by John I Nash

I have escaped the darkness many times, but the darkness never dies on the vine it awaits biding its time.

Once I feared its shadow, being hollow inside. Life, long lived has filled this void that I that I no longer try to avoid.

Many tribulations I have had, many challenges have come and gone, but this will not be my final song.

Some friendships that never seem to last have given way to relationships hard and fast, cherished and few, who knew.

Faithfull love has come my way every day, wife and children have brightened the way.

Loved pets have passed in my arms that I have long wished to see again, I'm on my way their bright eyes I will see this day.

I welcome the darkness its cold embrace, pain I will no longer face.

Do not sorrow for me for its God's face I will see.

Do not forget to remember me, for I will always be with thee.

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