Amy and the Box

by Elizabeth Simmonds

Amy hated maternity leave. She should be back in her lab, not stuck in her apartment waiting for her husband to return home from whatever exciting day he had. She sat at her couch reading a journal published by one of her colleges when a knock came from the door. She knew this couldn't be Lance; he had a key. She stood and started walking towards the door.

God I hate talking to people, she thought, I hope it's not another sales pitch.

Amy looked through the peephole in the door but mysteriously saw nothing. She unlocked the door and opened it. There was no one to be seen, however there was a medium sized box with holes on it sitting on her doormat. Amy looked around franticly but saw no one around. She looked back at the box to check for a shipping label but saw nothing, just her name and address written is black marker on the top. She dragged the box into the house and locked the door again.

Amy placed the box on her coffee table. She noted that it wasn't that heavy, and that most of the weight was one of the corners. Amy sat down on the couch and faced the box, this was her chance to have some fun again.

"Where did you come from...?" She mumbled to herself as she stood and walked into the kitchen. Once there, she grabbed a scale, measuring tape, and a tape recorder. She also grabbed a knife, just to be safe. Amy came back into the living room and took out her tape recorder.

"Sunday, March 18 th , 5:48 PM. There is a mysterious box that appeared on my doorstep approximately 5 minutes ago. It has my name and address on it, however there was no one at the door when I opened it. Beginning initial tests, now." Amy put the scale down on the other side of the table. "I am about to move the box onto the scale, standby." She said into the tiny black box. Amy knew that saying "standby" to a recording was useless, but it made her feel like she was on the verge of an epic discovery.

She took the box and moved it up onto the scale. Amy took a step back to read the numbers.

"The box weighs approximately seven and a half pounds, now initiating measurements," She picked up the measuring tape and measured the boxes length and width, as well as the top.

"It appears the box is 13 by 11 by 10," She said. "The dimensions and color of the box indicate that it could have been purchased at almost any moving store in the area. We're clearly dealing with a mastermind." Amy walked closer to the box and tried to look in through the holes.

"I am able to see in through the holes cut out on the top, however it is too dark to see anything inside. I detect a strong odor coming from inside, however I cannot determine the source at this time."

I thought pregnant women were supposed to have super smelling abilities , she thought as she groaned in frustration.

Just then, something in the box started shifting. Amy backed up in surprise climbed into a nearby chair.

"Update: the contents in the box are moving! This indicates that there is a live creature in the box and could be dangerous. The weight of the box is too light for an anaconda; however the possibility of a Clock Spider cannot be ruled out."

"Everything ok here?" A voice behind her said.

Amy yelped at the unexpected noise and nearly punched Lance in the gut when she turned around.

"Oh, Lance, hi," She said, "Were you expecting a package?" In all of the commotion she hadn't heard the door open.

Lance laughed. "Yes, I see that it was delivered. Have you opened it yet?"

"What? No! I'm not going to open a random box, I had to see if I could figure out what was inside of it, what if it was dangerous?"

Lance smiled and rolled his eyes. He grabbed the knife that Amy had brought from the kitchen and opened the box. He slowly reached inside and pulled out a kitten.

Amy sat stunned. "What...why?"

"I thought you could use some company, the baby too," He walked over and handed her the kitten. "What's his name?"

Amy took the cat and petted his head, "How about Schrodinger?"

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