What Is Darkness?

by Tyrique Hagan

Darkness is all I see. It's cold I feel myself shivering. How did I get here? I can't breathe my chest hurts I walk forward hoping to find light but see nothing just darkness. Will I die here I ask but refuse to accept? I sit in the eternal night I'm in. I sit and think then everything becomes clear it's not cold. It's warm, cozy, safe.I hear voices "you can stay here live in eternal darkness". I want to but I want time to think first. But my mouth moved on its own and said "Yes". That's when the darkness gets sucked into me. Then I see light and it burns my eyes. I look around and see people dead on the floor covered in blood. My eyes turn black and I'm surrounded by darkness again. I feel fear I keep asking what's going on and they say darkness has consumed you so now you will help us eliminate the light. My mind goes blank I can't move my body. Then I realize what darkness truly is. It's emptiness the feeling of nothing. No wonder people are afraid. The righteousness of the darkness is too much for them. Darkness was here before the even light was. Why do people pray for the light and not the darkness? In the end, darkness will always be here no matter where you turn. So instead of fighting it I let it consume me and then I finally see the beauty of darkness. For you who don't understand the darkness let it consume you and then you will finally understand. What Darkness truly Is?

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