Neville and the Ghosts/neville in Ghostville

by Pru


To have courage is one thing but a stubborn will leads to a scare! And so learned little Neville

Neville and the Ghosts

Once there was a stubborn and jolly little boy named Neville

Who came to the Caribbean to the town of Ghost Hill,

And only in the day did all the children in this town

Climb the big Hill and skate back down.

All the children wanted to stay

Out in the dark and play away

But way, way up on that Hill lived some ghosts,

Who loved night and darkness the most.

The ghosts would come out at night

And give the children a big, big fright,

And all the children ran fast, fast away

And only came out again at the dawn of day.

But Neville was a stubborn boy,

He took the stories as a toy,

‘I will play in the Night,

When all is quiet and there’'s no light’

So one night Neville played in the street

He climbed and skipped, danced and pranced with mud on his feet,

And the bells said..ding dong ding dong

And Neville burst into a happy song

And the clock said, tick tock tick tock

As the waves danced down at the dock,

And the winds whispered while the pipes dripped… drip drop drip drop

And Neville’'s feet went flip flop flip flop.

Neville sang his happy song

‘Me, fear the ghosts? No no,

Me, fear the Ghosts? No no

Me, fear the Ghosts? No no!"

And then…” aaaarrrrghhhh!”

There came an eerie scream

And Neville froze

His heart pounded and fear arose

A cackle…, a scream and a roar

And Neville cried, “Oh no! Oh no!”

He tried to run, but his feet got caught

Under a rock, a big, big rock

He couldn'’t move, he couldn’'t run

And Neville cried, “No fun, no fun!”

And the ghosts flew closer in the air

And their ugly faces gave Neville a scare

Neville’'s heart was in his toes

And his blood pressure rose and rose

And the ghosts were, oh so near

Neville screamed, “Evil ghosts… disappear!”

The ghosts had reached him by now

One ghost said, “Let’s feed him to a cow.”

Neville felt like he could die,

As another ghost poked at his eye

Then Neville began to pray and pray

Our Father, who art in Heaven

I’'ll stop all my trouble and play

let this evil go away when I count to seven

He shut his eye as one ghost hissed in his ear

And another pulled and tugged at his hair


One ghost was sitting on his knee

Four… five..six

And scared little Neville

Raced to number seven

“Be gone be gone all that is evil.”

And then the ghosts screamed a frightening scream

and one by one, they vanished away

and Neville felt like it was all a dream

And up from the ground he jumped… crying, " “Bonjay… Bonjay!”"

And ever since that terrible, terrible night

Neville had had such a fright

Come out to Play! No way! No way!

Not even in light or the brightest day!

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