Big Tommy

by ClipState


An absurd story about a teenage boy who can go to 'big lengths' when provoked. With a more than eccentric personality, this boy is provoked more often than not and finds himself in the most absurd of situations; from the inside of a prison cell to a great battle in the confines of a school.

Big Tommy - The Complete Edition (UNCENSORED)

Part One

The clocks struck quarter past. The silence maintained its lifelong persistence. Tommy raised his hand, and the silent class kept working. Tommy pushed his seat back and walked around the back of the class, receiving split second long awkward glances by the fellow boys and girls. He walked up to the teacher, Mr Kennel and said in his outdoor voice "can I wash my hands?" The teacher looked at him slightly, and replied "okay, why?" Tommy, looking at his shoes had his everlasting smile put on over his orange and blue braces. He answered "because my hands are sweaty so I can't hold my pen" as he showed Mr Kennel his moist palms. The classroom, having heard his statement giggled beneath their breaths, although it could have been heard across the room. Mr Kennel gestured him over to the sink and for the next thirty seconds, the silent classroom was drowned by the noise of Tommy's sweat being washed down the drain. After the half a minute that lasted forever, Tommy went smiling back to his desk, admiring his newly cleaned, unsweaty hands. He sniffed them as he sat back on his stool and he said to the boy next to him "it's okay, they aren't sweaty anymore" and giggled some more. Will, the boy next to him found this more than irritating. He slammed down his paper, clenched his hand into a fist and swung a right hook across Tommy's face, knocking him to the ground. The class gasped for a split second, before bursting into cheer. Tommy, looking down at the linoleum hissed quietly and said "fucking..." What happened next was beyond reasonable. The once sweaty handed boy started to enlarge. His arms swelled, his legs inflated and his hands became sweaty once again. Tommy grew to a massive fifteen feet tall, double what he usually was. "Will, now I'm angry!" he yelled. Tommy took out his big stinking hands and slapped Will across the room, slamming him into the wall. As soon as he saw the poor guy ragdoll like that, he burst into uncontrollable laughter. It shook the room. For a full minute, every kid held their hands over their ears to block out the fucked up laughter. When Tommy finally wiped the snot from his nose and mouth, he went to slap everyone in the room. Slap slap slap slap slap went Tommy as he slapped the shit out of each boy and girl in the class. Faecal matter rained down from their rectums due to the hardcore vibrations of Tommy's slaps. No-one could do anything about him because he was so big. Finally, the teacher got a good idea and slammed the fire alarm switch. The sprinklers came on immediately, giving the kids time to evacuate the classroom.

Part Two

Tommy, who was drenched in water, lumbered over to the front of the class, catching as many Jews as he could. He caught some Japanese kid and smiled. He opened his jaws wide and bit the kid's head off. High pressure blood splattered all over the walls and Tommy's face. He never stopped smiling. Having to arch his back due to the low ceiling, Tommy was slowed, but that didn't stop him from catching Ahmed, some Middle Eastern kid who he liked. "Hey, Ahmed. It's me, Tommy. I like you" he smiled. Ahmed did not smile back. Instead he took the bomb out of his backpack and armed it. Tommy, who always liked a challenge, swallowed the boy whole, including the bomb. Tommy giggled as the bomb gave him indigestion and explosive diarrhoea. Shit shot out of him like a minigun, painting the walls with a brilliant brown. Tommy laughed hysterically as he riddled the floors with brown bullets. He didn't stop laughing when he smashed out the exit and spread his loving shit all across the rest of the kids. "Hahahahahahahahaha!" he went as his faeces splattered all across the children's faces, ruining their school uniforms. "oh my gawd!" he cried as he spotted a Jewish kid running across the field. He laughed cacophonously as he chased poor little Maribella down the school fields. He laughed even harder as he caught her and lifter her to his face. "Hey, Mari" he said in a dreamlike voice. "LET ME THE FUCK GO YOU CUNT RAPING PERVET PAEDOPHILE!" cried the captive girl. Tommy giggled and said "you're funny" as he shoved her down his throat. Poor Maribella now had to deal with the mutilated body of a poor little Middle-Eastern boy in addition to the torrents of hydrochloric stomach acid. Tommy paused for a few seconds. Maybe swallowing his crush wasn't the best way for her to be inside him. It didn't matter to him though, because he just spotted another delicious victim. It was some tough looking Mexican groundskeeper drinking some prune juice. Yummy. Tommy loved Mexican food. He rushed over to him and suddenly, the Mexican pulled out his knife and cut Tommy's Achilles tendon. Blood gushed out as Tommy cried out in pain. Enraged, Tommy roared "now I'm raging!!!" as he took the Mexican by the arm and tore off a leg. The Mexican screamed in agony but continued to stab whatever parts of Tommy he could. As he struck nipple, Tommy started to tear up like a little girl. Now in equally high amounts of rage and pain, Tommy ate the Mexican, with extra chewing because he was super tough. Tommy was glad he wore braces because the Mexican stabbed his mouth a lot as his limbs were being torn apart and his organs eviscerated. Tommy had an awful feeling when he ate his sausage-Schnitzels later on because the Mexican gave him a stomach ache. Fucking Mexican food.

Part Three

Tommy's tummy rumbled with anger. That prune juice must have turned his insides into mush. He knew the big one was coming soon, and so he rushed over to the D-Block toilets, pulled down his ripped pants and lifted his school shirt right up, exposing his bare ugliness for the entirety of the toiletry population to observe. They screamed in terror, not because of the Big Gilly, but his small Willy. And as Tommy started to unleash his beast, he suddenly pooped while he was peeing. One thing in particular made his rectum stretch extra-far. It was that Jewish girl he 'ate'. She had survived the entire time because her family had a history of dealing with abuse. Especially from Tommy's great uncle Hitler. As Maribella gave Tommy reverse anal, the kids screamed and fainted because they thought the giant was giving birth. It sure looked like it. This even made Tommy question his virginity. Maribella slid out in her birthday suit and the first thing she did was crawl over to a fainted kid. If the birth wasn't enough, then seeing a nice pair of underage tits definitely was. Covered in squishy, rotten shit, Maribella felt the boy for a phone. She grabbed it with her brown covered hands and dialled for the police.

One Month Later

"What did you do?" asked the inmate. Tommy replied "I ate a couple of children up and pooped out a naked girl who said I molested her." The inmate stared back at him in strange silence. A few seconds later, he burst out in a short burst of laughter before reaching his hand out and saying "same." Tommy shook his hand and smiled. "Will you be my friend?" he said and the inmate replied "of course, Tommy. Of course." Suddenly, Tommy recognised him. It was Mr Kennel, his old science teacher. "Mr Kennel? Is that really you?" The inmate nodded with a smile. Tommy was overjoyed. "Gee, Mr Kennel, I'm so glad that you're my roommate!" They both smiled. "So am I" said Mr Kennel as he put his hand on Tommy's lap. Tommy giggled ever so slightly before putting his hand on his former science teacher's back. The two leaned forward into each other and started to kiss.


Rain swept into the damaged classroom. Rubble and debris littered the area. A firefighter clutched a piece of a broken wall with both hands and lifted it off Will Chow. The firefighter saw bone protruding out of Will's left arm. Blood was still running down his school uniform and his chest looked like he had more than a couple broken ribs. "You're gonna be okay. Come with me" said the firefighter as he looked down at the badly damaged boy. "No. I'm fine, thanks" the boy replied as he stood himself up. "I know what to do."

Part Four

Mr Kennel caressed Tommy's shoulder, and gently pushed him down onto the cell bed. "You've always been my favourite student" said the former teacher. Tommy giggled in a high pitched squeak, and replied "I've had a crush on you, Mr Kennel. Ever since my first year here." The two smiled and gazed into each other's eyes. "Now teach me some biology!" cried Tommy. Mr Kennel smiled and leaned over Tommy's thin but long body. It wasn't the only thing that was long in this room. Tommy drew an intense sniff of his former teacher's face. "You smell like my cat." Mr Kennard smiled, and Tommy continued "I molested my cat." Mr Kennel meowed. "Meow meow meow" he went as he pulled down his pants. "meow, meow, meow." The meowing stopped when it turned into quiet moans, then sharp groans. With each thrust he became louder and so did Tommy. As his former science teacher wrecked what was left of his virginity, Tommy knew that life could not get any better.

Twenty Minutes Later

Tommy sat up in a panic. "Mr Kennel, I can't sign my parole forms!" The former science teacher, covered only by thin prison bedsheets, asked "why not, Tommy?" Tommy started to cry a little. "Because my hands are too sweaty!" Mr Kennel grinned. "Your whole body is sweaty." Tommy, under the threat of not being able to be released early, walked to the corner to cry, but on the way there, he slipped on his own sweat and his body flung into the prison cell bars. "Fucking!!!" he cried, and suddenly, he got an erection. "Aaahhhhh!!!" cried Tommy, before his whole body started to grow. His whole size increased massively, crushing the toilet, the sink and eventually the bed. "I'm sorry, Mr Kennel!" cried Tommy as his inflating body smooshed Mr Kennel into the concreted wall. "Tommy..." he choked "I love y-" It was at that moment that Tommy crushed his former science teacher (and only lover)'s ribcage, forcing a rib to protrude into his heart, fatally stabbing him. As Tommy choked the last breath out of his lover, he started to realised that everything he loved in this world was gone. Now the only other being he had an intimate relationship with left was his cat, Simon. Tommy teared up as his fat titties squished against the cell bars. "Oi! What the fuck is going on?!" yelled a prison guard nearby. "A prison break!" replied Tommy as he mass expanded so much that the cell door flung off straight into the prison guard, slicing him like a cheese grater.

Part Five

The guard fell down... in seven separate pieces. "I'm fucking hungry!!!" cried the massive blob as he waddled out of the cell. He looked back at the crushed body of his crush. I guess you could say he had a real 'crush' on him. Tommy started to have a tantrum. "Why can't I fucking love anyone?" as he punched the wall beside him. "Ow! That fucking hurt" he cried. It was a fucking concrete wall. Of course it would hurt. Tommy lurched on, clutching the cell bars of the next cell and ripping the door off. "Come here, bad person! I want eat!" roared Tommy. The frightened serial rapist started to cry like a little baby in the corner before turning into a delicious snack for dear old Tommy. He bit the torso off clean, blood and guts dripped down from his mouth. "Ew" said Tommy. "Rapist not taste so good." He continued forward on his hunt for a satisfying meal, ripping apart more cell doors and feeding on more serial rapists, mass murderers and internet movie pirates. "Wait! Not me! I just downloaded the last Justin Briebar movie! Please don't eat my shorts!" cried an illegal movie downloader. Tommy's eyes lit up with a devilish grin. "I LOVE Justin Briebar! Why didn't you say so before?" Tommy then lied down on the floor of the cell, with his lanky legs sticking up like some slutty fifteen year old teenager texting away to her forty year old boyfriend. "So tell me, what do you like more about Justin? His hair or his pe-" Tommy's question and answer session was abruptly interrupted when the movie pirated violated Tommy's terms and conditions by sticking a handmade prison shiv straight into his left eye. "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" cried Tommy as he tried to get up, instead he slammed his head on the concrete ceiling, giving him head trauma. "Waaaaahhhhh!!!" he cried as he grabbed the movie pirate and swallowed him whole. Suddenly, the prison guard reinforcements arrived. Ten guards surrounded Tommy's butt, which was sticking out outside the cell. "Stop! What the fuck are you doing?!" they asked as Tommy slurped down the remaining leg. Crying, Tommy replied "go away! I eat when I'm sad. I'm a pig. I know. Now leave me alone!" The guards were confused, but unfazed. "Surrender, or we will open fire!" they shouted. Everything fell silent. A low grown came from the cell and Tommy responded "I'll open my own fire, thank you very much." Tommy then turned to face the guards who had their weapons drawn. He reared his head, looking as if he was going to regurgitate his lunch, but instead, he regurgitated something much worse. Tommy breathed fire on to the crowd of guards. He laughed in absolute hystericality as the flames engulfed the guards. "Hahahahaha! Lol!" he laughed as he watch them burn. "Don't want to overcook you!" said Tommy as he started to eat the burning and screaming guards. He liked the skin. It was the best part. And so he flayed them living and gobbled on the chewy parts. All of the chewy parts.

Part Six

Sirens screamed outside. A lone figure walked through the doors leading to the bloodied cell block. With a crowbar in hand and a fedora on his head, Will Chow came walking into Cell Block D. He looked up at the monstrosity, still chewing on the remains of dead prison guards. Tommy sat on top a pile of bones and flesh. He was the new king of the jungle now, but not for long. "Old friend" said Will as he stepped forward. Tommy snarled and he lurked down to Will's level. "You punched me in the face" he hissed. Will looked down for a slight second before looking back up at Tommy and smiling "yeah. I did. And it felt good." Tommy was pissed. Real pissed, and so he did. All over the prison floor, leaving a nice yellow puddle. Will looked down at the puddle which almost reached his school shoes. "Impressive." "Shut up!" replied Tommy as he raised his fist, but suddenly before he could swing, he started to get a cramp in his stomach. "Oh fuck!" he cried as he started to have constipation, and then the very opposite of constipation. Tommy unleased the torrents of faeces onto his throne of bones all the while deflating back into average sized Tommy (which was still pretty tall). The angry Tommy now cried "now I'm really angry!" Will just stood there. "Okay" he said as Tommy started to attack. He used his special attack, the 'fking fisting attack' as he aimed for Will's rectum. Will however was superiorly superior and blocked the shit out of that attack with his crowbar slamming into Tommy's fisting fist. "Ouchie!" Tommy cried as he caressed his broken hand. Now it was Will's turn. He stepped forward towards the cowering Tommy and bashed the crowbar across his face. If he didn't have a concussion already, he did now. Will then swung the crowbar down onto Tommy's leg, shattering his femur. Tommy cried in agony, but Will was relentless. He bashed Tommy's torso repeatedly until it was bruised before progressing onto the finishing move: a hook to the jaw. Will swung a powerful strike onto Tommy's teeth, destroying his braces. All the pressure built up from having the braces made all of Tommy's teeth loosen and fly out across the prison block. Blood ran uncontrollably down his chin and sprayed across Will's face. At least Tommy could still have more tooth fairy visits. Tommy, now on his knees and bleeding heavily looked up at Will "why?" he asked before collapsing unconscious to the ground. "Because you're a faggot" replied Will to the still boy.

Months Later...

"Alright, Tommy. You're free to go. Just remember: while under house arrest, your ankle bracelet will alert us if you leave ten metres of the property." Tommy nodded at the security guard as he turned around and walked out of the prison. He took a deep breath before looking down in his box of belongings: a cat toy, a rape whistle and some tuna salad. "I'm coming home, Simon" he said under his breath. "I'm coming home."

Part Seven

The lights were off, the doors shut. Tommy crept up to his doorstep and lifted the cat lawn ornament by his door. He retrieved the cat themed key underneath and went to unlock the door. With a slippery click it opened, revealing the homosexual inside. He was gyrating violently with both hands lowered in a suggestive position. "Hey Aunt Gary!" chirped Tommy as he skipped up the stairs to his room. Still fapping away, Aunt Gary waved back to him "hey honey, back from prison I see!" "Yup!" Tommy responded as he went to go touch feed his cat. "Heeey Simon, come here!" ushered Tommy. Simon, his firstborn cat, came to him. "Meow." Tommy was eager to feed it. "Here Kitty, have some tuna!" he said as he took the three month old tuna out of his prison box. "Meow." Tommy watched with delight as Simon went over to the tuna and urinated all over it. "Yes!" cried Tommy, with tears of joy in his eyes "marinate the tuna!" The cat continued to finish up on her urination station then dripped the remainder over the rug. Tommy continued his creepy stare of unwavering anticipation. His eyes were open as wide as he could and his lips were curled into a bizarre demented smile. He tracked his cat as she left the room then called "Randy!" in. Randy the Mandy came purring in. "Meow." Tommy stared intensely at his second cat. "Hello Randy!" he said in a '90s children's show's voice. Randy the Mandy replied "meow" as Tommy picked him up. "I like you, Randy!" Tommy commented as he started to stroke Randy's back. Randy the Mandy purred with fright. Tommy then stroked lower, and lower. "Oh Randy, you look so pretty today" he said with delight as he circled Randy the Mandy's rectum with his index finger. Randy the Mandy screeched with anger and jumped off from Tommy's arms. "Meow!" went Randy the Mandy as he tried to escape Tommy's threats of bestiality. "Oh no you don't, kitty!" cried Tommy as Randy the Mandy scampered away. Tommy then extended his arm until it stretched all the way to Randy the Mandy. He caught his kitty by the legs and dragged him back. "You've been a naughty kitty" said Tommy as he pulled down his pants. And with a devilish grin on his face, Tommy firmly planted both hands on the sides of his cat. "Meow!" Meow!!!" "MEOW!!!" went the cat as Tommy shoved his meagre prick inside of it with as much force as possible. His stick ran red with cats blood and he didn't stop until it covered the hundred dollar carpet.

Part Eight

"Aaahhh..." went Tommy as Randy the Mandy slid off him. The cat waddled away, dripping something other than urine. A recently relieved Tommy went over to his dresser opened his rightmost drawer. There he saw his trusty long black vibrator and an eyepatch. He took both. Tommy put the piratepatch over his left eye, which he lost in prison. Ironic, since he lost the eye to an internet pirate. He found Simon and shoved her in his satchel. "Meow!" Now ready to storm the seas and vibrate his innards, Tommy strode off to take vengeance against Will Chow. He went around the back of his house to the stable. There, he mounted his white horse. The horse was originally black. And so he rode off for Eastriver Boys' High School. To find and kill all those who sent him to jail. "Hi-Ya!" cried Tommy as he whipped his horse. Simon peeked from Tommy's satchel and said to him "Tommy, don't do it! If you kill those boys, you'll become no better than they are!" Tommy looked down and replied "shut up, Simon! Of course I'm better. Now get back in my purse!" Pissed off, Simon reluctantly sunk back. "And it's called a fucking satchel, dumbass!" yelled Simon as Tommy zipped up his bag. Suddenly, a black sedan pulled up beside Tommy's horse. It was Mark. Mark Ming, the destroyer of scrubs. Tommy's eyes opened as he saw Mark pull out his gangster sub-machine gun and open fire on his white horse. "Nooo, Mark! Please don't destroy my fragile regions!" cried the fearful Tommy. The while horse, now riddled with red, fell to the asphalt. Tommy started to crawl slowly away from it only to be halted by yet another figure. It was the ghost of Mr Kennel. "Hello Tommy, I am your spirit guide" he said. Simon peeked out from the torn satchel and commented "what the actual fuck is that?" A surprised Tommy suddenly turned around and asked Simon "wait... you can see ghost Kennel? You have a crush on him too?" Simon was used to this sort of behaviour. "No, you fucking retard, I'm talking about the aurora borealis coming from the school!" Tommy gasped as Simon made his leaving statement. "Now I'm fucking out of here, so if you wanna get buttraped by that cunt, now's the time." Simon then ran away. Tommy was devastated. "Nooo Simon! Come back!" he cried in futility. Now all he had was ghost Kennel. "Mr Kennel, what should I do now?" Mr Kennel replied in a wise voice "you should look out for that guy behind you with a rag of chloroform." "What?" replied Tommy as Mark put a chloroformed rag over his face. "Hey, does this smell like chloroform to you?" he asked. Tommy replied "not really, it's more like chlorofo-" before fading out.

Part Nine

Water dripped down from Tommy's face. He was covered in it. Tommy coughed, trying to speak. "Guys, you don't need to splash me. I'm awake." A man walked over to Tommy. "Oh, we didn't splash you, Tommy. That's your own sweat." Tommy, suddenly alert, sat up. He was tied to a chair and smelled like piss. "Oh no! Did I pee my pants?" cried Tommy. The man responded "sure..." before walking into the light. Now Tommy recognised him. It was Jackson, the man with the plan. "Heeey Jackson!" yelled Tommy in a high pitched squeal. "You don't get to talk!" snapped Jackson as he gave Tommy a hard slap across the face. "OW!!!" cried Tommy, who started to cry. Sweet salty tears started to drip down his face as he looked back up at his captor. Now Mark Ming stood beside Jackson. Tommy was frantic. He started to panic. "I swear! I only molested Randy the Mandy twice today! No more! Please don't molest me!" "We won't" replied a voice from the darkness. And out stood Will Chow, only this time he wasn't carrying his signature crowbar. He was carrying Simon. "Meow." Tommy cried further in both joy and fear for his cat. "Yaay! Simon, you're alive! Now please tell my friends what a good daddy I am to you! Please tell them!" Simon, looking unfazed and unimpressed, turned to Will and said "he tried to run a prostitution ring using us." Tommy gasped like an eighty year old woman hearing her grandson say 'fuck' for the first time. "I only tried that for a day! I only did it because the people on TV made it look fun!" Mark walked up to Tommy. "You want some real fun, Tommy? I'll show you a good time. Bring him in." Mark gesture the working girls to wheel in a body strapped to a bed. It was the corpse of Mr Kennel. Tommy panicked "noo! Not my honey bumpkins!" Jackson added "we found traces of your semen in his stomach. You mind telling us how they got there?" Tommy started hyperventilating when suddenly, the ghost of Mr Kennel popped up above his corpse. "Wow, I was a handsome little bugger, wasn't I?" he smiled. This turned Tommy's mood completely around. "You sure were, sir! Especially your di-". It was at this moment that Mark Ming chopped off Tommy's left foot with a Kukri.

Part Ten

"FFFUUUCCCKKKIIINNNGGG!!!" cried out Tommy in pain. A crimson wave washed over the beech floor. The blood red Kukri dropped to the stained floor as its former wielder looked on in horror at the rising rage machine. Tommy broke free of his binds, he stood up and above the chair as he grew taller and taller. His head reached the ceiling, and cracked it wide open. Light poured in from above. He could see it all now. It was the tuck shop at Eastriver Boys' High School. Tommy held on for dear life seeing as how he only had one leg to balance on. He grew taller than ever before and finally stopped at a height that could rival the Sky Tower. His growth halted just shy of 300 metres. He cast a black shadow of depression across the school, and the gang had to act fast to destroy him. Will Chow backed off to locate a vehicle while Mark took two chopsticks and stabbed them into Tommy's uninjured foot, using them as climbing picks. Jackson ran towards C-Block for a vantage point to use his sniper rifle. He hurried up the C-Block stairs until he reached the shitty computing classes. With Simon in hand, Will Chow made a mad dash for the parking lot. There he found a nice car. It was the associate headmaster's. Mr Peed wouldn't mind some nerdy Asian kid taking it for a spin, would he? Will broke the window and tossed Simon in the passenger seat. He hotwired the car and it purred like a cow. "Nice" Will said as he slammed the accelerator and immediately crashed into the tree in front of him. Mark made quick work of the climb, tugging at Tommy's grotesque leg hair for grip. Although with each tug, Tommy cried in pain. This didn't matter though. All that mattered was the climb. With chopsticks in hand like a professional Asian, Mark stabbed his way to the bottom of Tommy's shitty shorts. At such a small scale compared to Tommy, Mark could see all the way inside the shorts. It was not a very pleasant sight. The smell was even worse, but probably not as bad as the abnormally large right testicle dangling out of the pink underwear. As Tommy commented "I can see my house from here", Mark advanced through the crotch region. He could have sworn he had seen stranger things before. In C-Block, Jackson readied his sniper rifle. His crosshairs were placed perfectly on Tommy's uninjured eye, as tempting as it was to aim for whatever was down below. His finger readied on the trigger and just as Mark tugged on the wrong pubic hair, Jackson fired. Tommy squealed in pain and winced. This slight change of movement made the shot fire right into Tommy's mouth. And he started to choke on it. He choked on it good as it slid down his throat.

Part Eleven

"Woah shit!" yelled Mark as Tommy's body started to tremble. It was at this moment that Will finally slammed the $80,000 car into Tommy's remaining big toe. "Ow fucking bitch!" cried Tommy. "I stubbed my toe!" Jackson watched as he saw Tommy's body start to tremble and topple backwards. The amount of destruction this could ensure was massive. Tommy leaned back and started to fall. "Save me, Mr Kennel!" he cried and the ghost of Mr Kennel appeared. "It's me, Tommy. I'm here for you. Don't worry, I'll catch you!" went Mr Kennel's ghost as he flew to the back of Tommy in an attempt to catch him. Tommy fell right through him. "Oh right. Oops" said the former alive science teacher as Tommy crushed every building from F-Block to the Top Gym and beyond. Debris rained from the sky as the dust settled. The chewy crunch of the plaster and asbestos echoed the grounds. A frantic Dr Mo ran out from Fuck-Block (F-Block) waving papers. "Heii Gill-yum, yoo have-a-not done-a yo Frenchie hom-wok!" Tommy's former French teacher, Mr Sex was dead, ironically crushed by the student he had tried so much to crush himself. Jackson looked in awe at all the destruction, all the fucking Year 9s killed by the biggest Year 9 of them all. Amidst all this destruction, Mark rose from the ashes on top of Tommy's polo shirt and took out his spare Kukri. He had left the chopsticks somewhere very special. Let's just say Tommy won't pee straight for another month. Mark ran faster across Tommy's wrecked chest, jumping each time Tommy coughed and holding on for dear life each time he sneezed. Jackson emptied his rifle into Tommy's testicles, making holes for a quick project. He then vaulted off the second storey roof, landing perfectly on Tommy's ankle. He ran up it, dashing at mad speeds while taking out a box of radioactive Uranium-235. He shoved it inside the hole in Tommy's left nut and activated it. Let's just say Tommy won't be having a happy family anytime soon. Will Chow abandoned the smoking car and took Simon. He sprinted to catch up with the group.

Part Twelve

The trio met up just below Tommy's chin. "Hey guys..." said Tommy. "Wanna play?" The sudden grin spread across Tommy' face, making everyone feel uneasy. Taking no chances, Will panted "finish him" as he punched him in the face for the last time. "Ow, Will! That fucking hurt!" cried Tommy as he reached in, plucked Will off his neck and threw him and Simon across the building and into what was left of D-Block. "You just hurt my friend!" yelled Jackson. "I think it's time to return the favour!" As Mark thrust his Kukri down into Tommy's trachea and tore it open, Jackson took out his nunchucks and climbed into the recently made hole in Tommy's neck. "No! Don't go down there! You guys aren't my friends anymore! Aaaahhhhh!!!" Blood gushed from Tommy's neck as he started to get back up on his feet. Mark ran into the Foundation English class and yelled "who here is Maori?" Everyone raised their hands. "Okay! Wanna beat up some Chinese dude?" Within a matter of seconds, all the Maoris skipped class and took out their clubs. Yes, all of them had clubs. Like what the fuck. The Maoris made a charge at Tommy's feet. Inside, Jackson held his breath until he made it into Tommy's right lung. Once there, he lit a cigarette and gave Tommy lung cancer. Once Tommy had cancer, Jackson whipped out his nunchucks and started to beat the shit out of the inside of Tommy's right lung. Whip, whap went the nunchucks as they tore through the lung lining and released air into Tommy's chest cavity. As Jackson was busy giving Tommy a collapsed lung, Mark cut off both of Tommy's nipples. Tommy screamed in agony as he squirted burgundy breast milk. To him, this was both excruciatingly painful but also excruciatingly funny. Tommy started to laugh uncontrollably as blood poured out of his neck and nipples in the same manner. As the Maoris laid waste to Tommy's last good leg, he had his last good laugh. Tommy's ankle gave way under the clubbings and he fell to the ground once again. A beaten and broken Will Chow limped from the wreckage holding a hand grenade. His ribs were sticking out and blood came from everywhere. He made his way to Tommy's torso while pulling the pin on the explosive in his hand. He counted mentally "five, four..." as he lurched to Tommy's stomach. He slammed the grenade down into Tommy's dirty belly button then himself over it to contain the explosion. He was done anyway. "Three... two... one..." The explosion was massive. A great boom blasted away what little tissue fat he had covering his stomach and ripped open his torso. Tommy screamed in pain for the last time as he literally saw his guts pouring out of him. His stomach, his liver, his kidneys all came sliding out, rejecting their former master like they should have done so the day he was born. Tommy saw his life flash before his eyes. No, actually it was just Mr Kennel's ghost. "Even now, I look at you and I see so much potential." This was all Tommy ever wanted to hear from the former inmate/ former science teacher/ former alive lover. Mr Kennel's ghost looked down and uttered "oh..." as he saw Tommy's pants start to pitch a tent. "No! Don't leave, Mr Kennel!" cried Tommy as his former crush faded away. With a quiet "meow", Simon crawled up onto Tommy's face. Tommy stammered "Simon... it's so good to see you..." Simon looked back at his former owner. "I have to tell you something, Tommy." Eagerly, Tommy choked "what... is it?" Simon replied "you're a faggot, Tommy" and walked away on her hind legs. Those were the last words that Tommy ever heard as the Maoris stole the last of his organs and unplugged his heart.


Crows feasted on the flesh as the Maoris finally cheered when they removed Tommy's remaining eye. They cut it right out of its socket. "What should we do with the body?" asked Mark. "Bury him. As flawed a man as he was, he needs to be honoured properly" replied Jackson. "And what about Tommy's body?" inquired Mark. Jackson, walking away, responded "I don't care, let the Maoris eat him or something. They're both savages."


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