by zahid zaman


Today's, the day!

Bodies littered the hallway, blood seemed to be overflowing from the bodies of the dead students. My dad thought of me as a loser. My mother doesn't love me or my dad thought Jack. She ran of with someone else. Oh God I don't believe it I just shot that guy in the head.

They took all my power away from me, now I have all the power.

"I have all the power!" Jack shouted.

Then he saw Jennifer, hiding under an upturned desk and praying.

She's saying the lords prayer thought Jack.

The same lords prayer that my mum had taught me as a little boy and that I still say every night before I go to sleep.

Jack pointed the gun. His fingers slowly squeezed down on the trigger.

6 Month Earlier

Jack how did you get those bruises asked Jack's dad as Jack and his mum and dad sat around the dinner table, eating their evening meal.


    "Aren't you wearing those knee and elbow pads we got you?" asked Jacks dad.

    "I am dad butt hey don' help when I fall on my face or arse."

   "How's the new school? You been there one week now, how you finding it?"

    "It's good thanks dad. I made a few new friends. My teacher gave me and the whole class a test, I came second."

    "That's my boy, that's what I like to hear."

                                                            Jacks Diary

Made some new friends, Jake and Wilson. We played on our skateboards and Wilson's younger brother was there also, with his bike. This community is really tight knit. Everybody knows everybody else.

Went through some hazing today, collected a dozen more bruises.

5 months Earlier

Jack and his father sat at the dining table.

    "Where's mum?"

   "Jack I don't now how to tell you this but your mum's spending the week with her parents 30 miles away."

    "What..? Woho..Why?"

    "Jack me and your mum are going through a rough patch, and we both decided it would be better if we spent some timed apart."

Jack's Diary

Got jumped today by some of the school bullies. The teacher Mrs Francis, saw my bruise on my face and arm but didn't say anything, so I went to complain to the school headmaster, he wasn't there but his secretary was, and she was very sympathetic until I told her it was Lumis Stevenson, when I mentioned that name her whole attitude changed and she told me to go back to my class and forget all about it.

If it happens again tomorrow, I will tell the head master for definite.

Today I found out why the secretary shooed me out the office the other day. I just been told by another student that's also been bullied that Lumis Stevennson is the headmasters son.

4 Months Earlier

"That's it son, line the crosshair up with the target you aiming at and squeeze the trigger."


    "Wow, great shooting son you got all three targets."

    Jack smiled, enjoying the feeling of power and control the gun had given him.

    "This revolver was my father's, he taught me how to shoot with it, and when the time is right it will be given to you."

Jack's Diary

I have tried so so hard to fit in by taking the hazing beatings but it seems they will never end. I'm at my wits end, but I am so glad that no one, not even my father realises how suicidal I am.

Today I suffered a particular nasty beating by Lumis, Jake, Wilson and another goon, the punches and kicks didn't hurt really but what did hurt was it happened in front of Jennifer.

Oh Jennifer, the girl of my dreams.

3 Months Earlier

"Son, your aim is a hundred times better now then it was a month ago."

    "Thank-you dad."

    "Here, look at this I will set up six bottles and you see if you can hit them all from 15 meters...ok son?"

    "Yes, sure dad go ahead."

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

    All six glass bottle exploded as they were struck by the bullets, one after another.

Jack's Diary

Jennifer won't talk to me now after she saw me humiliated and beaten. My heart is in pieces, the pain is unbearable. Jus so unbearable. My grades have suffered and my teacher MR Johnson is saying I will need to repeat the year. When my dad finds out he's going to go ballistic! I know he loves me but he just wants me to do so well...

2 Months Earlier

A plan has been slowly forming in my mind. At Last! I have a way out! A way that I will be able to get revenge on all those had have hurt or scorned me but most importantly on the girl of my dreams that has spurned me.

Jack's Diary.

The beatings haven't lessened as I thought they would. More and more people have started to pick on me. I'm the weak nerd boy that everyone picks on to impress the girls, it doesn't help that I'm a full head shorter then most of the other guys.

1 Month Earlier

"Jack, I had a call today from the school secretary."


    "She said it would be a good idea for you to move to another school."


    "She also mentioned that you got all your bruises from been in fights and not from skateboarding like you said. Why the hell have you been lying to me!" Exploded his father.

    "Dad, I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you but couldn't'...I just couldn't."

    "Also your form tutor has arranged for me to meet him and discuss your progress at school, he mentioned he was very concerned about your progress."

    "Not tomorrow morning as I have an important business meeting but the day after we going to your school and we going to get all this sorted."

Today's' the day!

Jack's finger slowly squeezed down on the trigger. She's scared, he thought, as he saw her shaking uncontrollably, I mean really scared.

She saying the lords prayer, the one I say every night before I go to bed. He thought.

She spurned me! She deserves to die!...But...But can I do it? Maybe we all dieing every day bit by the things we do or have done to us, he thought.

It's too late

    He slowly almost like in slow motion put the gun into his mouth.

   It's never to late. He pulled the trigger.

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