I Believe I Can Fly

by Alexx Midnight


This is based off of a dream I had. This is the first story I've ever written. The title and first line just popped into my head, and everything just flowed from there.

Last night I dreamed I could fly.

Maybe I was Supergirl. I remember I was trying to save the world. Usually, when I dream, I do save the world. Perhaps I did. This time, I only remember flying.

It was exilarating. The feeling of gravity pulling me down; the feeling of me defying the law of nature, and staying aloft. The feeling of being tethered to nothing. The feeling of living.

Maybe I've been binge-watching too much Smallville. I remember flying over a barn and over fields. I'm pretty sure it was no place I've ever been before. But the view didn't matter. All that mattered was flying.

I'm laying in bed now. I've taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills. All I want is to dream, to live. Forever. Because in my dreams, I can fly.

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