What Am I to Do?

by Tyrique Hagan

What's wrong with life said a boy. I have no friends and my family hates me. What am I to do? All I did was kill someone what's wrong with that. The lovely color red painted onto the wall. What am I to do? It's fun the way they beg for me to stop. What am i to do? The irony of them threatening and making fun of me but when they have a knife in their face their scared. What am I to do? Why? Why am I being punished? They deserved to die. What am I to do? Blood...Blood it's all I can see it's always blocked by the filthy skin that surrounds it. All I do is set it free. What am I to do? They try to kill me oh no don't bother I'll kill you before you have the thought. I watch my prey bleed out as I admire the color of the blood. I even ask them how does it feel to die? But alas they die before they can answer. What Am I To Do? The feeling of blood on my face is hypnotic it's like ecstasy. What's wrong with me they ask what's wrong with you. You don't understand me why do I have to explain. What Am I To Do? I can't stop it's amazing I'll kill everyone. What...What's that. Is that your heart why is it racing? Are you scared are you? Are you afraid because you think your next or because you know your next. Does it hurt not to know? Isn't it exhilarating can you feel the way you breathe it just gets faster and faster until. BOOM!! You're dead. WHAT AM I TO DO? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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