Mama Bunny

by John I Nash

Mama Bunny

On warm sunny days the mysterious Mama Bunny appears on my lawn and always surprises me.

Hip pity hop, hip pity hop, she never stops appearing here and there, and everywhere.

She wiggles her nose and goes never seeming to stop, just hopping one ear flopping.

Into my mommy's garden she went oh no! Hip pity hop, hip pity hop, first to the beans and then to the greens, and disappears behind the apple tree.

Into a hole she strolls taking one of mommy's Brussels sprouts; no doubt she knows how good they taste.

Hip pity hop, hip pity hop, she never stops for long, now in the flower bed not to sleep, but to eat, first to the Roses and then to the Posies.

Disappearing into the bushes dragging a carrot with her, mommy said they are nutritious.

Hip pity hop, hip pity hop, she never stops, in and out of her hole taking everything back with her.

I wonder what she has down there, does she have a bed and a chair maybe a Fridge-dare to store all the vegetables she stole.

From her hole she came out and started hopping about, first this way and then that, hip pity hop, hip pity hop, and then what did I see! little baby bunnies coming at me; some white, some brown, some black, some white and black, twelve baby bunnies in all, hopping all about this way then that way, hopping back to the bunny hole they all went, Mamma bunny followed, hip pity hop, hip pity hop, back in the bunny hole she went.

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