The Kid That Bled Through

by Adam Steele


The Story is Mental as well it is bizarre. It follows a boy who has been abused by lets say the most respected person in the school. And his reflection on life will cause him to impose murder for the first time in his life. His rendering will not be the last when he will become in future what the media will call him, "The Penny Nail Bomber".

The kid saw what he knew when he stood in front of the school that he hated so much, playing with his yo-yo with the string that is about ready to break in two. He looked at the many cars in the parking lot when he spied one with the two-tone color of dark blue and purple when he waited for the prize of his engineering to fall clean through.

The recess hour is in full swing when the people stood in front of the school, smoking cigarettes and talking of times that they will do on the weekend when they are hanging out with their friends. The recess hour is the pits when the kid looked at the flag that is swaying in the wind, playing with his yo-yo and talking to no one when he waited, waited, and waited.

It is all according to plan, the kid thought when he looked at Able Hatfield out of the corner of his eye, prying into the scene of girl hovering all over him like ghouls when the kid smiled, playing with the yo-yo in his hand when he waited for the appropriate hour that will come to pass.

The Principal is a bastard but soon he will be a dead bastard at that. The kid has something up his sleeve for all the time that he abused him behind closed doors, putting hot sauce in his ear and making him spread Icy Hot all over his nut sack that hasn't even dropped yet. The Principal laughed at him just the same when he went through this after being called into his office for the abuse that will commence, not speaking of this to his foster parents in being embarrassed to the point that he will almost die if he told about this to anyone.

The Principal is going to get his, oh yes he is going to get his to the point that he will suffer forever. When it happened as he continued to play with his yo-yo, he knew the Principal walked past him with his suitcase banging lightly against his leg, humming a tune in his throat when he went to his car that is more than ten years old, more or less than a day. The kid smiled when the principal started up his car and backed out of his spot, turning the car to the left when the Principal rolled out of the parking lot with no intentions but his own. He was going to the store to get a couple of boxes of crayons for the kids at the elementary school when he rode in silence, feeling no play in the wheel when somewhere on the other side of the land a kid is calling the cops right now on the impervious practices that the Principal didn't even know when the Principal continued to drive, hitting the stop light when he looked at his phone for any messages that flashed on the screen.

When he put the phone away upon the center console of his vehicle the light at the intersection changed, turning right towards the supercenter that is near the edge of town when he put on his turn signal to the mouth of the parking lot and pulled in, taking mere two minutes to find a good spot when he pulled in and geared his vehicle into park. He got out of his two toned painted car, locking the door behind him when he went into the supercenter to get the needs acquired that he wanted today.

He didn't know that the cops will be coming soon. He didn't know that his life will take a turn for the worst when he came out of the supercenter with three armed county uniforms prancing around his car, looking into his vehicle when he wondered what in the world is going on. By the time he intersected, the cop who in charge of the scene asked if he is the one that owns this car.

"Yes, I'm the one." The Principal asked, fumbling the bag and his car keys that are in his hands.

"I'm sorry to disturb you sir but I've got an anonymous phone call from someone that sounded like a child. They said that they saw a person in the trunk of your vehicle. They got a description of the vehicle that matches your vehicle to the letter. We don't mean by any to disturb you sir but we have to know where you were coming from today?"

The Principal laughed at this, shaking his head from left to right in comedic astonishment.

"You think I kidnapped someone then why was an amber alert issued?" The Principal asked the cop when he didn't say anything for a mere two seconds before replying.

"I don't mean to disturb you sir, I was just wondering if you have anything in your trunk or not?" The officer raised his hand when there is something that flashed in the cop's eyes.

The Principal felt like the cop has done this before when the Principal nodded his head and placed the bag down on the sidewalk, fumbling with his keys when he moved to the car and walked around the back, thumbing the button on his remote when the trunk lid opened.

The clouds started to form in the sky over the past couple of hours since the dawn. Forecasters expect that rain is apparent in the late afternoon hours with the prediction being 60% that it will hold true. When the trunk opened on the Principle's car, the inside showed nothing at all but the jack sitting in its installment, A doughnut tire sitting underneath the spare tire compartment door, and a couple cases of tea that he bought over a couple of months ago. What he didn't realize is the gym bag that is stored underneath the deck window of the car when he cocked his head, wondering when he bought that gym bag when he also realized that he never owned a gym bag ever in his life.

"What?" The Principle spoke like the wind is knocked out of him when the three uniformed police officers scoped the inside of his trunk with determined faces of not finding anything in the first place.

"Sorry for the bother, sir. I hope we didn't mean anything personal." The head officer at the scene says, tipping his hat to him when the Principle nodded his head at well, not finding the need of going overboard on his anger that is slowly bubbling up inside of him.

The gym bag sat there like an unknown artifact, like something unknown in a tomb underneath the ancient crypts of Egypt when he noticed that there is a thin piece of white tape on one of the fabric handles that is slightly blowing in the wind. The officers at the scene already left in the sense of actually hearing an apology from an officer of the law. That didn't happen upon normal circumstances when he realized that he was standing there with a bag on the sidewalk cement, blowing lightly in the wind when he continued to look at the bag like it is possessed. This happened in the past when he opened the bag and revealed what was inside of it just a few hours later in the night.


That morning, the kid stood outside in front of the school, playing with his yo-yo with the string that is about ready to be broken in two. He heard the conversation of people all around him when the dawn's light slowly came up in the land. The steady stream of buses left the drive-thru area when the dew on the grass slowly dried up and became the apotheosis of things that haven't changed in a few thousand years. The kid waited for the two-toned color car to arrive with the Principle driving it, waiting if he actually opened the bag up after all. He didn't hear about it on the news and didn't even consider the intrinsic notion that it was going to work entirely.

He ran a couple of tests on the proceedings and figured that the tests are convincing enough. That was a lot to keep his courage up to see if it worked or not when he heard the sound of the bell inside the school when he and a few hundred others went into school like any other day with sunny skies and no clouds to disturb it. When he went inside, he went down the hallway on the east side with his book bag banging against his thigh, arriving at the locker that is labeled B-73 with the combination of 34-5-21 that he has ran through so much that he didn't even consider of thinking about it. When he opened it he looked at the bottom of his locker, seeing the notebook at the bottom of all of his emotional secrets hidden inside of it like a bloody knife locked in a safe that no one could find. He smiled at the front cover of it when he placed his books inside of the locker and grabbed the only one that he needed for his first class when he closed it, making sure that the locker is locked when he kept his priorities to himself.

He heard the conversations around him, never interacting when he kept his eyes to the deck when the sun finally came up in the east, casting light through the windows when he looked at it for a couple of seconds before going into his first class named Biology 223. His school worked on a trimester basis with five classes, five days a week. The classes are for the choosing when the Kid eyed more approach to the study of science, knowing that science is the key of getting out of his cesspit of a town when he went inside, not making any eye contact when he sat in the front seat with his eyes looking at the white board that is in front of the classroom when he looked at the many colors of red, green, and brown. The markers are scentless, thank god. He hated the smell of markers with the mundane thought of the markers infecting his mind that should be made clean and stayed clean for the happenings that are yet to come.

He felt so happy of doing the business that needs doing when he made so little time of being someone else, being happy with what he is doing for the sake of nurturing the fact that he bled through, becoming stained and happy for being the monster that he is. He smiled on the outside but raged on the inside when he waited, waited, waited. By the time the teacher came in he almost fell asleep, cringing at the thought of taking a knife to his already cut thighs when he felt the scabs underneath his jeans, wincing at the scabs when he thinks that one of them broke and bled when he moved a little in his seat, seeing the teacher's face pale and plain like seeing a ghost in the middle of the halls.

The teacher heard of the news when the Kid felt like dancing in the classroom, beating the bully in the back of the class with the mightiest sledgehammer that was ever made when he felt like laughing behind his mouth, trying to hold back his laughter when he bit his tongue and bit it hard.

He knew of the news when the fires consumed the dastardly Principle that did tendencies of evil towards him that involved the cruelest forms known to the human condition. He knew after all the hours of hanging out at the library with him being poised at the library computer with his own name nowhere on the sign-in/sign-out rooster that he would do this conformity, inch by simple inch overnight in the garage where he kept his madness in full check. After it was finished he wondered about the evidence that it would lead behind when he knew that everything that was in the bag and outside the bag will be incinerated when it will go up in flames, blowing a radius cloud of fifty meters or more and will level a building in a matter of three seconds or less after the bomb is depressed.

He glorified himself of his new invention of old passing when he said to himself, "Alas, the Principle bastard is dead." He wished he would drink to his bones but being too young to buy any alcohol over the counter for $20 or more put a damper on his celebration of thinking. He played the invocation of being shock by the rest of the student body, wishing he got a bomb and strapped it to the fat teacher that was always picking on him with his grade slowly going down the drain. General Sciences, Biology, and Chemistry in this mundane school that should be burned down from the rafters is the spice of life, not knowing that in the future he will become the first serial killer in the 21st century of America to be called, "The Penny Nail Bomber" that will kill again and again and again until his heart is content.

The Kid will never know what it is to have a heart for that too is scarred away a very long time ago when his only blood shunned them for the interest of their own personal gain. They too will feel the Kid's wrath, A.K.A The Penny Nail Bomber in the future when the Kid will find them and give them a surprise like opening a Christmas Present on the dawn of Christ's Birthday. They will feel the joy of his wrath, oh yes and full they will feel the pain of crossing him for the last time.

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