The Soul Demon

by zahid zaman


When a hooked drug addict tries to escape to a new life, how will it end?

The Soul Demon

Jack heard the engine of a smart black Mercedes. He was bound hand and foot and had a rag placed in his mouth which was tied with tape, so he couldn't scream. He bit and struggled and managed to get the rag out of his mouth.

"Aaaaaaaeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii!" He screamed as he heard the car engine switch off.

Footsteps echoed somewhere in the distance, almost to faint to make out but just about audible. He screamed again, jangling the metal chains and shackles tying him to the wall.


"You see MR Johnson all our students are special, why do you want this job and what do you think you could bring to the role?"

"I have several years experience of working with 'disabled' and different youngsters." What I can't tell them is that I need this job to get away from the drug gangs that are hunting me.

"So how would you feel about relocating to a small island jus of the coast of Scotland?"

"I love travelling and would like to see the world as an overseas teacher." I need to get out of town as fast as I can.

"How would you feel working with students that due to their condition could only take lessons after dark?"

What the? I just need to leave town as fast as possible, Jack Johnson thought.

"Yes I wouldn't have a problem with that, not at all, I'm bit of a night owl myself."

"Good. Good." Said the interviewer smiling who now sat with his back to the window with the curtains fully drawn; it was difficult to see his features properly.

Were those fangs I just saw as he smiled? No couldn't have been.

After a few more question Jack realised the interview was over and left.

"We will be in touch MR Johnson."

"Can I ask how long? It's just that I been free all summer and now want to get to work as soon as possible. I won't mention how the Essex Massive crew want my head on a stake for non payment of merchandises.

"We will be in touch very soon."

Jack left the interview room and headed to Kylies place, the place I'm' using whilst I hide away from the drug dealers who want me on their hit list, God its only £500, I can't believe what they did to my co user Jimmy for just £200 pounds. I got to get away, don't want my body like Jimmy's at the bottom of the local canal.


Bang! Bang! The UPVC door vibrated with the heavy blows on its front.

Shit! They found me.

"Open up, we know your in there!" Jack looked through net curtains of the front room window and saw Wacker and Smasher. Both 6ft plus and hard as nails.

Shit! If they keep banging like that they going to break down the door.

"Who the hells that? Banging on the door like that?" asked Kylie.

"It's Wacker and Smasher my drug dealing pals I've known them for about a year now."

"Well what do they want?"

"You know all that white devil we been snorting for the last week?"


"Well they gave it me to sell for them but instead me and you have snorted it all away over the last week."

The door shook with each blow.

"Open the flipping door!"

"What should we do?" asked Kylie.

"There is nothing we can do."

A little later Jack said.

"It's been twenty minutes and the knockings stopped."

"Do you think they have gone?" asked Kylie.

"I'm not sure. I can't stay here with you, as I will put you in danger too."

"What are you going to do?"

"The only thing I can I'm leaving town as soon as possible."

"And how are you going to do that? Where are you going to go?"

"I got a job planned abroad, I can't tell you much more as it will put you in danger too."

"Flipping great! You leave town after getting me hooked to that shit?"

"I'm so sorry hun."

"Where am I going to that shit from?" Her eyes blinked rapidly with stress.

Jack didn't answer. I'm responsible for getting Kylie hooked and now I'm leaving her and jumping ship just to save my hide, but what else can I do? If they catch me they will either kill me or at the very least break my arms and legs...Maybe the wont be so rough on Kylie...Maybe...

Jack woke up the next morning and logged onto his laptop to check his emails and then he saw it 'Email RE: Specialist teaching role.'

"Yes!!" I got the job he screamed as he read the email a second then a third time.

4 hours later Jack got of the plane.

God its cold in this part of the world and dark.

There was a black Mercedes waiting for Jack and an immaculately dressed man all in black was holding a piece of paper with the name "Jack Johnson" emblazoned across it in bold writing.

The school was located at a massive Victorian building which was set on acres of woodland. The car drove up to a pair of large black Victorian gates. They opened slowly.

Jackson studied the driver.

Immaculately dressed about 5ft 7 mid 40's and has an air of quiet solitude or even a hint of secrecy about him, Jack thought as he tried to make polite conversation several times but was each time answered with, "Yes MR Johnson' and nothing more.

Jack felt the urge for a 'hit' and put his hand to his shirt breast pocket under his coat, and felt the reassuring bump of powder in a plastic bag, I got about 3 weeks supply, and what then...? I hope the dealers don't treat Kylie too harshly.

Once inside the building, Jack asked.

"Can you show me to my room?" feeling more and more in need of a hit.

"Don't you want to be shown around the grounds first?" Asked the chauffeur.

"No I'm shattered is it ok if I look at it later after I've had a rest?"

"As you wish, oh and by the way my name is Leon."

"Hi nice to meet you Leon, it's been a long trip and I hope you understand that I'm absolutely shattered."

Ten minutes later, Jack was tying a tourniquet to his arm and tapping his arm trying to find a vain that would still l pop up even after years of use. Shit, I'm going have to start injecting into the groin soon.

A few seconds later Jacks collapsed backwards onto the warm comfortable bed.

Everything is all right now...Everything is alright...he thought over and over again as the bliss swept over him.


Jack slept the night away and most of the day. Eventually he stirred and exited his room and found reception, where, Leon was waiting for him.

Leon looks slightly different. He looks slightly younger then he did yesterday, thought Jack.

"Hello Mr Johnson, I hope you slept well."

"Like a baby. Now I was wondering where the canteen is?"

"If you would follow me, I will show you."

Jack was shown to a large hall which had two rows of tables stretching from one end of it to the other.

"Most of out food is imported from the mainland every week. We have one serving lady who serves all the food for our sixty pupils."

"Eat as much as you like, then get some rest. I will wake you up later tonight and show you to your first class."

"What? At night?"

"Yes, weren't you told at the interview that our students have as special allergy to light and so can only be taught at night with the blinds drawn?"

"Oh you mentioned they did say something like that at the interview."

"Ok I will get some kip, and be up later tonight." Said Jack thinking he needed another hit.

Jack was walking down the corridor to his room.


A scream ripped through the quite solitude of the place.

What the hell was that? The back of his neck hairs suddenly stood on end.

Should I investigate?


Jack decided to follow the voice. Soon he found himself standing outside a door. The door was a jar and he slowly peered through.

Inside it was dark but Jack could just make out several skeletons and the then he notice that one of the skeletons was actually a very very old man.

"Who are you?" asked the old man.

"I'm Jack Johnson, I'm a teacher."

"Is that the trick they are using now? I was brought over as I was promised a job as a cook. They are always changing their routines to keep a continuous flow of people coming to this accursed island."

"You must leave here immediately! It is too late for me but you must get word out to the mainland of the abomination that is going on here on this secluded island."

Just then footsteps echoed down the hallway from around the corner. Jack slammed shut the door and ran down the corridor and as he turned the corner he immediately bumped into Leon.

It was Leon and yet it wasn't. He seemed younger, the grey hairs around the sides of his head were no longer there, and the wrinkles on his face had also lessened. How?

"Sorry I just got lost." Leon stared at him for a long second and then the cold manner was gone.

"Understandable, very understandable MR Johnson. If you care to come with me I will show you to your room."


Something that is puzzling me, if this is a school, where are all the pupils? What the hell is really going on here?

The next night Jack was awoken by an almighty scream. What the hell?

Jack jumped out of bed and headed towards the noise. Soon he found himself at the door of the old man he had spoken to the day before. There was a gushy smoochy sound coming from within. Jack peered inside and saw the back of Leon's suite, and the other thing he could just make out in the gloom was what appeared to be a large snout, like that of an ant eater, it was stuck to the old mans stomach and the old man seemed to be dissolving into nothing but bones. Jack turned around and ran away as quietly as possible.

I've got to get the heck out of here, he thought. Jack ran to the reception area of the place and quickly found the keys to the black car. He ran out side, jumped into the car and started the engine. Jack noticed the sun just peering above the horizon.

"Come back here!!" Came a loud shriek. Leon was banging on the back of the car, as Jack sped away.

Jacks foot was pressed to the floor but then the strong iron black gates loomed in front him. There's no way I can smash my way through.

The only way I can get out of here, is if I go back and open the gates via the control panel. But what is Leon...A vampire? An alien? Or what?

Now the sun had finally risen above the horizon and the bright beautiful sunlight shown down on the car and the building.

Jack spun the car around and headed back towards the large Victorian structure.

Jack noticed the place seemed as quiets as a ghost's tomb. He found the button to open the gate and pressed it. There was slight buzzing sound, Jack looked at the gates through the CCTV but they remained closed.

Shit! He's sabotaged the gates. What the hell am I supposed to do? They are to high to climb, too strong to smash through...

As Jack stood there trying to think of a plan, the hours ticked by one by one.

It's going to be night soon.


Jack heard the engine of a smart black Mercedes. He was bound hand and foot and had a rag placed in his mouth which was tied with tape, so he couldn't scream. He bit and struggled and managed to get the rag out of his mouth.

"Aaaaaaaeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii!" He screamed as he heard the car engine switch off.

Footsteps echoed somewhere in the distance, almost to faint to make out but just about audible. He screamed again, jangling the metal chains and shackles tying him to the wall.

About an hour later, Leon entered the small dimly lit room.

"We are very alike, you and me, you take drugs to stave of the pain, and I eat souls to keep me young."

"No, God, please no!"

Leon's head seemed to metamorphosis into a large snout. The snout flashed towards him.

The End

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