Jothi Ruins Diwali

by Sudharsan Vasudevan

           It was Diwali, everyone was wearing new clothes, beautiful lights illuminated throughout the little street, colorful crackers roared, this was the scene Jothi woke up to, when she peeked through the window at 4 am.

            'No Diwali for us this year jothi muttered to herself before getting out of bed, the festival magic pulling her out of her sleep. Some distant relative of her's died that year, so her family wasn't celebrating Diwali, Jothi was looking forward to this particular year because this was supposed to be the year she progresses to the explosive things, till 9 she was only trusted with fire fountains and fire circle and some fire cracker sticks.

           She went down to check on her mom to see if she was awake and she was, but her mother looked blue, was coughing hard and breathing heavily, Jothi was a little concerned never having seen her like that before 'mom what happened', she replied that all the smoke was giving her allergies and it was nothing as she had been an asthmatic all her life. Her little brother who was 1 and 1/2 woke up and started crying because of all the sound and her mother was trying to console him. Her father had gone for a walk so her mother had to take care of her brother all alone in her asthmatic state.

                She then ran to the terrace knowing she was not useful to her mother, walked to the edge of the terrace to get a glimpse of the celebrations, but all she saw was smoke filling the entire street, this was the first time she noticed that, then she remembered her mom and brother suffering in the ground floor, she was already thinking about what she can do help them when her eyes fell on a garden pipe, she took the pipe, opened the tap, stood near the edge, pointed the pipe towards the sky and sprayed water everywhere, the neighbors who were celebrating, assumed it was rain and ran inside their houses.

           Jothi then excitedly told her mother the story of how she sprinkled water on them and how they all stopped bursting crackers, her mother was a little angry that she spoiled their fun and gave her a stern warning, then she told her that they will come back as soon as they notice it wasn't raining, pulled her in to the bed and slept hugging her daughter, But little did she know, no one in the street

was going to burn any crackers that day as Jothi had accidentally drenched all their crackers which was put together in one huge box.

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