Blood in My Eyes

by Jr.scribe


a story by;

Danny Perez.

.( When I look at the world and see the things I see a question enters my mind everyone knows that Jesus sacrificed himself for all of us the question I have is if Jesus could see into the future and look at what the world has become would he still sacrifice himself take a look at the world we live in today it seems like no one is greatful for the sacrifice Jesus put in for all of us. would Jesus make the same decisions that he did if he saw into the future. Would Jesus still agonize over the knowing that he will die. Would he stay up all night making sure that his doing the right thing to know that he must die has to be a lot of pressure even for the son of God the stress that continued to enter his mind I wonder if he would still put himself threw that if he saw people today hurting other peoples feelings like if its a very normal thing to do.

The person using harsh words to the point the person who is taking the verbal abuse lets it get to them so badly that they think what the other person is saying its true some even cry in there room everyday. There are those who can no longer take the verbal abuse and they think there only solution is to take there own life. They say words don't hurt if thats true then why do we have so many people killing or trying to kill themselves. I wonder if Jesus would have continued to feel the emotion of sorrow as all he wanted was his apostles to spend his last hours with him instead he had to spend his last hours alone and the magnitude of the pressure that he was about to do probably is what made him cry saving the world but having to do it alone.

The sadness of his tears I wonder if he would continue threw this emotion he was going threw if he saw people hating other people for the color of there skin, for there religion, or for there cultural lifestyle. People looking at other people and just despising them for who they are. The hatred being so deep where they think its ok for them to hurt another person because that person is an abomunation anyways and they don't belong here on earth or at least not where they live. The physical abuse is nothing compared to the mental abuse of it an incident like that would be in the victims mind for the rest of there lifes. They would never live there life the same way again. They will always be scared and watching there back at all times plus them having a hard time trusting anyone ever again. I wonder if Jesus would continue to allow himself to made fun of and be mocked bye his jurors with the crowed watching also laughing and mocking Jesus. Would he continue to let his jurors and the crowed embarrass him without saying a word them stripping him of his dignity. Would he still allow himself to go threw this if he saw people hurting other peoples heart bye cheating on the other person.

It happens so often to where its not really considered a sin anymore its more like a bad decision at the worse no wonder its not unheard of to here people say they have been remarried a number of times. Cheating is being used as something that cant be avoided. To the person who has been cheated on feels a pain that to some will never go away. Some will never take the chance of falling in love again. Everything they see or do depresses them some cant even look at themselves in the mirror. I wonder if Jesus would still allow the judgement of his jurors condemning him to death without putting up an argument or defending his life not even asking for mercy instead asking his father to have mercy on them.

Would he still take the decision of death if he saw people stealing the belongings of other people sometimes stealing the others persons belonging with them right there and not caring about the emotional drama there putting the victim threw. There stealing has clouded there mind so much that the reason they steal is because of there jealousy and animosity they want what they cant have so if they cant have it then no one else should and those who do have it are looked at the stealers as there bragging about what they have and they deserve to get there belongings stolen. If everyone does it then how can it be a sin. Yet the drama of being robbed is much worse than the things that have been taken. Material things can always be replaced but not human life. There so dramatized that they spend the rest of there life making sure there secured and avoiding people they don't know as much as possible. I wonder if Jesus would allow himself to go threw the punishment of being whipped would he stand there and not beg for the person whos whipping him to stop. Would he continue to take this punishment if he saw people physically abusing the person they supposely say they love some abusing the other person where they leave bruises so bad that some need to go to the hospital for immediate medical attention. Some bruises are so bad that the person who has been abused cant go out for days because thats how long it takes for the bruise to heal up and its not even healed up all the way. People abusing other people seems such like a normal thing now because the abuser says it was a one time thing and it will never happen again it was just a mistake. Some think they have the right because there love is disobeying them and thats the only way to get them in line. Not only do the abusers think that way but also the person being abused thinks almost alike saying it only happened once or I was doing something I shouldnt have. There so scared they don't see the wrong in it. I wonder if Jesus would still allow himself to feel the pain of his own flesh being torn out of him. Would he not shout for his father to stop this painful torture that his going threw. Would he continue to allow this punishment to go on if he saw people raping other people the meaning of rape today is questioned at times.

The person doesnt think they committed rape because the other person wanted it the way the person was dressed was asking for trouble or the way the person was acting said that they wanted to have sex even when there reluctant there only playing hard to get theres no such thing as no. the person that has been raped hating themselves to the point they wish for death. They think its there fault for what happened because the other person is right if I wasnt so flirty or if I wasnt wearing such revealing clothes then this would have never happened. I wonder if Jesus would allow the continuing of his punishment with the crown of thorns being placed on his head. Would he continue to be ridiculed bye his torturers would he still have the tears not for the pain he was going threw but for why does his torturers have so much hatred for him would he continue to saving us if he saw people molesting little innocent children.

The child not knowing any better thinking that everyone is nice and why would anyone want to hurt them. They never done anything to them. The emotional pain that hits the parents after finding out what happen is felt so hard that some go into denial of what happened. Some go threw the guiltiness of not watching there child more better that they sentence themselves to a life of self emotional punishment. The molesters cant help it because the devil made them do it. I wonder if Jesus would continue to allow not for his pride to get the best of him when he was walking carrying the cross on his back having people laugh at him, point at him, spitting on him, saying awful things to him. Yet going threw all that and not replying or acting on it. Taking it because he knows that they don't know any better. I wonder if he would continue to take the weight of the world on his shoulders if he saw people wanting to harm other people to the point if it means taking there own life so be it over differences that even most likely has God shaking his head yet they use God for there reason to do what they do. I don't remember God ever saying it was ok to hurt your fellow brother and sister. I wonder if Jesus would allow to let the soldiers to hammer the nails into his body. I wonder if Jesus would still not allow to let him think about himself and instead still forgiving others who are also being crucified. Would he continue to feel more pain for his mother and the people in his life going threw the emotion of what there witnessing it hurting Jesus more than the pain. I wonder if Jesus would continue to allow himself to ask his father to forgive his children for what they have done even knowing that it would be his last breath. I wonder if Jesus would still shed his blood to cleanse earth bye a soldier stabbing Jesus side with a spear if he saw people killing other people.

The idea of a person who can just be thinking of killing a person is a very scary thought. Isnt it said that only God has the power to make that decision. How can anyone ever play God with a persons life. Killing a person is still looked at as one of the worst things that a person can ever do thank God but it must not look that terrible or unforgiveable an act if people are still killing other people. To kill a life is like killing a piece of God. I wonder all the things that Jesus went threw if someone gave him a glimpse into the future would he still would have made the decisions he made.

Would he still allow himself to go threw all that pain physically and emotionally. Because the way the world works now its almost like he sacrificed himself for nothing. We act like where not greatful for all Jesus has done for us. So I wonder if Jesus would still want to take the punishment for all our sins if he saw what the world would become. Then I know for sure that Jesus didnt give his life for nothing I will for an eternity thank him for taking my sins and maybe thats all Jesus needs it only probably takes one for Jesus. To know his sacrifice was not for nothing. I also know for sure I'm not the only one whos greatful I just need to know where there at).


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