Life Without Hope

by mj

What is hope! How does it make you feel, well it makes me feel hopeful I guess, but to you, you would think I am speaking of a word, correct? Well to me, I am speaking of my daughter. Her name is hope, such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. I think I should correct myself, her name WAS hope, she was my everything and she was all I had left. How could people get to her like that, I always admired her strength and individuality. She was always the one to be herself when no one else wanted to be. So, what changed, what happened to hope? No one knew except me, although I don't think I'm really to tell this tragic story but I will tell you soon, just not know! I miss hope and I still need hope, I don't have any left and I don't have her. But I will get through life my friend, we will see hope again, one day but not today.

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