by DJ Park




I am blind. I look at people and places and things. But I see nothing. Someone comes to me bleeding, and I think everything is okay. Someone rips their own heart and soul out and I don't see the stitches on their chest. Someone shows me their deepest scars, and I see a flawless patch of skin.

I am deaf. I listen for words and sounds and exclamations. But I hear nothing. Someone runs to me screaming, and I don't even turn to them. Someone cries out in agony as they get thrown to the ground, but I only hear a "hello." Someone rips apart their vocal cords trying to capture my attention, but I only perceive a person sitting in complete silence.

I am insensitive. I touch people and objects and anything else. But I feel nothing. Someone asks for a high five and I barely touch their hand. Someone asks for a hug and I barely make contact with their body. Someone pleas for a hand to hold, and I extend out nothing more than a cold glove.

I don't see. I don't hear. I don't feel. I am nothing more than a series of disabilities, each detrimental on it's own, together they are catastrophic.

I am alive. I breathe and eat and sleep. But I am not human...

I am disabled...

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