by zahid zaman


When a worker moves to a new town, little does the know the danger he is in.


"Life for life," said the tall blond haired man who was dressed in a rich Italian black suite. Jack looked up at him, God I feel like crap, he thought.

Jack had just sat down a few moments ago and on the bar top in front of him was a tall large glass filled with a black, non odourless liquid. Out of curiosity more than anything he picked it up and took a sip. Instantly his body felt a hundred times heavier and he felt like he would pass out but he fought it and a few seconds later, the tall man in the black suit had arrived.

"Life for life," he repeated.

I haven't got a clue what he means.

Jack lifted his finger and pointed at the first person he saw who was dancing on the dance floor a few meters in front of him.

"You can't have him," said the man with a smile.

"Why not," asked Jack.

"He' s a man, he can't give you a life."

"Ok then I want the best looking women in the joint," Jack said.

The man pointed to another long blond haired petite girl who was dancing the night away.

"I want her." Said Jack.

"So be it," said the man and disappeared into the darkness of the night club.

Jack had just moved to this small town, on the outskirts of London as he had been given the job of setting up a small supermarket for a large conglomerate. At work he had asked some of his newly hired staff if they would like to go for a night out. All of them had responded the same way. Whatever you do don' go to Wizards nightclub but especially never ever on a Friday night. He had asked why, but had been greeted with a wall of silence. Today on this Friday night he was so bored and frustrated that he had decided to go to the club alone.

Jack decided to get up and move around the night club, hoping to spot a single lone female. He found himself after having made a full circuit of the club, sitting in front of another glass filled with liquid that everyone in the club was doing their best to ignore.

What the hell , he thought and took a sip. My whole body feels like it's been dragged down with the strength of a hundred lead balls. I feel like I'm going to die, what the hell? How could I have been so stupid, there was a reason everyone was ignoring the drink.

Jack fought the effects of the drink, I only took a tiny sip.

A few seconds later the man in the rich suite was back.

"Well done!" you done it again, "Life for life," he said as he had said earlier.

"What the hell are you and what was in that drink and what are you on?"

"As to your second question, I am a wizard, and as to your first question it was ketemine, a horse tranquiliser, but one in six glasses are laced with cyanide, but no one knows which ones, that's why we say 'life for life' because you risk your life taking a sip and in return if you survive we will give you a life or more accurately a baby."

"So choose someone?"

Jack thought about it for a few seconds and then said 'Britney Spears."

The man laughed a small friendly laugh.

"We might be powerful wizards, but even we aren't powerful to get past the wizards that protect her. You will have to choose someone else."

"You then."

"Like I said before, a man can't give you a life, you have to choose a female."

Jack then saw a beautiful lithe blond female on the dance floor, dancing the night away.

"Her," he said.

"So be it." Said the man and pointed his finger at the stunningly attractive female. The female turned and looked at Jack, her face was emblazoned with a nasty sneer. Then she looked at the 'wizard' and smiled. So be it , she mouthed and then disappeared into the crowd of dancing bodies.

"Wow I'm on a roll," Jack thought, he moved around the night club and then found himself sitting in front of another beer glass filled with a black odourless liquid.

Should I risk it, one more time? What the hell!

He picked up the glass and took the tiniest sip he could. Holy shit!

He felt like he was falling and falling down a deep hole, which went on and on and never ended.

He then found himself in what was like a large underground cavern filled with darkness. What the hell! I heard movement and what sounded like the slithery noise of a snake?

There was no time here, Jack could have been down here for seconds or years, he had no way of telling.

He tried to look around him but found the same dense darkness every where he looked, it was so dark he couldn't even see his own hand in front of him.


Steven had entered the night club ten minutes earlier, this club really is something he thought. Like Jack had been, he was new to this town. Jack Jones had been appointed to manage the new large store but had disappeared without a trace. Steven was his replacement and had worked with Jack for several years previously-suddenly Steven found himself self staring at a picture on the wall-there were about thirty people in the picture but what struck him about it was that he saw Jack's face and figure staring back at him, there in plain site was Jack, just on the right side of the picture.

Jus then a petite blond haired girl strolled over to where Steven was staring at the picture.

"Would you care for a drink?" said the girl with a an emotion in her eyes that Steven couldn't quiet de-cipher.

Steven took the drink with a smile. She is so hot he thought.

"He thinks about you a lot you know."

"Who Jack?" said Steven still looking at the picture.


There is something really weird going on, here he thought.

What?! It couldn't have been...? He looked again and saw the same thing.

Dancing the night away in the crowd of revellers on the dance floor was Jack ... Jack. ... but how?

Steven put the glass to his lips and was about to drink, when a man in a black suite appeared and thrust out his arm thus dislodging the glass out of Stevens hand and onto the floor.

"Tanya, you know the rules, he has to choose the drink for himself, you can't give it to him!"

"But he is so lonely, he's always thinking and pining for a familiar face."

The man in the suit gave a snarl and the blond haired girl turned around and disappeared into the darkness of the club.

Steven slowly meandered around the club looking for a single female that he could engage in conversation with and then he saw a raven haired girl with porcelain white skin and he was hooked.

That girl is just my type. He strolled over.

"Hello I'm Steven." He said holding out his hand. They shook hands and Steven realised the girls hand was as cold as ice and the grip was like a vice.

"That wizard, saved your life tonight."

"Wizard? you actually believe in that nonsense?"

"You shouldn't have come here tonight. Didn't anyone warn you about Friday nights at this club?"

"No...I can't say anyone did."

"They all scum in this town." said the girl.

"Are you a wizard too?"

"No...I am a vampire."

"Ok...ok just to say for one minute that what you say is true, how is it possible for me to see Jack dancing the night away in the dance floor earlier?"

"He is now a ghost, sentenced to dance the away for eternity at this club in which he was murdered."

"Oh...wow! You know something I'm beginning to believe you!" Stevens said his voice coming in short gasps and barely able to get the words out.

"Hey can you make me immortal like you?"

"Immortality isn't all its cracked up to be." Said the woman.

"To live for eternity, not ageing or dieing, I want it!"

"You would see all your family and friends wither of old age and die in front of you. A Society in which you have no idea how modern technology works from bank cards and computers?"

"I could teach you how to use computers and the internet and all other manor of technology!"

"Please...please...I want this so much! To live forever and never die."

"Ok, but first you must pass the test like everyone else who I make immortal they have to risk 'life for life'.

"Wait here." The porcelain like woman disappeared into the darkness of the club.

A few moments later she was back and in her hands held a glass of dark liquid in each hand.

"First I want to ask you a simple question, ready?"


"What are you most afraid of? I will give you four options, they are God, death, yourself and the king?"

Steven mulled it over and then said "Death."

"Well done!" said the vampire, "The honest truth is there is no right answer, if a priest asks it is God, if a king asks it is the king, if a friend asks it is yourself and if an enemy asks it is death."

"On now to the real test." Said the vampire placing the glasses of black coloured

liquid in front of Steven.

"If you want immortality so badly, I will give it to you but you must risk your life. In one of these two glasses is one filled with cyanide and one filled with normal larger. If you want immortality so badly you must risk your life. Do you accept?"

Steven hesitated and then bringing all his courage to the fore said,

"I will do it."

Steven took a sip. Everything's going black he thought.

Steven found himself in what appeared to be massive cavern which was covered with darkness. I hear a noise?!

Then Steven heard a voice that he would never ever forget, the voice chilled him to the core.

We are demons.

What the hell...

What language do we speak?

I don't know you speaking ,you tell me?

You took drugs!

You had sex with prostitutes!

What language do we speak?

"I don't know, but if I was to guess I would say you speak the language o the truth and righteous ones.

You could have lived a long happy life, but you chose to risk it all for immortality.

You failed. You chose the wrong glass.

Now you belong here! Now you belong to us!

Steven found himself dancing the night away. He saw Jack and they acknowledged each other with a nod of the head and danced...and danced...and danced...


"The head office at the discount store 'super-buy' are opening a new store Jonathan and we would like you to head it and get it set up and running. Have the rest of the day off and get ready for the experience of your life."

Wow, I can't believe my luck, a promotion to be store a manager in just six months!"

After Jonathan had left, a girl with porcelain white skin with what looked like sun block on her face, and a man dressed in a black suite, entered the premises.

"He's your next 'mark'," said the old bald proprietor of the business and continued "The detective we hired, revealed everything, he takes drugs, has sex with prostitutes, is mean and nasty to his wife and young son and is sacrilegious and doesn't believe in god. We must get rid of the worlds wastrels."

The wizard said, "So be it."

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