The Fire I Thought I Never Had.

by vishalatchi arunagiri


Vishalatchi arunagiri a 23 year old mental health advocate and schizophrenia suffer battle with many things in life and slowly overcomes her fears and triggers and becomes functional like others she wishes to share and bring awareness on her story and outlook of mental health. current issues on mental health.

Living in darkness and sorrow for too long now. I've been misadiagnose with a learning disability when i turn 19 i was diagnose with schizophrenia my true illness a mental illness.

There days were its dull and no desire to do anything. quite and boring so i start to write and create books. I also listen to music or drag myself to go out even if tired. i also see hope.

I get great inspiration from reading other suffers. I started improvemening after realizing that the key is to be busy and also have the mind no time to rest. i do my prayers and enjoy it.

sometimes i see devils and ghost and feel things or transparent people looking into my eyes. I can get scared but what empowers me is prayers. I take medication for the last five years.

I have picture charts and alarms to remind of things. I go regularly to the gym. I have been going therapy with a psychologist and psycharist for five years. what helps me is talking about my problem and going through counciloring.

Its need to solve my problems between reality and fantasy. I also started public speaking in the last two years and writting my story to share people. sometimes the voices tell me people are dead or i am in another country. but i take photos and feel and touch which helps me with reality check.

I get frights at night so earlier during the first two years i slept with my mom now i sleep alone. I have two caregiver's and my siblings and father visits me and takes me out and often speaks with me

I am now 23 year old and a mental health advocate and motivational speaker. i have a diploma in media makeup and certificate in bridal makeup, fashion and design and in drawing and sketching. i started her own company, Vishal Minds Creation in 2014. Vishal Minds Creation uses beauty to make people feel good and confident. It is also a business to bring joy to others through jewelry and henna. Vishal Minda Creation has done henna for PKR eventsand weddings. i has also sold several of her bracelets worldwide to Thailand and the United States. As an advocate for mental health, Visha also does several public talks and has appeared in numerous magazine and newspaper articles such as The Star, Harian Metro and Health Today. i was the guest speaker for the Davi Consultant Malaysia: giving awareness on the crucial role of teachers in early childhood. JPA Scholarship program: motivating youth by creating awareness on how to manage and cope with stress, General Hospital Klang's World Mental Health Day and the Malaysian Mental Health Association. i shared her life journey on television Astro channel 231 vinween on a talk show called Vbuzz. i was also invited to be a guest speaker at segi college kota damnsara world mental health day event. i have also written an autobiography titled, In My Shoes, which has sold copies in Thailand,, Australia and the United States.

I hope to be hope and let me be the hope. I face a lot of stigma of not getting support. I am alone and worst thing can happen to someone that is different is to be alone in road. But i am strong. I will make my dreams come true and it has. I wish to take over the world and spread my message to those who are suffering your not alone feel free to add me on facebook visha vishalatchi arunagiri that is my page.

I have been crying for months now but i can pull myself together and get up and try to do things in my life to keep myself motivated i have to see my success and not get dissappointed by my voices where they tell me i am not good enough.

stop listening to voices and taking control of myself and life has changed me a lot. i have done closuers with people who trigger me so now i have nothing about the past to hold on to. I am clean and starting a new life. one without people who make me feel sad and upset of myself. dream big and be strong and sometimes being weak is okay only for awhile eventually you have no choice but move on. why waste life being unhappy try making yourself happy that what i do we don't know when we are going to die so i try to choose to be happy. I am now proudly saying i am functional.

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