Hope Plunged for Me/hope Took the Plunge!

by Pru


Hope appears when we least expect it at times!

Hope took the plunge




I was standing on the pier

On a chilly night as black birds flocked the air.

I gazed out at the raging sea,

the depths somehow beckoning to me.




The ever present darkness was still here,

heartache and sorrow I could no longer bear.

I looked around me again

oerwhelmed by all the pain.




I thought of my life..oh some kind it had been,

I only wanted to end the wretched thing!

like a pitiful bird always trying to fly

Who was just to weak despite his desperate tries.




The dark waters called my name,

"jump in..jump in all the same

all worries will cease all at once

jump in this is your chance."




off course no one came that chilly day,

who cared for me anyway?

they'd not even notice I was gone,

cursed was the day I had been born.




I edged closer to the end of the pier,

a mixture of expectancy and of fear,

who'd want to live life, like me

I'd be better off at the bottom of the sea.




I longed to slip into oblivion,

numbness and peace at last my companions,

I longed to escape it all

I stretched my arms and started to fall.




The water threw me, so rough and cold,

it opened up and swallowed me whole.

I relaxed and waited, didn't put up a fight

perhaps really soon I'd see the light.




I held my breath trying not to think,

my lungs filling with water; I was on the brink,

I saw glimpses of the blessed light

so warm, welcoming and gloriously bright.




for the first time I was going to be happy

And that's when I felt it grab me.

it reached it hands all the way around my waist

I could tell it was in a bit of a haste.




"No! No! please let me be!

I belong here, below the sea!"

But it had a mind all its own

and pulled me right out again to the unknown.




The cold air caused me to shake and freeze,

As I became aware of the strong, gusty breeze.

A blanket wrapped around my shoulder

As a voice said "shhh now, now it's all over!"




I spun around in such a rage

Like a wild animal loose from it's cage.

But there found the kindest eyes, so warm and green

Understanding and care like I'd never seen!




That was the day 'Hope' plunged for me

A day I started seeing the world differently,

That was the day 'Hope' plunged for me

And now I'm the happiest, I can ever be!

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