One Day, I'll Save You...

by Savanah TheWriter


I was in love with a drug addict before and after the drugs took over his life. I saw him at his finest, the stars in his eyes and the goals that he had. I loved him entirely too much. I also watched him slowly drift away from me. I watched him choose the drugs over me. I gave him money for "gas" and "food" but I knew what purchase he made. I heard the things he called me and I stayed by his side through each one of his new "playthings" (young ladies he would take an interest in at 9 p.m. on a Saturday). I stayed because I saw his devils, but I knew his angels.

Three years ago I met you

You were playful and cheery

You were the love of my life

When I look at you I see devils cackling and demons dancing

But occasionally I see that holy light in your eye

So I know you're still in there, waiting for me

Your parents both passed and you took a path that you knew would numb your pain

Now I can see your bones and your face just isn't the same and your smile is fake everyday

I've tried being angry, lord knows I've been upset, I've laid down my head and I've cried

You're not you anymore

I made you a promise of I'll always be there and though today that's a hard one to keep

A promise is a promise

And darling, my promise is one day, I'll save you... I think.

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