Prayer of Renewal

by John I Nash



Beloved God, Lord Father of the universe and of all men bound and free. Father of Jesus who died on the cross and risen from the dead by you. I raise my hands in prayer to the heavens and bow my head in humble submission. I, a sinner look to you for renewal of my soul for I have walked amongst sinners and through my ignorance have partaken of their mischief.

It is said that by your guidance one could learn of your law and then cast off one's old evil nature and put on the cloak of a new pure nature righteous in its' pursuit of goodness, living a Godly life following all of your laws as laid out by Moses and in so doing be reborn in your name.

Take the hand of this unworthy student and show me the path to this new nature so that I may put it on and walk beside you as a worthy servant telling all that we meet of your goodness.

Being filled with your grace, and with your approved guidance and love I would gather all my family and we would rejoice in your light and mercy. In this and with this prayer I beseech you. Amen

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