of them felt being consoled like their heartbeats were synchronizing. There was just lub dub lub dub of their heartbeats in the silence of their painful dark rooms.

~Aãmñãh Shãhid©~

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