Loca Mi Vida

by Jr.scribe


a story by;

Danny Perez

.( I'm sorry but excuse me if I seem rude I really don't have a lot of time I still have to go to the market to get some things for dinner and I have to pick up my daughter from her soccer practice then I still have to make dinner. I hate doing things bye myself because I always think that those shaved head mexicans are always going to do something bad to me. I've heard that all they do is find ways to hurt people they actually go out looking to steal someones money or there material posessions like a persons car. All those type of mexicans are nothing but hoodlums who have no future. I'm going to be paying my taxes to have them locked up or there going to be dead. How do I know all this have I ever met any of them. No I havent do I have a relative whos one of them. I have to say no also on that. Do I know anyone who assciaotes with them. I cant say that I do. So what makes me say what I say these are things I've heard from people that are important to me they wouldnt say these things if there werent true. These things I say I've learned since I was young. Its all I've known of those people why not learn to change my perception of them. I really don't have time to do so.

My day is usually spent running all kind of errons. I have to pick my daughter up from here then drop her off here. I have to keep the house running smooth. So I have no time to learn that there great artist who have created spectacular murals. I will never learn that they have experienced pain, sorrow, and cried just like I have because I don't have the time. Theres no way I will ever learn that they can write beautiful, creative, thought provoking things theres just no time. The stuff I do know about them might be wrong information but I have no time to know the right information. So I'll just keep with what I have and know. Thats how crazy my life is.

I am running so late for this meeting then to make things worse I have a dinner date tonight. I know for sure I'll be late for that too. I hate having to walk I rather drive. When I drive I wont be bothered bye those homeless bums always asking for change or with there will work for signs. Like I really want to spend my time having them beg for my charity I'm too busy for that. They shouldnt play the guilt trip they have no one to blame but themselves for there situation. They shouldnt drink so much. They should stop feeling sorry for themselves. They should be spending there whole time looking for a job. There just lazy, good for nothings. How do I know all this have I ever had a conversation with a homeless person not at all. Do I have any family members or friends who are homeless no I don't. Has a homeless person ever come up to me and said that every thing I say is true. I cant say that has actually happened. So why can I say the things I do because people around me my whole life have told me these things.

They wouldnt tell me lies. Its not like my mind set is going to change. I don't have the time to change it my life is too busy. I spend a lot of my time working if I'm not doing that then I'm spending my time doing what I like. Theres no time in between to have a new mind set. I will never learn that they where once just like me they had everything also until tough luck hit them and they lost everything. Because there will never be time. I'm not ever going to learn that they really do want to work but no one will hire them. Because I'm not ever going to have the time. I wont learn that they can careless of losing the car, the house, the clothes, and the money. What they do care about losing is there dignity. They write signs because there ashame to talk. I wont learn that because I'm too busy with other things. I don't know that there people too because I havent learned that. Would I want to learn yeah but I wont because I'm too busy. I'll just keep with what I got even if theres some errors in the information. Thats how crazy my life is.

Man I really need to cut down on my school activities. I'm so busy that I don't get to my homework until ten at night. Then having a girlfriend doesnt open up free time. I have so much on my plate but I have to do all these things if I want to get into the college I really want to. Thats why I cant stand the black kids who go to my school all they go to school for is to socialize there not there to learn. They are wasting my education time. If they have any kind of talent its most likely sports other than that most of them will likely dropout and end up selling drugs. Going on welfare my taxes paying for it. All they do is commit crime. Do I have a friend whos black. No I don't does my girlfriend have any friends who are black. No she doesnt have I ever even met a black person besides just them being in my class. Nope I cant say I have. Then what allows me to say what I say because all my friends have told me it to be fact and there very smart they would never give me dumb information and if it is I'm not really concerned about because I'm too busy being concerned about other things. I will never have the knowledge that they have incredible minds and have a worlds worth of knowledge. Because I'm too busy achieving other knowledge. I will never have the knowledge that they are passionate, determine, loving, and very successful people just like the people I know. I will never have that knowledge because I'm too busy paying attention to other knowledge. I will never have the knowledge that there history is not only black history but its American history. I will never have that knowledge because I'm too busy thinking other knowledge is more important. Will I admit that I got not so smart information. Yeah I can do that but would I want the knowledge not really because I can only have so much knowledge. I'll just keep with what I got. I'm too busy to change the uneducated guess to an educated fact. Thats how crazy my life is.

My mind is just spinning from all the things I have to do for this wedding. I got to make sure we got the right drinks everything has to be right. The dress, the tuxedo, the wedding. I'm getting a headache just thinking about how everything has to be right. I hate having to wait in traffic I think the thing I hate worse is seeing those slutty tramp hookers hanging out in the streets I really don't need to see that where are the police when you need them. There disgusting people who have no respect for themselves. They have no values or no morals. All they care about is having there fun. They probably don't even have a highschool education there only smarts is knowing how to sell there bodies. People who give out diseases like there prizes.

Have I ever talked to them. No of course not do I know someone who knows someone thats one of them. Nope I don't have I ever even been within shoulder length of one of them. Not even close your asking me why I talk about them the way I do because everyone I hangout with said the same things and they wouldnt say it just to say it. What if they are just saying it. It wouldnt bother me because I'm too involved with my own business. I will never be involved in the fact that they dreamed to always be a prosititue. I will never be involved because I'm too busy with my own. I will never be involved with the fact that they go to sleep crying and they wake up crying. Wishing to wake up from there nightmare. I will never be involved because I'm too busy being involved with my own. I will never be involved with the fact they our beautiful, sweet, caring, and thoughtful just like my girlfriends. I will never be involved because I'm too busy being involved with my own. My business involves my whole thinking that I don't have time to change my thinking on them. So I'll just keep my old train of thought. Thats how crazy my life is. Wow I didnt realize how much stuff I have to get done around the house. Mowing the lawn, raking the leafs, keeping the grass looking green, taking out the trash, fixing whatever is broken, working on the cars. The new Muslim family who just moved in are back I wonder where they went did they have a meeting with there other extremeist counter parts plotting more destruction. Did they just come back from survilance work on there next target. Did they comeback from practicing there terrorist religion. A religion that teaches to hate and to kill others. Have I took the time to introduce myself to the new family no I havent. Has anybody I know in the neighborhood met the new family nobody I know. Do I have any assciaotes who are of Muslim religion no I don't.

Then how can I say the things I do because with the conversations I have with others. All our sentiment is the same how can we be wrong our conversations are intellectual we know what were talking about. If I was told that I don't know what I'm talking about would I rethink my theory. No I wouldnt why because I'm too busy being on my high horse. I will never have the intellect of knowing that they are proud to be American citizens like those who wave the flag also very angered and upset with those who cause terror with there false claims as well Sadden bye the pain thats been caused from the terror just like full blooded Americans. I will never have that intellect because I'm too busy believing that I'm never wrong. I will never have the intellect of knowing that they value life, respect others beliefs, they stress over paying the bills on time, there kids doing good, loving there family with all there heart and soul, crying as they remember the love ones who are waiting for them in paradise, there emotions are the same as ours. I will never have that intellect because I'm too busy believing that I'm never wrong. I will never have the intellect of knowing that there religion is being masked as something that its not. Those who are hiding the truth behind Islam are doing so because they know when its finally revealed they will be defeated. I will never have this intellect because I'm too busy believing that I'm never wrong. I might not know everything but thats not going to stop me from thinking I do because I'm too busy doing that. Thats how crazy my life is.

Asians own liqeor stores and beauty stores because thats the only thing there good at. Addicts are nothing but dispicable people who deserve what there going threw. Those white people who have no class who live in trailers and watch wrestling are trash. Those who have different beliefs than I do are stupid people who don't know what there talking about. I've never met any of these type of people. I have no one in my life who knows any of those type of people. I say these things because thats what I've come to learn. The people around you know best right. Will I ever change teachers I don't think so why because it takes too much time to learn new things. Its so easy to keep what you already know. It takes too much time to discover your own faults and flaws. Its much more easier and faster to point out others. In a world were time is money or time is too precious to squander. Our ideas of others even if wrong is what we keep because where so busy we don't think new ideas are worth taking time. Thats how crazy our lifes are.

Have you ever seen those movies or music videos were everyone is going fast forward and theres one person in regular speed thats how I feel at times. I walk bye people who are so busy they don't take the time to say sorry when they bump into me. No one says hello anymore. The conversations I hear when they walk bye they say things that are stereotypical, racial, or naive yet they don't realize it they think there just speaking the truth. Where so busy that stereotypes have become our new truth. Anyone who says it must be true because we don't have the time to do our own fact finding. I've heard people say; my life is crazy busy. I always thought that was a good thing I'm not sure anymore. It seems everyone is living this saying should I run with the bulls or stay the lone wolf then again I never want to be too busy to learn new ideas).


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