Maxine the Pest

by Pru

Maxine the Pest

Maxine loved hiking and she loved being a pest. Every Saturday she dragged her brother, Kyle out of the house at 8am sharp, so they could go hiking in the mountains near their small beautiful village.

Maxine always prayed for a bright and sunny Saturday. Today, however she felt like her prayers had not been answered. Splish Splash, Splish Splash, she could hear the raindrops falling on the roof above.

"Oh, no!" Maxine cried, "Now what am I supposed to do today?"

Kyle lay fast asleep in bed across the room. He loved the rain. He snuggled deeper under the covers as the rain poured on and on. He was happy! He would not have to go hiking today with his younger sister Maxine. It was a perfect Saturday!

But Maxine was sad. She crossed her arms and stared at Kyle.

"Kyle, Kyle wake up, it's time to get up!" Maxine called, but Kyle sunk even further into his bed.

So Maxine tugged and pulled at the covers. She tugged and pulled and stomped her foot and shouted "Kyle...oh Kyle!" Boy did Maxine make a ruckus. Still Kyle didn't even move. So Maxine climbed up on Kyle's bed and jumped up and down and up and down. Kyle sat up and pushed her off the bed. She fell onto the floor and Kyle returned to his covers!

Maxine lay flat on the floor angry and wondering what next to do. Just when she was about to get off the floor she saw Kyle's radio under the bed. A smile crossed her face. Maybe they couldn't go hiking today, but she could still find a way to get Kyle up and out of bed. She would find some other fun thing for them to do today. Maxine bent and picked up the radio. She turned it on and turned the volume all the way up!

In his dream, Kyle was dancing in the rain. Suddenly there was a loud blast! He looked around, "Where was that noise coming from?" he wondered.

He opened his eyes and sat straight up. Maxine was grinning like a Cheshire cat. And then he saw it, his radio in her hand. The loud noise was coming from the radio. Maxine was such a pest sometimes. Who was he kidding? Maxine was a pest all the time. Kyle jumped off the bed and ran across the room and tried to take the radio away from Maxine, but she dashed out of the way causing Kyle to trip and fall.

"Ouch!" Kyle cried, as his knee hit the bare wall. Luckily, he was not hurt badly. He quickly got up and chased after Maxine. Out the door, down the stairs and out into the living room they ran.

Mother scolded Kyle for running in the house and Maxine got away. By the time Kyle got away from mother Maxine was hiding in the closet and Kyle was trying to catch his breath. He stood with his hand on his knees. He decided to give up his chase of Maxine. He could never catch up to her anyway. She was way too fast for him. Maxine was a star athlete at Bishops Academy, the school they both attended. He gave a puff and turned around and returned to his room. Maxine peeked out from the closet as Kyle climbed the stairs; she smiled to herself and said aloud, "Boy that was fun! Next to hiking, I love a game of chase. I always get what I want, earlier I was sad but now I am glad.... and I did get Kyle out of bed after all. Hurray!" And then she sat on the chair thinking up some other scheme and sang aloud..."My name is Maxine...I am the best...some people call me..... Maxine the pest...!

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