The Unknown Nightmare

by Sonia Cheug

The year is 2010 . Planet earth has been engulfed by an evil darkness . It is a force which can't be reconciled with and there are very few survivors . Those who do live . Live in fear of the unknown . They dont know how it got there nor why .

A group of young friends are trapped inside a ware house . The darkness begins to shake the earth and the the roof breaks open . A sudden rush of multiple twisters hit the ground and they all rush towards a door in a panick . Each and every one of the young friends get sucked up . A young woman reaches the door , where a golden light pours through . She turns around to find everyone has vanished and a young man is behind her .


We must chose one !!!


Its too dangerous !

He runs back into a twister that is heading towards them .


" Adam , come back !!!!! "

She runs after him and they both get sucked up into the wirlwind twister . It is a port hole to an unknown world . They get thrown as they are being transported . Passing every memmory they lived through since the day they were born .

They arrive into a beautifull deserted garden and get up .


"Hello ? is there anyone out there !"

They look at each other puzzled .


" Eve look "

He points to a golden white path laid out infront of them as they slowily proceed to follow it through .Passing by exotic trees and pants . Infront of them is a giant white gazebo and a strange black silouette, standing in the middle of it .

The fearless pair run upto apparition . It looks at them and begins to speak , yet they can not hear any of its words . It turns around with it's back to them and points down towards a water fall . It dissolves into the ground without any justification .

Adam grabs Eve by the hand as they fall down fast through the waterfall . They get thrown about mercisly, by the violent river . The current is an evil force of war images and words of hatred . There are man eating sharks , crocodiles and a horrible clash of materialistic rich blues , bloody thirsty reds and rough edged rocks .

As Adam and Eve float along further , they enter a dark cave surrounded by giant eyes watching , constantly watching their every move , twitch and dream . The eyes look straight through the couple and like a huge vacum , they attempt to suck out every positive human charachteristic they have . Such as charrisma , sensitivity and honesty .

Neither one of the human's dare to look at each other the way the evil eyes do . They dont judge or see what they want to see . Only what they know is there , standing right infront of them . The truth and what they believe in . No justification is needed , everything is just there . Where it deserves to be and where it needs to be .

As the inspeperable pair hold onto each other and struggle for dear like , they get submirged into an underworld . Where evil dead dictators float about in their own deceit and their victims blood and guts . There are wounded souls who scream out for forgivness and love but their dreams have never been answered . Their faces are hollow and pale and their eyes have been buried deep , into their own sockets.

The pair continue to fight on . Moving foward , whilst being grabbed and pushed back into the dark nasty stench of the underworld . They see a golden white light , pouring out of a near by cave and gaze deeply into each others eyes . Suddenly their feet begin to leave their ground as their are being levatated into the thick misty air and they begin to fly .

The fly on through the cave and look down below them . They see every evil and fowl thing mankind has bought onto themselves . They see every war throughout history and every possible kind of discrimintion . They look at each other in shock , as the begin to realise that man kind has not been running away from the unknown but from ourselves .

The cave of golden white light draws them in closer and closer . They suddenly finally find themslves on an empty plane , with no pilot or any other persons. Just themselves and a key in the engine . They know the direction they must go in but they dont know how to leave the ground . Eve begins to trust herself and turns the key slowily . The plane leaves the ground and turns upside down . The pair aren't scared just bewildered and excited at same time . Jake sets the gear into straight ahead , as the plane begins to correct itself . They move higher up into the sky and speed through the golden white light .

As they pass through a field of clouds , they suddenly see a heard of cows . The cows are all golden white and wholesome . They board onto the aircraft and they all take turns to fly the plane .

In A puff of smoke , the airplane dissolves into thin air. Leaving the heard of golden white cows , Adam and Eve to fly in trust and in unison .

The End .

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