Rising Up and Getting Myself to Work

by Vishalatchi Arunagiri


About my lastest job.

Rising up and getting myself to work.

I have now started work for the last 4 days. Getting up is easy. Going work is easy two days i left without saying goodbye the other two days i said goodbye. I am now learning not use my phone during lunch time until my mother fetches me.

I hope that i still come back to work after chinese new year and i don't get fired. Its motivating and not that difficult. I enjoy it. I get tired easly. I come back and nap, been doing half day for four days. Next week after my vacation i go back to work on thursday and friday.

My working hours are from 9am-4pm.

I keep going to bathroom. I keep using the phone from 12-2pm. These are bad habits of mine but i do come early. I sometimes set with the clients. sometimes i don't twice i didn't.

I hope to keep this job and learn through my mistakes and become a better person.

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