The Stranger

by Adam Steele


The Story is about a person who identifies himself as a human being. His profession though is ancient as the earth as it is formed. His effects are an event of every day passing when another name is checked off his list.

There is a person that is not a person that will drive down every road upon almost every continent in the face of the entire world. This person that renders the identity of one Brandon Jules continued to drive his one Cadillac Coup De Ville to most houses that have residences until he leaves the scenery of the house, not being resided anymore. He drove in silence when he went to one of the rest stops in many parts of the world, writing down a name in his notebook while a raven dropped upon the long hood of his De Ville when he continue to write the name that he finished with the most ancient pen that was never made by things that are not spoken of from this realm of existence. The pen has no mark, no brand name when it was made by the foulest depths of hell that was ever imagined when the raven cawed over the hood of the car, waiting for the names to arrive.

"Soon my pet, soon," Brandon Jules smiled with his teeth being white as the first day of ever walking upon the face of the earth. Back then his name was not Brandon Jules since this will be his 17,433rd name that he has ever entitled himself being as. He ripped off the paper from the notebook and dropped it out of the window of his De Ville when the raven fluttered his wings, dropping onto the cracked road when the raven picked it up by the edge of his beak and left the scene of this world when it flew ever away into events everlasting.

"Now we will see what is going on through the other side of the world." Brandon Jules says when he geared the De Ville, driving onto the many main stretches of road in some country that is forgotten by many in a time that is still running but always changing.

Nothing lasts forever, nothing without the dire need of punishment.


Odenia Neil made her way into her office at ten o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday with not even a cloud in the sky. She placed her purse on the empty spot on her desk when she sat down upon her seat with the clock next to her slowly ticking away. She never had a close call like that when she knew that the light was green before she pulled out onto the intersection, hearing the sound of the air horn blaring out for her to stop when she did stop before the semi crossed her path. She felt the breath come out of her mouth when the sound beyond silence is the sound of the turn signal ticking in the inside of her cab. It continued to tick, tick, tick when she got her nerves under control, feeling her hands shake at the sudden rush of adrenalin that flowed within her body before she made that turn to go to work in being a financial accountant at a bank that is in the middle of town.

It didn't take long for her to get there when she got there, sitting in her seat now with the clock ticking next to her, like the turn signal that is inside her SUV that brought her subconscious back to that instance when she was almost flatten like a pancake.

"What in the name of god is wrong with me? Why am I so damn dreary lately?" Odenia rubbed her eyes when she looked out at the lobby of the bank, thinking of that turn signal click that is coming in the instrument panel of the car when she needed an aspirin and needed one like the cat needs a hefty amount of cap nip into the bloodstream.

She didn't see the man that came into the lobby when she opened her desk, trying to find the bottle of aspirin that is in the bottom drawer when she finally fetched it beyond the many manila envelopes that are as old as the first day she had occupied this office room. She thought about shredding them when she closed it and locked it with the keys that are in her hand, putting them back into her pocket when she looked up to see no one in the lobby anymore. She rested back, wondering about working on a couple of graphs on her computer when Leslie Chalk appeared outside her door with two of her brass rings upon her hand, lightly tapping on the window with that semi-look of interest when Odenia lifted her finger and motioned for her to come in. When she came in, there is something about her that is a little off in Odenia's eyes when she told her that there is a person that wants to see her.

"Who is it?" Odenia asked.

"A man by the name of Brandon Jules that works for a profitable franchise that is out east. The name is The Fruit Tree or something like that. He says that you are the person that he was talking on the phone three weeks ago."

If I can remember a simple phone call three weeks ago then I'm the woman from that Unforgettable show.

"Send him in and for the reservation at 11, move it to 1 please." She told Leslie when she rapped on the trim of the door, going out into the lobby when Odenia rubbed her temples, trying to make the pain go away.

She waited for what seemed like eternity when the man by the name of Brandon Jules appeared at the threshold of her office room, looking around in interest before he greeted himself in pure bred manners.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion; my name is Brandon Jules from Vermont. I like to talk to you today about the business The Fruit Tree."

"Sure, come in Mr. Jules." Odenia got up from her seat, shaking Brandon Jules's hand when she felt the odd coldness that came from it.

It felt like shaking hands with a walking ghost. Odenia thought when her smile broke a little. Brandon saw this when he smiled, moving to the chair when she guided him to it with her open hand.

"What kind of accessories that you impose in this business, Mr. Jules?" Odenia asked.

"Only one accessory and that is to help everyone achieve their goals through the final act of their lives." Brandon smiled, bringing out his notebook from the inside of his jacket pocket.

"I don't understand, Mr. Jules."

Brandon Jules smiled when he flipped through the pages of his notebook, getting to the right one when he uncapped his pen with the little skull decals that is on the brim of the cap.

"I know you don't understand but my clients are many in the world and they are always put on the list if they have not done their good deeds in life." Brandon looked at the name that is between the red lines of the paper when his eyes went dark.

"Odenia Neil, born January 16th, 1993 with mother: Patricia Henkel and father: Ben Henkel up until their divorce at the age of six when Patricia directed back to her maiden name. You went to Lingard Elementary where you abused by most of your classmates up until the end of high school and your social morality morphed into something that is disgusting to the eyes of the One above. You lied, cheated, squandered, even pilfered money after your grandmother Anya died of a heart attack in 2011. You don't have any children because there is something dark about you, something underneath the shade of your eyes that is worse than any human eyes that have walked the earth."

Odenia looked like she was slapped in the face by the biggest hand ever.

"How did you know that? Have you been stalking me on Facebook?" Her mood changed when she got closer to the edge of her seat.

"No, I have the appearance of a human but I've lived an unnatural life on this plane of existence." Brandon Jules smiled.

"What I'm really here for is the time of your departure, somehow being all wrong from the notebook that is on my list. It says that you've died 9:11 on this date but here you are. Your body is not spent and you are still here as you live and breathe." Brandon tapped the ancient pen that is on the paper. He smiled, feeling that the smile is not welcoming at all.

"What is this? Get out of here before I call the police." Odenia raged, jumping up from her seat when Brandon didn't even flinch. He continued to smile like he won the nationwide jackpot.

"There is nothing to fear, not even death. The only course that you will fear is where you are going in due time. You should have died in that car accident but something has changed. I've already taken care of the truck driver. He's dead upon a plate of pancakes twenty miles away from here." Brandon smiled when Odenia's fear started to take hold. Sweat started to pour down her face when she looked at the clock that is next to her, seeing that the glass is cracked in three places when she looked at Brandon that is still sitting there with the pen that is in his hand, writing something down on his notepad.

"I believe that your cat is now on my notebook as well. A one Mr. Crinkle that has gotten ran over in front of your house just now. I'm sorry but it looks like the cat didn't suffer too long." Brandon looked up at her when she stormed out of her office with her heels clicking fast on the linoleum.

"Ms. Neil." Someone yelled behind her when Odenia ran from the lobby of her workplace, running outside and hauling to her Subaru SUV when she opened the door with her keys dropping in the front seat and shutting the door behind her.

"You can't run away from me." A voice of ancient abyss said behind her when she looked in the rearview mirror, seeing Brandon Jules in the backseat of her vehicle when she turned and saw nothing there, just empty space that is upon her seats.

"No, I'm in the mirror." He says when she anointed her eyes to the mirror that is stationed center in the car.

"We're going to do this again, okay?" Brandon spoke like a thing that has done this all before.

"You're going to do this and you are going to pay the price of your dirty, dirty deeds, my love. Don't be shy, it won't hurt." Brandon smiled a vicious smile.

"Stay away from me, bastard!" She grabbed the keys beneath her, starting up her Subaru when she reversed it into a BMW, smashing out the front of the car when she geared the SUV in Drive and screeched out of there like she was being chased by the cops.

"Hey, hey; come back here!" Someone came out of the bank, yelling on the top of their lungs.

Odenia continued to drive in maddening pulses when the voice said calmly in the rearview mirror.

"There are many accidents in the world so let's see what will happen." The thing that named him Brandon Jules laughed when she drove faster and faster, passing cars through intersections and running through red lights with many horns blaring.

A cop car saw this and spun its lights, running into the intersection of the road when its siren started to blare for her to stop.

"I can't do it. You are just in my head. That's it." She brightened up, looking into the rearview mirror.

"You're nothing but a figment in my head, trying to burden me with the guilt. You're just in my head, nothing more. Just in my head, just. In. My. Head!!!"

She ran through another intersection when one car almost ran through the intersection, clipping a parked car beside it when someone jumped out of the car, looking at the police cruiser that is slowly catching up with the car that is driving like a bat out of hell in the middle of town.

"What in the holy hell, I just bought this car second rate! What in the hell is wrong with people?"

Then someone came out of their house, looking at the car that they just parked on the curb of the street with their wheel pointing in an odd direction from the other wheel on the passenger side of the car.

"You broke my damn tie-rod! What in the hell is wrong with you?" The man from the house raged when he ran over to the other side of the car and punched the man that ran into his car across the jaw.

"You know how much this is going to pay, along with the front wheel alignment, you whore?" He belted him again when on the other side of town now, Odenia Neil continued to run from the thing that is in the rearview mirror.

"You only have ten seconds left until the end, sorry but this has to end. This has to end as it began." Brandon smiled in the rearview mirror when she told it to shut up, shut up and leave her alone when she continued to run through town, seeing the R & R crossroad with the red lights flashing and the arms extended. She gunned the accelerator to it when she realized that it was too late.

This happened before upon many names that one Brandon Jules have written in his notebook. This has happened and will happen again when the locomotive crushed the cab of her SUV when she was too slow to act upon the thirty ton device that is meant for transporting large quantities across the nation. The cab of the SUV broke in two when she realized nothing when she died. She didn't know she died when it happened, waking up in hell where there is nothing but madness, haunting madness that drove her to the spot of hopelessness again.

She woke up in her bed again when the nightmare began for her in hell, losing everything that she got when she lied, cheated, squandered, pilfered with the false souls of her loved ones taking it all away, one little inch at a time.


Brandon Jules with no age, no employment of any kind, not even a penny to his name drove up to the accident with his Cadillac Coup De Ville running on all eight cylinders, pulling out another page of his notebook while waiting for the raven to show up. He saw the many police cars that are circling around the accident of one person that was running away from the law for reasons unknown. He chalked up another name when he looked at Officer Peagran, age 58 with a bad heart ticking away inside his chest.

Brandon knew what will happen on the night when he waited for the raven to come which should be coming anytime now. It is never tiring for his profession that is older than prostitution. It is never tiring since he is not a man to begin with.

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