Phooey and the Girl Detectives

by Arnold Nelson


Phoeey finds out that girls dectectives can be just as good at boy dectectives.

One day when Phooey and his friends were talking about detective work sitting in Phooey's front yard. A new girl in the neighborhood came walking up and she said "Hi my name is Renee can I join your detective club."

One of the boys said "No! This club is for boys only. No girls allowed. Only boys can be detectives.

Renee said "Okay be like that, I will get some of the girls in the neighborhood and will start our own detective club." Then she walked off a little bit upset at the boys.

A couple weeks later there was a rash of burglaries in their neighborhood. They always took electronic stuff. Things like TVs, computers, laptops and cell phones. No one could figure out who is taking the stuff.

One day Phooey saw a teenager carrying a TV down the street. Phooey decided to follow. He saw the boy go into a house about three blocks down. So he crept up there and quietly as possible and started looking in the windows. He saw one room full of electronic stuff. He started taking pictures of the stuff so that he could turn them into the police. All of a sudden Phooey was grabbed by one of the teenagers. They took them in the house and made him lay on a bed in one of the back rooms. Then they tied him up with his arms and legs spread so that he could not get away.

Phooey thought to himself, I'm in a fine mess now, how I will get out of here. He could not come up with any way to get out.

What Phooey didn't know was that Renee had followed him and had seen the whole thing. She stood there hiding for a while trying to figure out what to do to save Phooey. Finally she came up with an idea. She got on her cell phone and called up some of her friends and told them to meet her there in about 5 minutes.

When Renee came back she was dressed in her Girl Scout uniform and was carrying a couple of boxes of cookies along with a frying pan. The other girls with there waiting for her, each of them had a frying pan.

The girls went up on the porch. Sara, Lisa and Anna hid out of site of the door while Renee knocked on the door. When someone answered Renee said "Do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

The voice said "Go away we don't want any."

Renee said "Please, buy my last two boxes of cookies. I just need to sell two more and I get a trip to Hawaii. I only have about 30 minutes left to sell them and turn in my money. Please, Please, buy the cookies."

Another voice said "Oh go ahead and buy them, I'm hungry, we need something to eat."

The first voice opened up the door. The latch was still on the door. He said "How much are the cookies."

Renee said "They are only $3.50 each. That is $7.00 for the two boxes."

The boy said "What kind are they?"

Renee said "I have two boxes of Thin Mints left."

The boy said "Okay we will take them."

He closed the door. Then Renee heard the latch being removed. As soon as she did, she signaled for the girls, and the three of them came running up and hit the door as hard as they could. The door came flying open, the boy that was behind the door when flying backwards. The girls came in swinging their frying pans and within about 10 minutes four teenage boys were laying on the floor unconscious.

Lisa was saying "I am in so much trouble I dented my mother's best frying pan. She is going to kill me."

Anna said "Don't worry about that now, Lisa, we will take care of that later."

Renee said "Sara, you come with me. We have to find Phooey. Lisa and Anna you stay here and keep an eye on these guys. If they start to move, bonk them again. We won't be long. As soon as we know Phooey is safe we will call the police."

So Renee and Sara started heading down the hallway checking all the rooms. They found all kinds of electronics. Finally near the back of the house they found Phooey tied to a bed. They went in and started to untie him. Then they heard a car drive up. Then they heard a door open. Sara grabbed her frying pan and she hid out of sight of someone, coming down the hallway. Just then another teenager came in and looked in at Phooey and Renee.

He said "What is going on in here?"

Then he started walking in the door were Phooey and Renee were. As soon as his head came in the door Sara swung her frying pan as hard as she could and hit him right on the forehead. He went flying back and hit the wall in the hallway and fell in a heap on the floor.

Renee and Sara finished untying Phooey and then Renee picked up her cell phone. When the police got there the boys in the front room were just starting to wake up. The police hauled them away along with the boy in the hallway.

Lisa was still crying about the dented frying pan and get in so much trouble with her mother.

After it was all over Phooey thanked all the girls for saving him.

A week later Phooey had a party in his backyard. Not only were the Detective Boys there but the Detective Girls were there too. It was Phooey way of saying thanks to the girls for saving him.

After they ate Phooey got up and said "The boys and I have been doing some talking and some thinking and we decided to change the name of our club from Detective Boys to Detective Kids. All kids, boys and girls will be accepted into our club. You four girls are the first girls we are asking to join us. Will join the Detective Kids?"

The girls put their heads together and talk for a few minutes. Then they looked up and said "We would be happy to be a part of the Detective Kids. Thank you very much."

Phooey said "One more thing. Lisa, I got my mom to help me and we picked out this frying pan for you. You give it to your mom and maybe you won't be in so much trouble."

Lisa took the frying pan and started swinging it around.

She said "This is great, I can do some real damage with this pan. It should get me out of trouble with my mom, thank you very much Phooey.

Phooey said "Be careful with that pan, we don't want to hurt any of the Detective Kids."

They all laughed.

Then Phooey's mother came out and said "I'm sorry kids but the party is over. Time for you kids to go home. Phooey and I have to get this mess cleaned up before his father gets home. Thanks for coming and thanks for rescuing Phooey."

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