by John I Nash

Come closer that I might lie next to thee, let me kiss you down to the knee, let me taste the love that I put in there, you know where.

Kisses abound I love the sound that our loving makes ever so quite, but grows with urgent passion and deep down need , this is true love indeed.

Let me kiss the secret places that embraces the senses, never to be forgotten this mortal feeling of leaving all earth bound seeking the heavens for surly you see this is how the gods intended it to be.

Never ending desire I feel as I press my love to your parting lips whispering that it may enter unopposed like a bee to the rose.

Deep sounds omitted as we toil blood boils in our head, senses peak as we speak no more, only release of emotion to find this devotion to our passion. Quite now deep breathing ebbs, I hold your hand and hope you understand what you mean to me this night that I held you closer.

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