by gwendolyn igbinovia


wow i am sooooo into my lover ummmmmm he give me that burning sweeeeeeeeeet also much passsion inside my soul...the kind of unexplanable filling. you just cant explan ladys you no what iam talking about haha!!!!!! i am just so into this man right now he just made love to me havent seen him in a few days now lets just say iam up writing and hes laid back looking at the back of his eye leds lol....

i no iam over my ex i didnt think no one could ever make me fill this much passion after a 10year relateionship full of noting but passion love caring omg once in bad thats were i lose me that mannnnnn could make me feel...JUST FEEL.....SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!! everything around me was just happness i could never love no other i gave all all of me and he just gave me all of him so i though!! until oneday he change into someone i didnt no anymore omg,, what happen how did we end up like this what i do lord what i do what i do i am confused. that man set my soul on fire but the many happy times we had the hope and dreams we had shared once in bed again i forget it all yes once in bed again i forget it all again.. u r now my pass i found someone to love again.. and love me better without the change.

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