I Am the Resurrection Man...

by Savanah TheWriter


Resurrection Man : A person who, in past times, illicitly exhumed corpses from burial grounds and sold them to anatomists for dissection.

I met your great grandmother once

She wore glamorous pearls around her neck

She kept a tight grip on her husbands photo

Though she could not say a word

I greeted her upon our meet

I could not help but grin

She was a sweet, elder lady

And here I was mischievous, and full of sin

I hate to tell you this my dear friend

But you knew it would happen, I sinned again

Your great grandmother found a new resting place

On a table made of steel, under a now rich man, blade in hand

Now I will go

Leave your sight

Since of apologies I am not a fan

Goodbye my friend


Amos D'Elore

Your local resurrection man...

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