Skating Love

by laura zimmerman

I was at a skating rink one night when I was 16 in 1958, and I saw this young lady. I waited for you to take a break and get a Coke before I made my move. I grabbed her by the hand and said My names Thomas Peter And you said My name is Jackie Carter. I looked in those big green eyes and it was a done deal. So we dated. Then in 1959 her father got transferred to Japan. I decided well i am going to go get her she is the one for me so of course I have to go get her. I joined the Marine's and I said I want to go to Japan The Marine Corps said youl l go to Japan when we go to Japan. So I went to a base in California. I dated a Marine while I was in Japan and I ended up getting married I guess just because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. I finally got to go home in 1962 but I didn't know what happened to her . Well, I finally got orders to Okinawa. And I said Oh, boy Ill go see Jacque when I get to Japan I was home on leave you always get leave before you go overseas and stopped by to say hi to your mother. And she said right away Jackie got married. But here, you can have this picture of her I made some excuse that I had an appointment or something the walls were kind of crawling in on me and I left. I went overseas for 14 months and then I came back to North Carolina not knowing you were right outside the gate of that base. I got discharged and I went home to maryland. One night the phone rang it was Jackie

I came to visit my mom a nd I was calling your mother to see where you were and you answered the phone I was shocked, needless to say. You said, "I want to oh my god, thats it That's him I started crying, and I said, I have been trying to find him for 30 years. he's the love of my life and she said yoou want me to dial the number for youu I said, Yeah, you can dial the number. She said. Can I stay on the line? I said i don't care what you do I just want to be with you.

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