Just a Normal Day

by Tyrique Hagan

It was a normal day at school. I walked in and waited for the bell to ring. People said Hi to me but I didn't pay them no mind. I was here for one reason. But what's the fun of telling you now you'll find out later. I was looking around and saw my target. I decided to wait for a better opportunity. So I sit and wait for the bell to ring. When the bell rings I go to class. I see multiple targets in there. I was not pleased I wanted more no I needed more. I pull out my katanas in anger and then I begin. I'm seen so everyone reacts the first one I slice in half. The second one I thrust my blade through his chest. The third I slice off her legs and arms and leave her there screaming.Then I kill 2 by cutting their heads off. Then I get mad and kill the rest blood on the walls, ceilings, and windows. I walk out the classroom while finally killing the girl I left screaming. I move on to my next class I go in clean and come out covered in blood. Then I was bored and since I was seen by most of the students I had to kill everyone. I sliced off heads, sliced people open, I even cut someone just enough so their still alive so they can slowly die. It was like first nature to me. Once I was finished you could see blood everywhere it was amazing. But then there was one more person left my precious target from earlier. He sees me and starts to run but not before i shove my blade through the back of his skull without a single word I walk out the building and went home in preparation of my next target.

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