by mj

The suffering I go through is unimaginable! My physical state is only a fraction of the problem, not being able to walk on the beach or play sports with friends and family. Believe it or not, I was a gymnast before all the chaos. Yes, I have struggles, like not being able to have sex properly, mainly because the nerves associated with sexual pleasure which completely bypasses the spinal cord, which is where I am not paralyzed, yeah bummer. Oh, and don't forget my number one wish which is to walk once more, but I'm just waiting for technology to catch up to me.

But people are seeing this all wrong! There are so many advantages to being immobilized. People waste their time stopping to stare, feeling sorry or sympathetic towards me when they don't realize that there are good sides in being paralyzed. I actually think life is easier having paralysis compared to when I was on my two feet (no offence). I have so many benefits. I could roll where skateboards aren't allowed, I could run into someone (accidentally) and they're always the one to apologize, look at the bright side, you always have a chair! I could be late to many things and no one complains much. I rarely que for anything, imagine a life without having to stand in a line! But the best thing of all is the expensive Nikes, Jordans and vans officially last so much longer! Yes, people might say that my "condition" is unfortunate but, I always look on the bright side of a rainy day. I think it's time for other people to do the same.

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