Life Sucks

by Tyrique Hagan


Death comes to us all

I think of questions all the time but I can't answer. They're always bundled in my mind why do i feel this way it hurts. The questions why do i feel the need to know. Why can't i just make them disappear ? It's impossible to describe them. Why don't I know the answer? I need to be perfect I need to know all. Am I stupid how could i not have seen it. Everywhere I look I see people staring at me judging me you don't have the right. The voices drive me insane. I don't want to listen but at the same time I'm compelled to it. Should I listen why..why should I listen it's not right but it sounds right. Why can't I it sound like fun. I want to do it but why. More questions keep coming up I'm in a mental battle and I'm losing. The voices argument are so convincing. I'm going to do it. The voices speak louder they say the same word every time. Kill kill kill kill kill Kill! I smile I guess I have to kill. I pull out my gun and shoot my classmates.Then I smile now I must kill more I walk through the school shooting everyone I have no friends so why are people still alive.Death shows me the path and I lay out the "red carpet". Blood spilled everywhere a fresh coat of paint on the walls all the color red. I lose the smile and my face shows no emotion and looks lifeless as I say "Life Sucks".

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