Oblvious to Affection

by Hailey Caputo

Bottom of the 7th inning, game is tied four-to-four, who knows what will happen next? Cassidy Anderson is up to bat, with one runner on 2nd base with 1 out to go. She must to do something here if her team wants to go to the championship in June of 2016. Stepping into the batter's box, Cassidy tunes out everything around her and begins her at bat.

This at bat is between her and the pitcher. The count is now 3-2. Cassidy has to hit the ball or take a walk down to first base if she wants a chance to win the game for her team. As the ball is coming in, Cassidy begins her swing then there was silence in the ballpark. Cassidy hit the ball over the fence and the Lady Tigers won the game!

As Cassidy leaves the dugout with her team, she looks around for her high school crush Jake Leatherfield. While looking around she hears a very deep voice calling her name. She turns around and there he is. Cassidy and Jake walk off together talking about the game as he compliments her on her winning hit. Cassidy gets really nervous and Jake gets quiet. Jake and Cassidy begin to say goodnight to each other before they go home. He leans in the give her a hug, she squeezes him really tight. Cassidy couldn't stop thinking about Jake after that hug, now she couldn't wait to see him tomorrow.

Cassidy and Jake have been bestfriends since the 8th grade and are now starting their Sophomore year of high school together. People have told them all the time to date, but they're both afraid that they will ruin their friendship they have had for years. But in both of their eyes you can see that there is something special between them that nobody else knows. Their either too scared to admit it, or don't want to believe what they are feeling. There is no other couple in the school who could possibly be better than Cassidy and Jake. Then again, they aren't technically a couple.

There is a huge party tonight at Jake's friends house so Jake invited Cassidy to go because he wanted her to be there. Which is once again another sign that they should be together if they want to be around each other all the time. Cassidy said she would go to the party even though she has practice tonight. Cassidy knows that this is the most important practice to go to, but since Jake wants to see her, of course she said yes. She never misses any practices anyways and the championship game isn't for another couple weeks. Cassidy shows up at the party and is looking for Jake. She can't find him anywhere but then she walks into the kitchen and sees him. Her eyes opened very, very wide.

Cassidy drops her purse and is smiling more than any girl could ever smile. Jake is preparing dinner for the two to of them and then smiles at Cassidy. It was like their own little date. Jake asks Cassidy if she would join him for their very first date. Of course Cassidy says yes and begins to walk towards Jake. They talked and talked for hours. After a while, Cassidy remembered she has news to tell Jake and that is the real reason why she came tonight. She found out earlier that day that she was leaving town for a couple months because her grandmother is really sick. Jake just stares at her and looks like he is going to cry. They finally have their first date and then Cassidy leaves. Jake does not know how to respond because he was going to tell her that he loved her tonight. Now he has to wait until Cassidy returns to town, whenever that might be.


It's been 4 and a half years since Cassidy and Jake have seen each other. Cassidy told Jake that she would be back in a couple months but ended up staying out in California to finish out high school. Cassidy played softball for her high school team and joined another travel team. Cassidy ended up getting a scholarship to play softball in Tennessee, Cassidy declined the offer and planned to return home to North Carolina. Jake got a phone call the morning of September 4th, 2019 around 11am saying that Cassidy has been airlifted to a hospital because she was in a very bad car accident. Jake ended the call and decided to get into the car and go to her. Jake was called from the hospital because he kept visiting Cassidy's parents a regular basis and kept checking on her even though she did not text or return any of his calls. He still cared while she was gone, he deserved to know. And now, Jake is at the hospital ready to see Cassidy.

It's been hours since Cassidy's accident and doctors are saying that it's very critical for her right now and they don't have much answers for her family. Investigators are saying that Cassidy was not wearing a seatbelt while driving. Jake is freaking out because he waited for Cassidy. He knew one day she would come home to him and he would tell her how much he loves her. He has always loved her and never stopped. Jake never knew if that day would come but he knew eventually it would and he did not care how long it took. Now, he doesn't even know what he will do if she doesn't make it out of this.

36 hours later, Cassidy had woken up from being unconscious. Her family was so excited to see her and were crying of joy because she was going to be okay. Then, Jake walked into the room and immediately he told her and expressed to her how much he loved her. And he always have and always will. She started crying and told him how much she loved him too. Later that night, Jake found out that Cassidy was on her way home to see Jake when she got into the car accident.

While being released out of the hospital days after the accident, Jake finally tells Cassidy that he is in love with her. He was ready to pop up the big question and it was the biggest question he could ever ask her. Jake and Cassidy went out to dinner and after having a lovely meal that he could actually pay for now, he asked her the question. He told her he loved her and he always have and always will. Jake Leatherfield asked Cassidy Anderson to marry him. Cassidy and Jake got married April 2nd, 2020. And of course, lived happily ever after.

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