My Only True Love

by En

Part 1

My name is Frank Mel. I'm a very quiet, reserved person. I did not talk to anyone unless the person approached me first. Unsurprisingly, I didn't have many friends; only a few close ones. That did not bother me at all. I did not need dozens of "fake" friends at my disposal. What is love? I never seriously thought about that question before, nor did I care to know, until I met Emily. Sometimes, I wished I had told her everything, but I knew I couldn't.

"Sir? Are you ready for the operation?"

I looked up and replied, "Yes. Doctor, please help her."

The doctor gazed at me sympathetically and mumbled, "Don't worry. She'll be alright."

I nodded. The doctor led me into the operation room and I lied down on the operation bed. The nurse applied the anesthetic on me and I instantly fell asleep as flashbacks of the past appeared before me...

Part 2

"Frank. Wake up. You are going to be late!"

I opened my eye and glanced at the clock. Oh my god. It's already 8:00. I jumped off my bed and scrambled for my clothes.

"Mom, why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

She replied tiredly, "I did, but you slept like a pig."

I growled and ran downstairs. I saw my dad at the breakfast table.

He looked up from his newspaper and shook his head disapprovingly, "Overslept again? Don't you know punctuality is etiquette? Haven't your mother and I taught you enough?"

I waved good-bye and slammed the door behind.

As I ran rapidly, a girl walked in front of me and I bumped into her.


"Sorry, but I'm in a hurry," I apologized curtly.

She looked at me understandingly and gave me the kindest smile I ever seen.

"It's fine."

I rushed off.

The girl was about to leave when she noticed a folder lying on the ground. Hmm, that guy must've dropped it, she thought. I must give it to him. She started chasing for me.

I arrived at McNelly (an esteemed telemarketer company. I have a part-time job here). As I rushed in, I noticed something was missing. My folder! I must have dropped it when I bumped into that girl. I started to panic.

My supervisor saw me and called, "Frank! Where is that folder?"

I looked at him nervously, "Mr. Kyoh. Heh, I can explain. I..."

He snapped, "Don't tell me you lost it?"

I mumbled, "Yes... But I can find it."

He glared at me incredulously, "Find it?! You lost it and now you expect to find it? Who do you think I am? A retard? Frank, I've been keeping an eye on you ever since you came here and I must say I am deeply unsatisfied with your behaviors""

I interrupted frantically, "But Mr. Kyoh. It's not my fault. I bumped into a girl today. I dropped it there. I'll find it for sure."

"You foolish imbecile. Don't take my intelligence for granted. You will never find it!"

"Uhm, hi?"

I looked behind me and saw the same girl standing behind me with my folder in her hands. I was relieved, but before I reached out to get my folder,

Mr. Kyoh roared, "Emily! What took you this late to get here?"

She answered weakly, "I'm very sorry, sir."

He snarled, "This wasn't the first time you're late. Ms. Emily, you are now officially fired!"

She replied softly, "Sorry for making you mad, sir. I'll go take care of my belongings."

Mr. Kyoh sneered, "Hurry up!"

Ten minutes later, the girl came back with her belongings. I looked at her guiltily.

"I am sorry. It's my fault that I got you fired."

She smiled sweetly, "It's not your fault. I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

"I'll go tell Mr. Kyoh to let you stay."

She held my arms, "No. Please don't. I don't want you to get fired too."


She winked, "It was nice meeting you though we'll probably never see each other again."

Man, she's beautiful.

"How about let's go eat something. I'll pay."

She giggled, "Okay."

After we finished eating, I waved good-bye at her and promised to call her. We talked for hours at the restaurant. I learned she had a father who gambles and drinks everyday. Her mother ran off with a guy ten years younger than her. She had to take numerous part time jobs to pay for her sister's college tuition fees. Her family situation was really complicated, yet she still managed to keep a smile on her face everyday. For some strange reason, I almost yearned to improve her family condition, but I barely knew her; however, it felt as if I already knew her in the past life.

Part 3

The next day, I called Emily, but there was no answer. I didn't see her for several days. It was as if she vanished. One day, I was on a train and saw Emily.

I tapped her on the back, "Hey."

She turned around and replied sadly, "Hi."

I looked at her strangely, "What's wrong? I haven't seen you for several days. Are you okay?"

"My father passed away due to liver poisoning. The day before yesterday, he didn't come home at all. The bar called me to tell me my father collapsed and didn't move any more," she said with tears in her eyes.

I looked at her understandingly.

"I'm really sorry about what happened to your father," I stated sincerely.

"Even though he always gambles and comes home drunk, he was still my father. After my mom ran off, he was the closest family member I had. Now he's gone," she cried.

When I saw her cry, it hurt so badly. I gently brushed her tears away.

"Emily, your father may be gone, but I'll stay by your side," I said gently.

She kissed me on the cheek and smiled, "Thank you."

I blushed and looked away, "I really hope you feel better. I'll stay with you during these hard times."

"I love you."

I nearly choked and my heart missed several beats. I spluttered, "Y-you l-love me?"

She smiled sweetly, "Yeah. I love you as a friend."

Suddenly, my heart sank. Friend? She loved me as her... friend?

I grinned, "Well, that's what friends are for."

She smiled.

Deep inside, my heart shattered into millions of pieces. To her, I was only her friend, yet to me, she was more than just a friend.

Emily tapped me on the shoulder.

"Want to come with me to a place?"

"Huh? Oh, sure. What kind of place?"

She grinned, "Come." She held my hand and we got off the train.

We walked on for a while. I looked at her. Why is she holding my hand if I'm only her friend? Did she like me? Even a little?

Emily looked at me strangely, "Why are you looking at me? Something wrong?"

I didn't realize I was staring at her for too long.

"It's nothing."

She led me to the airport runway.

"Why did you take me here?" I asked, curiously.

As the airplane flew over us, she cupped her hands and yelled, "AHHHHHHH!"

I stared at her blankly.

She smiled, "It's a great way to alleviate sadness for me. I did the same thing when my mom ran away. After I scream, I feel a lot better."

I smiled.

She winked, "Try it."

As the next airplane flew over us, I did the same thing and yelled. She yelled with me.

She laughed, "Haha, Whooo."

I laughed, "That does feel good."

She looked at me gratefully, "Thank you for being with me. I don't know what to do if you weren't beside me."

She hugged me tightly. My heartbeat increased dramatically. If only I could stop time, for this was the best moment of my life.

Part 4

Emily would always call me and we would go anywhere. It was like a date, except I knew she only viewed me as her friend. I've never been this happy before in my life when I was with Emily. Everything went fine, until that eventful day...

Emily called me, "Frank, do you want to go shopping with me?"

I gladly replied, "Of course."

As we were about to go home, two guys walked in front of us. They were tall, muscular gangsters.

Emily grew alarmed, "What do you guys want?"

The guys got out guns and pointed at us, "Shut the hell up. Come with us or we'll blow your brains out!"

They blindfolded us and shoved us into a van.

Emily squirmed and one of the guys threatened, "Do not move, bitch or I'll kill you and the guy beside you."

My mind was racing. Where were they taking us?

One hour later, the guy shoved us out and led us into an abandoned warehouse. They removed our blindfolds and I looked around. Five guys were standing with guns surrounding us. I saw the leader walk out of a room with two armed guys behind him.

Emily yelled, "What do you want from us?"

The guy holding her slapped her, "Be quiet, bitch."

I shouted, "Emily! Let her go!"

The leader looked at me and snarled, "Listen, boy. If I were you, I would stay quiet because I can make you die a slow, painful death. I swear."

I replied, "Why did you bring us here? We don't know you."

The leader cackled, "You don't know me. But the girl's father does."

Emily looked at him surprised, "What do you mean? What about my father?"

"Your father gambled at my club and lost a considerable amount of money. He did not pay me," he roared loudly.

Emily replied defiantly, "My father is already dead. How much did he owe you?"

The leader laughed, "He's dead? How ironic. I was about to finish him off. That lucky bastard."

Emily shouted, "Don't talk like that about my father!"

The leader walked up to Emily and sneered, "Your father? Let me tell you something. He's dead, but you're still alive. You're his daughter. Therefore, you'll pay me the money."

"I have no money."

The leader touched Emily's face and gloated, "Hah. That old bastard has a really beautiful daughter."

I shouted, 'Leave her alone!"

The leader looked at me and signaled the man holding me. He punched me in the face. I tasted blood in my mouth.

"Didn't I tell you to stay quiet, boy?"

I glared, "You better leave her alone or I'll kill you."

The leader laughed, "Kill me? We'll see about that. Arnold, show this boy some etiquette."

Arnold punched and kicked me while I couldn't do anything.

Emily looked at the leader fearfully, "Please stop. You're going to kill him."

The leader touched Emily's face again, "How about this. Since you have no money to pay for your father's debt, you come with me to Japan and be my mistress."

I yelled, "Don't even think about it!!"

The leader rolled his eyes, "Arnold. Punch him till he stops talking."

The punches kept coming at me, but I couldn't do anything to stop them. I cried out in agony.

Emily cried, "Stop!"

The leader sneered, "What is the answer? Be my mistress or let the boy die?"

Emily looked scared, "Please let him go."

The leader screeched, "And you'll come with me to Japan?"

Emily nodded reluctantly.

"Excellent! Bernard. Let go of the girl!"

Emily ran toward me and cried, "Frank. Are you okay?"

She touched my face and I winced in pain.

"Emily! Why did you agree to go to Japan with him?"

She exclaimed, "You were going to die if I didn't agree with him."

I shook my head painfully, "You can't go with him."

She looked at me sadly and whispered softly, "I have no choice."

The leader walked over and grabbed Emily away from me.


He sneered, "Enough! This pretty girl will become my twenty-seventh mistress. There is nothing you can do about it, you weakling!"

And with that, I got knocked unconscious.

Part 5

I opened my eyes and looked around. Where was I? I saw someone who looked liked one of my friends.

"Oh. You're awake. That's good."

I exclaimed, "William? Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. I found you unconscious outside a warehouse. You were seriously injured, so I took you to my apartment."

I touched my head and winced. Warehouse? Emily!

I shouted, "Did you see a girl anywhere beside the warehouse?"

He looked at me puzzled, "No. You were the only guy I saw."

I grabbed him, "Are you sure?! You didn't see anyone else? Please think!"

He looked at me strangely and removed my hands, "Frank, you were the only person beside that warehouse. No one else."

I shook my head. Those bastards already took away Emily.

"Sorry. I was thinking about a person."

He asked, "Mind if you tell me who this person is?"

So, I told him everything about Emily.

He raised a fist and roared, "Those low-life gangsters. Wait. Where did you say they went?"


He smiled, "Frank. My father lives in Japan and he is boss of FireWind."

I gasped, "F-FireWind? That huge mafia group in Japan?"

He grinned, "Yes."

FireWind was the biggest mafia clan in Japan. Its authority was crazily big. Rumors said that even the Japanese government asks FireWind for help.

I asked skeptically, "Are you pulling my leg?"

He looked hurt, "Frank. How could you not believe me? Fine, look at this." He reached into his pocket and got his ID card from his wallet.

I looked and it said his father was: Kishimoto Hayate (boss of FireWind).

I apologized, "Sorry for not believing you."

"Hey, it's okay man."

I couldn't resist asking him, "If your father is in Japan, what are you doing in Canada?"

He grimaced, "I ran away because I couldn't take it anymore. Even though we were one of the richest families in Japan, the way we accumulated the fortune was through selling drugs, prostitution, killing rival clans, bribing the authorities, trafficking, etc."

I nodded. That was the way mafia clans worked.

He sighed, "But I guess I have no choice now. We'll go back and I'll ask my father to take care of those bastards."

I thanked him gratefully, "Thank you so much, man. You don't know much your help means to me."

He punched me playfully, "Don't thank me. That's what friends are for."

Emily, don't worry. I'll come save you.

Suddenly, I realized my parents were still waiting at home.

"Will, my parents are still waiting at home. I have to go home and tell them."

He nodded, "I'll come with you."

Part 6

"Mom? Dad?"

Where were they? They should be home.

Will shouted, "Frank! Come over here. Hurry!"

I ran to my parents bedroom and I saw them lying on the ground impaled by knives.

I yelled, "Mom! Dad! What happened?"

My dad saw me and whispered with his last strength, "Trinity..." and he closed his eyes.

I couldn't believe it. I shook him and my mom.

"Mom! Dad! Wake up! Don't scare me. Wake up!!!"

Will put his hand on me and said sadly, "Frank. There's nothing you can do about it anymore. They have both passed on."

I roared, "No! It's not possible. They can't die."

I looked at Will fearfully, "Please tell me this is all just a nightmare. Pinch me! Wake me up."

Will shook me, "Frank! Get a hold of yourself. Someone killed your parents."

I grimaced, "No. It can't be true."

Will replied, "Let's give your parents a nice burial and go to Japan with me. I believe those gangsters were the ones who killed your parents because your family isn't the type to have feuds."

I squinted my eyes angrily, "Those bastards will pay. I swear."

Will nodded.

I buried my parents and for the first time in my life, I cried.

Will looked at me sadly, "Don't worry man. We'll avenge your parents. I swear they will pay."

I swore through tears, "Those people made me cry. They were the first to do this to me, and will be the last. They will die!"

Part 7

Whoever said bad things don't happen one after the other is a fool. When we got to Japan, another terrible event happened...

Will led me to his house. It was gigantic. This wasn't a house. It was a castle.

As we got in, Will looked at me strangely, "It shouldn't be this quiet at this time of the day."

We walked around and Will led me to his father's conference room. As he opened the door, we found dozens of dead bodies lying around.

Will exclaimed, "What the hell happened? Father? Where are you?"

We ran around the castle searching for Will's father. He was nowhere to be found and there was only one room left we didn't go in yet: his father's bedroom. He looked at me grimly and opened the door. His father lied dead on the bed. His face was bluish. Will walked over and found a piece of paper on a desk.

It said: "I have been betrayed by my closest advisor, Richard. He invited every member of FireWind into our house for a feast. Little did I know; he poisoned our drinks. He let our rival clan, SilverSlick into the house and wiped everyone out. I managed to escape, but not for long. The poison is slowly revealing its effects on me. I will die soon; however, Will, if you ever see this, avenge me."

Will stared blankly at the piece of paper.

I said sadly, "Will, I am really sorry about what happened to your father."

Will didn't reply. He looked at his father painfully, "Father, you stupid fool. You were smart your entire life, but your one foolishness cost you your life."

I put my hand on Will's shoulder and stated, "What are you going to do now?"

Will grimaced, "I will avenge my father."

I nodded.

Will asked me, "Frank, looks like those people don't know I'm still alive. They'll be after me, but I'll be after them first. Will you help me?"

I nodded, "Of course. Those jerks who killed your father will die."

He nodded sadly.

Part 8

Several years had passed. I used my charisma and Will used his connections to make businesses and close down others. We had already generated a vast sum of money; however, it wasn't enough. Money could only get us so far in life. We also needed power. Hence, Will and I wiped out the entire SilverSlick and recruited three loyal members: Henry, James, and Matthew. Together, we formed the KillSkies. I was the leader and Will was second-in-command. In reality, the KillSkies has over 200 members and its authority in Japan was remarkable; however, something was still bothering me"Emily.

I sat in my office waiting for James to report back.


I said, "Come in."

James looked at me remorsefully.

I sighed, "Still no news about Emily?"

He shook his head.

"Get out. Continue the search."

James looked at me and asked, "Boss, I hate to say this, but you last saw Emily seven years ago. That's a long time."

I glared at him, "Do I need to be reminded how long ago it was when she left me?"

James looked down, "My apologies, boss."

"Get out."

"Yes, boss."

I looked out the window and sighed heavily. Seven years already. That bastard took Emily away for seven years. When I arrived at Japan, I searched everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found. Will told me she probably wasn't even in Japan anymore. Where are you, Emily? I miss you so much.

Part 9

The next day, it was KillSkies weekly meeting.

I asked, "Alright. Everyone. Anything new to report this week?"

Matthew said, "Boss, the day before yesterday, I took a few men and taught that old man who wouldn't move out of his house a few lessons."

I raised one of my eyebrows, "So, is that old geezer still there?"

Matthew smirked, "Let's just say I moved him to hell."

I smiled a bit, "Good job, Matthew. Anyone else have new agendas to report? No? Meeting adj""

James interrupted hurriedly, "Boss, I almost forgot. I found out where Trinity is located."

Trinity: the bastards who killed my parents and took Emily away!

I exclaimed, "Where are they?"

"My men reported that they were last found in the Philippines."

I smiled. So they were hiding at the Philippines.

I shouted, "Order KillSkies! James, Matthew, and Henry: bring your best men armed with me and we'll go to the Philippines."

Henry stated seriously, "Boss, I'm afraid you can't go. KillSkies needs you here. Besides, Will is at Korea right now. If you leave too, no one will be able to command KillSkies. Please think again."

I growled. Henry was right. I'm in no position to leave Japan right now.

I ordered, "Then, James and Matthew, bring your best men and I want the leader of Trinity back alive!"

"Yes, boss!"

"Meeting adjourned!"

Part 10

Several days passed since I ordered Matthew and James to the Philippines; however, I wasn't worried because they were very efficient at finding people. It should not take long before they report back.


"Come in."

"Sir, the leader of Trinity is brought back. He is at a warehouse now."

I grinned, "Okay."

The leader of Trinity tied to a chair yelled, "Let me go, you fools. I'll have you killed if you don't let me go!"

Matthew snickered, "Kill us? You don't know who you are talking to."

James cracked his knuckles and glared, "Shut the hell up or I'll break your jaws!"

The leader stopped talking.

I entered the warehouse with two armed men behind me.

James and Matthew bowed, "Boss!"

The leader looked up and was stunned when he saw me.

"It's you! That boy."

James punched him in the eye, "Shut up. Watch who you're calling boy or I'll tear you apart!"

I smiled coldly, "Remember this warehouse scene seven years ago?"

He laughed, "You were that weakling. That pathetic boy""

Matthew flipped out his knife and pressed it against his throat, "Did I hear that correctly? You just called the boss pathetic?"

I roared, "Show this guy some 'etiquette'!"

James grinned, "Our pleasure, boss."

James and Matthew punched and kicked the pathetic leader until he was bleeding and had bruises everywhere.

I held out my hand, "That's enough."

The leader sneered, "What do you want from me? If you want to kill me, then get a gun and pull the trigger. Don't act like cowards."

I smiled and slapped his face, "Don't worry. If you want to die this much, I'll make your wish come true. I swear. But before I kill you, I need you to tell me where is Emily?"

The leader stared at me blankly.

I punched him in the face and snapped "Don't gape at me like an idiot. Answer my question!"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

I smiled, "It looks like you want to play this the hard way. James, stab him in the right hand."

The leader yelped in agony, "Ahhhhh!"

I snarled, "Listen, I have no time to waste on craps like you. Don't play innocent with me or you will die a very slow, painful death. I will ask you one more time. Where is Emily?"

The leader replied, "Oh, that bitch. She""

I kicked him in the stomach. "Who did you just call a bitch? Huh?"

"I'm sorry, but do you love that girl or something? Why do you care?"

I got out my gun and cocked it at his forehead, "Answer my question now."

The leader gulped, "That girl was so stupid. She didn't know how to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. She committed suicide the year after I took her away."

My heart stopped for a few seconds. Emily? No! Anyone, but her.

I glared menacingly, "You're lying."

The leader scoffed, "I'm lying? You don't have to believe me. But she's dead. What's wrong? Can't take it? How about you go commit suicide too?"

James roared, "Shut the hell up!" He and Matthew punched him till he lost consciousness.

I closed my eyes and yelled, "AHHHHHH!"

James grew alarmed for he had never seen me like this. No one had.

Matthew tapped me and stated, "Boss, I believe he is lying. If Emily did die, why would he tell you? He doesn't want to die."

I opened my eyes and pondered.

"You're right, Matthew. That fag is lying to me. Keep some men here to guard him."

"Yes, boss."

I smiled, "Be nice to the leader of Trinity. Show him some respect. I want answers within three days and it better be the truth."

"Yes, boss!"

Part 11

Three days have passed and I went back to the warehouse. I saw the leader barely alive.

James grinned, "Boss, he's almost dead, but not going to die yet until he answers your question."

I nodded.

I asked, "Where is Emily? Don't play games. You had suffered enough."

The leader looked up weakly, "S-s-she r-r-ran a-away."

I asked frantically, "Where? Where is she now?"

"I d-don't k-k-know. S-she could b-be a-anywhere."

I swore. Great. She could be anywhere.

The leader mumbled, "S-sorry."

I turned around, "What did you say?"

He looked at me and smiled, "S-s-sorry. I don't a-ask for y-your f-forgiveness, but I can t-t-tell you really l-love that g-girl. She's r-really l-lucky. I just w-wanted to tell y-you that b-before I die."

I stared at him, not knowing what to say. For some reason, seeing him reminded me about Emily. The leader and I are both in a warehouse, except Emily isn't anywhere to be seen. Deep inside, it hurt so much.

"James, untie him."

James opened his mouth in shock, "What?"

I sighed, "Untie him. He already answered my question. There's no need to keep him any longer. Let him go."

James untied him. The leader looked at me with genuine gratitude.

He exclaimed, "T-thank you so m-much for l-letting me go. God b-b-bless you."

I looked away and said, "You're free to go."

He thanked me again and started limping toward the exit; however, as he was about to reach his hand on the door, he collapsed.

"Matthew, go check on him."

Matthew went to check on him and replied, "Boss, he's dead."

I turned around and asked James, "How did you guys torture him to death?"

James replied, "It was easy. He wouldn't answer your question, so we whipped him, hit him""

"Enough. I don't wish to hear more about it."

"Yes, boss."

I sighed, "You didn't have to kill him."

Matthew looked at me sympathetically, "Boss, we've known you for six years. We know you too well. On the surface, you appear to be a ruthless, cold leader; however, we know you have a kind heart inside. That's also your biggest weakness."

I snapped, "Matthew, watch who you are talking to. Don't think I have softened up just because I let that fag go. Talk to me like that again and I'll cut your tongue."

"Sorry, boss."

"I'll be going back to my office. Take care of the body."

James inquired, "Throw it into the river, boss?"

I stopped and mumbled, "Bury it."

Matthew looked at James who sighed, "That's our leader. He appears tough, but we all know he isn't inside."

Matthew nodded.

Part 12

Today, Will is coming back from Korea. I had the obligation as his best friend to pick him up from the airport. James, Henry, and Matthew insisted on going, even though it wasn't necessary.

James asked, "Boss, why is it taking Will so long? His plane's arrival time is 10:35 and it's already 10:50."

I replied, "Be patient. He probably met an anal customs officer."

Five minutes later, Will walked out of the sliding doors with his luggage.

Matthew waved, "Will! Over here!"

Will smiled and walked over to us.

I told Henry to call the chauffer to come from the parking lot to pick us up.

Will exclaimed, "Oh my god! So many people came to pick me up."

James joked, "Because you're our boss."

Everyone laughed, except me.

I walked over to Will and stated seriously, "Welcome back, Will. It's about time. How's the business at Korea?"

Will looked at me and groaned, "Come on, boss. I just arrived at the airport and I'm still feeling airsick."

I snapped, "Will! Don't try to lie to me. Who do you think I am?"

Matthew nervously said, "Heh, boss there's no need to be mad. Will was just joking."

I chuckled, "How was that, Will? Did I fool you?"

I gave him a bear hug.

He laughed, "You didn't fool me, but you did fool gullible Matt."

Matthew pouted, "Where is my gun when I need it?"

We laughed.

As we started walking toward the exit, I saw someone who looked exactly like Emily. My heartbeat raced. Could it be?

I stuttered, "G-guys, I'll b-be back."

The rest of the people looked at me weirdly.

Will called, "Frank!" but I ran toward that girl who looked like Emily.

Please let me not be mistaken. God, please let this girl really be Emily.

I reached the girl and turned her around and my heart stopped. I couldn't believe what I saw in front of my eyes. It was Emily. She looked more mature, even more beautiful than before. She's gorgeous.

I cried, "Emily! It really is you."

She smiled weirdly, "That's right. It's me and I'm here to avenge my father! Die!"

Suddenly, she took out a knife and aimed it at me.

I was stunned. I couldn't move. Then, she stabbed me in the stomach. I looked up at her, confused.

I grunted in agony, "Ughhh."

She laughed, "Yes! I did it! I stabbed the bastard who killed my dad!"

I couldn't believe what I heard. After seven years of waiting for Emily, she wanted to kill me. What's going on?

"Frank!!" Will shouted as he ran toward me.

Emily ran off in front of my shocked eyes.

Matthew yelled, "Come back, you bitch!"

I managed to say, "Matthew! Stop! That girl is Emily. Eughhh. Ahh."

James spluttered, "What? But, boss she stabbed you!"

Will barked, "Shut the hell up. Quick! Call the ambulance. Boss is bleeding a lot!"

I clutched Will's arm and whispered weakly, "Will, that was Emily. I swear. It was Emily. Go find her. Promise me you'll find her for me."

Will panicked, "Alright. Frank, but I'm warning you. I will not allow you to die in front of me now! AMBULANCE!"

Matthew came back with the running paramedics.

I whispered through short breaths, "W-will, if I d-die, I o-order you to be take c-c-command o-over KillSkies. A-and m-most i-importantly t-take c-care of Emily f-for m-me."

Will cried, "Hang in there, Frank! After all the crap we've been through, I will hate you forever if you die right now. I will not take care of anyone or KillSkies for you. Do it yourself!"

The paramedics rushed me onto the bed and ran over to the ambulance. Will, Matthew, and James were inside, worried and praying for me.

James exclaimed, "Boss! Is there anything wrong? I saw a tear fell down your face. Are you hurt anywhere else?"

I whispered softly, "J-james. D-don't be a s-sissy. I'm f-f-fine."

Inside, my heart was burning with agony. It hurt a billion times more than the knife in my stomach. Emily wanted to Me. She wanted to kill me...

Part 13

After a while, the doctor walked out of the emergency room.

Will exclaimed, "Doctor. Will he be alright?"

The doctor looked at him gravely, "I'm afraid he had lost way too much blood. We need a blood transfusion immediately or else he will die."

James asked, "What blood type is his?"

The doctor replied, "A blood type."

Matthew stated, "That's my blood type too."

The doctor replied, "Hurry. Follow me."

Will stopped the doctor, "Doctor, will he be okay after the blood transfusion?"

"It's not that simple. We need a blood transfusion immediately to save his life; however, there is a possibility he will remain in a comatose state because he was sent here a bit late."

Will grabbed the doctor frantically, "Please, doctor. You must save my friend."

The doctor nodded, "We'll try our best."

Will walked around the hospital nervously. Matthew came back with drinks in his hands.

He said, "Who wants some drinks?"

No one answered.

James said, "Don't worry, Will. Frank will be fine. After all, he is the boss of KillSkies. He won't leave us. He's a very responsible person."

The doctor came out with the nurses.

Will grabbed the doctor, "Doctor! Is he okay?"

The doctor shook his head, "He's alive, but I'm sorry. We tried our best."

Will, James, and Matthew rushed into Frank's room.

Will cursed, "God damn it, Frank! Why must you do this to us?"

James looked at Frank sadly, "What do we do now? Boss is down."

Matthew mumbled, "Boss isn't down. He is never down. He's just tired...very tired."

Henry rushed into the room, "Hey, guys. I just found out Boss got stabbed. How is he?"

Henry looked at Frank, "He's alive, right?"

James replied, "Yes, but he's in a comatose state."

"For how long?"

Will closed his eyes, "Who knows? The doctor said he might remain like this."

Henry grimaced sadly.

"What do we do now?"

Will snapped, "Will you shut up for a minute and let me think?"

James replied, "I'll go ask the doctor if there's any possibility of getting Boss out of this comatose state."

Five minutes later, James came back smiling.

Will barked, "Why the hell are you smiling at times like this?"

James replied, "I just asked the doctor. He said Boss could get out of this comatose state. It won't be forever."

Will asked impatiently, "How?"

James frowned, "The possibility of getting out of comatose state is high, but the actuality of it occurring is low. In order for Boss to get out of this comatose state, someone close to him must talk about the past to Boss. In essence, Boss will wake up if the person talking about the past is important enough or it's someone he loves."

Henry sighed, "Boss has no living relatives and we're his closest friends."

Matthew snapped his fingers, "Emily!"

Will rebuked, "Are you stupid? She was the one who caused Frank to be like this."

"But the doctor said someone he loves. You know it better than I that Boss loves Emily more than anything."

James scratched his head, "I thought about that, but if Emily wanted to kill Boss, she won't agree to talk to boss. In fact, she might even try to kill Boss again after she finds out he isn't dead."

Will wondered, "There's something wrong with the supposedly Emily Frank was talking about. If she really were Emily, why would she attempt to kill him? It doesn't make sense."

Henry replied, "I know. Emily stabbed Boss as if she wanted him to die. Why would she do that? It was as if Boss killed her parents or something."

Will exclaimed, "Her father. That's it. When I ran toward Boss, I overheard the girl laughing about avenging her father. She probably thought Boss killed her father."

James inquired, "Well, did he?"

"Of course not. Her father died due to liver poisoning. Boss told me before about this."

Matthew stated, "Then, there must've been some form of misunderstanding."

Will nodded and said, "I don't care what Emily tried to do or how much she hates Boss, but we must go find her and somehow bring her here to wake Frank up."

Everyone nodded.

Will ordered, "Don't tell anyone that Boss was stabbed. Only we know about it. I don't want any KillSkies members and especially rival clans to know about this. If anyone asks, just say Boss is on vacation. We do not want to appear weakened."

Everyone nodded understandingly.

"James, Matthew, and Henry. Go out and find Emily. I don't care what you guys use to find her, but find her. Then, call me. I'll be waiting here."

"Yes, sir!"

Part 14

A week later, there was still no report made to Will about Emily's whereabouts. Will looked at Frank sadly as flashbacks of the past were played in front of his eyes.

Six years ago...


"Come in."

Will entered with three young men behind him. "Frank, these are the three new recruits."

Frank observed them carefully and replied, "Hmm, they look fit for the job. What are your names?"




Frank raised one eyebrow and pointed at Matthew, "You. Why do you look so happy?"

Matthew beamed, "Because it is my dream to be work for you."

James scoffed, "Why didn't you just say you wanted to kiss his feet? You are so toady."

Matthew sneered, "Nothing wrong with that."

Frank snapped, "There is something wrong with that. I hate sycophants. They are so fake and to me, they are backstabbers."

James grinned.

Frank closed his eyes and pondered for a while. Finally, he opened his eyes and decided, "Henry, you are in. The rest can go home."

James and Matthew's mouths dropped.

Frank growled, "Move. Both of you aren't wanted here. James, you talk too much. That is going to get us into trouble someday. Matthew, you are total suck up. I hate people like you."

Both of them left sullenly.

Frank ordered, "Henry, from now on, you are a KillSkies member. Welcome. You may leave now and wait till I give you a job."


Will inquired, "Frank, wasn't that a bit harsh on those two people?"

Frank sighed, "Will, KillSkies is not an orphanage or homeless shelter. I can't accept anyone who comes in to apply. I only accept the best. Don't forget. Your father's advisor betrayed him and he was a sycophant."

Will nodded.

Part 15

For several days, Will was without energy and morose.

Frank asked, "What's wrong, Will?"

Will replied bleakly, "Today is my father's death day. Even though I didn't agree with his way of making money, he was still my dad. I was nave to run away from him. Now I regretted it, but there's no way for him to come back to know."

Frank stared at Will sadly. His father's death reminded him about his parent's death.

Frank suggested, "Let's go to your father's tombstone and give him your blessings."

Will nodded absent-mindedly.

As Frank and Will got to Will's father's graveyard, Will saw a suspicious man beside his father's tombstone.

Will shouted, "Hey! What the hell are you doing?"

Frank stared at the man who was digging out of Will's father's tombstone and yelled, "Who are you! You bastard."

The man started running away, but a gunshot was fired. The man froze and collapsed on the floor. Will turned around to find Matthew holding a gun.

Matthew muttered, "That son of a bitch tried to dig up your father's tombstone."

Will stared at him blankly.

Frank was surprised to find Matthew here and asked, "Why are you here?"

Matthew replied sadly, "I'm here to visit my parent's tombstones. Then, I found a suspicious looking man walking around, so I followed him."

Frank thought 'so this guy's parents died too.'

He couldn't resist asking, "How did they die?"

Matthew replied blandly, "They were murdered."

Frank thought 'this guy is just like me.'

Will mumbled, "Thanks for killing that guy for me."

Matthew smiled, "No problem."

Frank asked, "Do you have a job?"

Matthew answered casually, "Nah. I'm used to it anyways. After my parents died, I was always wandering around the streets. I can get by."

Frank sighed, "Do you still want to become a KillSkies member?"

Matthew opened his mouth in shock, "I-I would love to."

Will looked at Matthew and smiled, "Welcome!"

Frank stated, "Since you don't have any family just like me and Will, after you join KillSkies, it will be your family. We will be like brothers."

Matthew looked at Frank happily, "Yes, Boss!"

Part 16

Frank held an emergency meeting with Will, Henry, and Matthew.

Frank announced, "Our rival clan, JewelSleek, has been bothering us for a while. It's time for us to retaliate. Since, there's so few of us, anyone could die. If you're scared to die, you can go home now. Anyone?"

No one answered.

Frank smiled proudly, "I didn't choose the wrong men. Let's go!"

As they got to JewelSleek hideout, they realized it was an ambush. JewelSleek was prepared and waiting for them. Frank was the last one standing. Will and Matthew were injured and Henry was unconscious.

Five armed Jewels surrounded Frank.

He roared, "None of you are taking me alive! DIE!"

Frank fired five shots and killed four Jewels. He turned around and killed another Jewel. One Jewel in front of Frank sought the chance to fire at him. Frank turned around with wide eyes, but it was too late. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy flung himself in front of Frank and fired the remaining Jewel in the head. Frank noticed the guy was James.

He looked at him, puzzled, "Why are you here? And you took a bullet for me."

James groaned, "I found out KillSkies is going to attack JewelSleek tonight, but I overheard the leader laughing about ambushing KillSkies. Ahhhhh."

Frank said, "I must take you to the hospital."

James asked, "Can I ask one thing?"

Frank nodded.

"I wanted to join KillSkies because my mother was raped by thugs and she committed suicide. My dad was enraged. He went to kill those thugs, but they killed him by using me as a hostage. I saw my dad died in front of my eyes. I want revenge."

Frank looked at him sympathetically, "Okay. Welcome to KillSkies. I promise you those thugs will die a slow, painful death for their atrocities."

James smiled, "Thank you."

Part 17

Will looked at Frank sadly as the flashbacks of the past ended.

He pleaded, "Frank. You must wake up. Everyone needs you. You can't just remain like this forever. I know you're tired for being the KillSkies leader for so many years, but you're so selfish. Don't throw everything at me while you rest. Frank!"

He looked at Frank, but there was no sign of movement.

Will's cell phone rang and he cleared his throat, "Yes?"

Matthew excitedly exclaimed, "Will! We found Emily!"

Will replied, relieved, "I'm coming right now."

Will looked at Frank, "Don't worry. No matter what it takes, I promise I will bring Emily here."

Will left, but he didn't see Frank's finger moved an inch.

Part 18

Will arrived at an old, small house. James, Matthew, and Henry were standing outside, waiting.

Will asked, "Why are you guys standing outside?"

James replied, "Some lady in there wouldn't let us in."

Will nodded, "Let me try." He knocked on the door.

A lady answered, "Coming!"

She opened the door and asked, "What do you want?"

Will answered politely, "Hello, is you daughter home right now?"

She looked at Will suspiciously, "Who are you?"

"I'm her friend."

She replied, "She has no friends. I'm sorry, but you got the wrong person."

She was about to close her door when Will stopped it.

"Are you her mother?"

She rolled her eyes, "So what if I am? You're still not coming in."

Emily walked downstairs and asked, "Who is it, mom?"

She looked at Will standing outside and blushed.

Emily's mom snapped, "What are you doing holding my door? Go."

Emily said, "Wait, mom. Let him in."

Emily's mom growled, "Fine, but only you. The three thugs outside will have to stay."

Will winked, "You heard that, thugs?"

James, Matthew, and Henry nodded though they were pissed.

Emily looked at Will shyly and asked softly, "Would you like something to drink?"

Will replied, "No thank you. I..." He looked at Emily's mom who stood there with her arms crossed looking at them.

Emily said, "Oh. Mom, I like to talk with this guy without you here."

Her mom scowled, but walked into her room.

Emily fluttered her eyelashes and said sweetly, "My mom's gone. What did you want to say to me?"

Will looked at her strangely, "Are you okay?"

Emily spoke softly as she touched Will's face, "Do you always look this hot?"

Will blushed and thought 'Is she hitting on me?'

He asked, "She's your mother? Where's your father?"

Emily's smile changed to sadness as she replied, "My dad was killed."

Will asked, "By who?"

Emily replied, "By the boss of KillSkies."

"How do you know he killed your dad?"

"Because my mom told me about it."

"But, do you know the boss of KillSkies? Personally?"

"No. All I know about him is he's a cold, heartless bastard who killed my dad."

Will thought 'It seems like she forgot about the past.'

"How do you know your mother was telling the truth?"

She looked at him weirdly, "She is my mother. Why would she lie to me?"

Will asked softly, "Do you trust me?"

Emily smiled, "Of course."

Will whispered, "Then, I'll tell you a secret. I knew your father."

She gasped, "You did?"

"Yes, but he wasn't killed by the Boss of KillSkies. He died because of liver poisoning. Your father used to gamble and drink a lot."

She glared at me, "Don't talk like that about my father. My mom told me he was a highly religious priest and he never drank."

Will thought 'What kind of bull shit is her mom feeding her?'

Will said, "Fine. Don't believe me. I guess I'll be leaving now."

Emily apologized softly, "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

Will mumbled, "It's okay."

Emily waved, "Bye! Please come another time."

Matthew asked, "So how did it go?"

Will growled, "Her mother's been telling her lies about her father. She thinks her father is a priest."

Henry laughed, "That old drunkard?"

James asked, "What else did you talk about with her? Anything special?"

Will mumbled, "I think she likes me. She was hitting on me."

Matthew smacked his head, "Oh great!"

Will snapped, "But I don't like her. If you think I'm the type of person to steal a best friend's girlfriend, I'll kill you."

James grinned, "She likes you? That's not a bad thing."

Will berated, "What the hell are you talking about?"

James explained, "It's actually quite simple. Apparently, she completely forgot about the past. Therefore, she only trusts her mom who's been telling her bullshit. However, since she likes you, you can gain her trust. Then, you tell her more about Boss and who knows? She might remember Boss."

Will shouted, "You want me to go out with her?"

James grinned, "It's not like you actually like her. You're just using her trust to help her remember about Boss."

"Then, you're saying I should be a manipulative bastard?"

Henry replied, "I agree with James. Remember. You're doing this for Boss. Do you want him to stay in a comatose state forever?"

Will reluctantly agreed.

Part 19

Over the course of several weeks, Will and Emily went everywhere. Emily discovered that the more she went out with Will, the more she liked him, for he was funny and caring. One day, Will asked Emily about whether she was willing to go to Canada with him as vacation. Emily gladly complied. So, they arrived at Canada and Emily had the best time of her life. They went hiking, skiing, and kayaking. On the day before they had to return to Japan, Will took Emily to the same abandoned warehouse she and Frank were trapped in seven years ago.

Will asked, "Emily? Do you remember this place?"

Emily looked scared, "This place looks scary. Let's get away from here."

Will smiled as he thought 'she's scared. That means she remembers something.'

Will stated, "Let's go in."

Emily sighed, "Fine."

As they got in, Will asked, "Emily. Think really carefully. Doesn't this place look familiar?"

Emily smiled, "A little bit."

Will asked, "Think. Have you been here before? Maybe with another guy?"

Emily's smile slowly faded as flashbacks of the past appeared in her mind.

"Don't talk like that about my father!"

"Shut the hell up. Come with us or we'll blow your brains out!"

"Didn't I tell you to stay quiet, boy?"

"Emily! Let her go!"

Emily gasped.

Will looked at her, "Did you remember something?"

Emily slowly said, "I remember I was trapped here with another boy. There was a mean looking guy who told the boy to be quiet."

Will excitedly exclaimed, "What else? What else do you remember?"

Emily frowned, "Nothing else. That's all I remember."

Will looked disappointed.

Emily blurted, "Wait. I think that boy looks familiar. He looks like..."

Will asked excitedly, "Who? Looks like who?"

"The boss of KillSkies, but younger."

Will exclaimed, "Oh my god, yes! He was the boss of KillSkies!"

Emily looked at Will, "Are you okay? You seem weird today."

Will realized he was too excited, "Yeah. I'm fine. Think carefully. Do you remember anything else?"

Emily shook her head.

Will took out a diary from his jacket and explained, "It's okay. Look at this diary. It might help you remember some things."

Emily opened the diary and read the first page:

Today is the second day after the gangster had kidnapped Emily from the abandoned warehouse. I scolded myself for not being able to do anything to save Emily. Why? Why couldn't I save her? It's my fault. I'm so weak. Emily. Where are you? If anything happens to you, I will never forgive myself.

Today is the first week after you had been kidnapped. I'm going to Japan with Will to ask his father for help. Don't worry, Emily. I'm coming to save you. His father is the leader of GoldSkies. I couldn't even believe it at first. But I know he will be able to help me find you. Emily, hang in there. I'll find you.

We arrived at Japan, but we found out that Will's father has been betrayed. Will is sad, but I'm just as sad because the possibility of finding you is even less. Even though I didn't tell Will because I didn't want him to feel worse, but my heart sank when I heard Will's father died. It's not because I was sad, but because you're getting farther and farther away from me, Emily.

Will and I formed KillSkies with two new recruits: Henry and Matthew. Today, we have to go attack our rival clan, JewelSleek, but I knew we had far too little men compared to them. We could all die, but I wasn't afraid because if I die, I might be able to see you in heaven if you're there. God forbid you're dead, but if you are and I die today, it will be the happiest day of my life. We could finally reunite after one year.

Four years had passed since you were kidnapped, but I didn't lose hope. I knew you were out there somewhere. KillSkies is slowly gaining momentum and recruiting more men. Our authority is increasing, but it doesn't matter to me. Will told me that our bank account had over 350 million. I didn't care. To me, it was only numbers because you aren't here to celebrate my success with me. If I could, I would give up all my money just to see you one more time. I miss you so much, Emily.

Today I saw a girl who looked just like you. I ran up to her, but it wasn't you. This isn't the first time I ran up to someone who looked like you. I miss you so much that I'm starting to hallucinate about you. Each time I ran toward the girl who looked like you, my heart thumped wildly, but when I saw it wasn't you, my heart sank.

Seven years had passed since you were kidnapped. I still continued to order men to look for you, but each time the reports disappointed me. Is God telling me I can't find you? I won't admit defeat. I refuse to give up till I find you. Will introduced me to numerous women because he was worried about me. That idiot. He should know you're the only woman I will ever love in my life. Even if I don't find you, there's no way I'll fall in love with another woman. From the day I first met you, I knew you're my only true love.

Today is the happiest day of my life since you were kidnapped. James told me his men made reports that Trinity is hiding at Philippines. I was so excited when I heard this. I almost wanted to fly over at this second, but I couldn't due to my responsibility as the leader of KillSkies. Please forgive me, Emily. I promise I'll quit my job as the leader of KillSkies when I see you.

Today is the worst day of my life since you were kidnapped. The leader of Trinity is here, but he told me that you committed suicide. I didn't believe him. He was lying. After all these years of waiting for you, I knew you couldn't leave me just like that. But, what he said might be true, which is what I feared. After all, where else would you be if the leader of Trinity didn't even know? Why didn't you come back to me? Where are you? Just five minutes ago, I almost committed suicide out of despair, but Matthew rushed in and stopped me. He convinced me that you were still alive. I laughed at myself. If I committed suicide, and you were alive, I would be so stupid. Please be alive...

Emily closed the diary and tears rolled down her cheeks like waterfall.

Will looked at her, alarmed, "Are you okay?"

She hugged the diary tightly and cried, "Frank! You idiot. Why did you wait for me for seven years? I remember everything now!"

Will excitedly exclaimed, "Oh my God! You finally remember everything. Thank you, God!"

Emily looked up at Will with teary eyes, "Will. Where is he right now? I want to meet him."

Will looked at her sadly, "He's at the hospital in a comatose state."

Emily gasped worriedly, "W-what h-happened to him?"

Will stated, "Remember the guy you stabbed?"

Emily looked at him. At first she was puzzled. Then she realized and burst out crying.

"I-I- d-didn't know."

Will put his hands on her shoulder and comforted, "It's okay. But we must get back to Japan. Frank is still waiting for you."

Emily nodded, "Thank you so much, Will. You helped me remember everything about the past."

Will smiled, "Let's go. I already bought the plane tickets. We're going to miss it if we stay here for too long."

Emily looked at the warehouse one more time and thought 'Frank. I'm coming. Please be alright for me.'

Part 20

As soon as Will and Emily arrived at Japan, they rushed to the hospital. Emily opened Frank's room and Matthew looked at her, shocked.

Matthew blurted, "Emily?"

Emily ran to Frank's bed and touched his face lightly.

Will signaled Matthew over and whispered, "Let's go. I did my job. Now it's Emily's job." Matthew nodded and they both left.

Emily whispered softly, "Frank. I'm Emily. Emily. I'm here. Please wake up."

There was no sign of movement.

Emily stroked Frank's hair gently and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Frank. I read your diary. You're so stupid. Why did you wait on me for seven years? And I can't believe I stabbed you when you first met me. I didn't know. I'm so sorry. Your heart must've shattered into millions of pieces. Forgive me. Please wake up."

Frank's finger moved an inch.

Emily saw it and excitedly screamed, "Frank! I'm Emily. Don't you want to see me? Please wake up. I'll never forgive myself if you remain like this."

There was no sign of movement.

Emily sobbed and buried her face on my body, "Frank...please wake up. I need you by my side. Seven years ago, I lied. I told you I loved you as a friend only, but that was a lie. I've never met a guy as nice and caring to me as you. But I was too shy to tell you my feelings. I was so scared that if I told you I love you not as a friend, you might not feel the same way, and I'll probably never see you again. I was too scared to ruin our current relationship even if it means we're only friends. As long as I could see you everyday, it was enough. I love you. Frank, I love you..."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

Emily gasped and looked up. My eyes were opened and I was smiling weakly.

I whispered, "I love you, too."

Emily whimpered and hugged me tightly, not wanting to let me go. Neither did I.

Part 21

James, Matthew, Henry, Will, and Emily were all gathered around my bed.

I complained, "Why is everyone here? I'm not dead yet."

Emily whispered, "Shhh. I don't want you to say that word in front me ever again."

Matthew cooed, "Ooh. Boss's wife is nagging him."

I snapped, "Shut up."

Everyone laughed.

Will stated, "Good thing the doctor said you'll be fine. It's about time you come back to KillSkies."

I looked at Emily and smiled, "I'm not going back to KillSkies."

James choked, "What?!"

I grinned, "Initially, I formed KillSkies in order to find Emily. But, she's by my side now. There's no need for me to command KillSkies anymore."

Henry complained, "But Boss. What's KillSkies going to be like without you?"

I joked, "Heaven."

James, Matthew, and Henry were shocked because I never joked about anything in front of them.

I stated, "After I get out of hospital, I will organize one final KillSkies meeting. I will announce my decision to step down as the leader of KillSkies and pass the authority to Will. However, secretly, I wish for you all to leave KillSkies. You all have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your lives. There's no need to put your lives in danger anymore."

Everyone nodded.

I cleared my throat and said, "Uh, I haven't seen Emily for so long. I would like to speak with her individually."

Matthew wooed, "Ooh. Frank and Emily sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S""

I threw my pillow at Matthew, "Shut the hell up!"

Will chuckled, "Let's go. Guys. Let's give these two lovers some 'alone' time..."

Part 22

"Order KillSkies!"

After one week, I recovered and was out of the hospital. I'm making my last official announcement as the leader of KillSkies.

"After all these days of thinking, I decided to step down my position as the leader of KillSkies and pass the authority down to William. From now on, you will listen and follow his orders. He is the new Boss! Welcome."

Everyone clapped.

Will stated loudly, "Thank you. It is my honor to accept this title and responsibility. I swear with my life I will bring KillSkies up to another level, but I need all of your help and cooperation. Together, we shall earn money, fame, and power! KillSkies Forever!"

The crowd roared, "KillSkies Forever!"

Part 23

For several weeks, I took Emily anywhere she wanted. We made up for all the time we lost in seven years. Today, I decided it was about time. I took Emily to a fancy restaurant and stood up in front of everyone and sang her a love song.

She laughed at my horrible singing. Then, I took her to the beach.

She saw dozens of unlit candles and asked; "I wonder who left them here."

I replied, "I wonder too. Let me go lit them up and see."

As I slowly lit up the candles one by one, Emily gasped as she saw what the candles spelled: I LOVE YOU WILL YOU MARRY ME EMILY

I kneeled and looked up at her with puppy eyes, "Will you marry me?"

She cried, "Oh, Frank. That's so sweet. I do."

I smiled happily and ran up to her.

She exclaimed happily, "Frank. I've been waiting for this day for so long. I""

I smiled, but my smile disappeared as she fainted before me. I caught her in my arms.

"Emily! Don't scare me. Emily!"

Part 24

I walked around outside the emergency room frantically. The doctor came out and I grabbed him, "Doctor, is my girlfriend okay?"

The doctor looked at me, "She's alright now. I took an X-ray of her and we'll just have to wait for the results."

"Thank you, doctor."

I rushed into Emily's room. She looked at me feebly.

I ran over and held her hand.

"You scared me at the beach."

She whispered, "Sorry."

"What happened?"

"I felt dizzy all of a sudden and passed out."

I held her hand tight. "I've never been this scared before in my life."

She smiled, "Don't worry. I'll be fine."

James, Matthew, and Henry rushed in.

James asked, "When you called us, we came immediately. Is Emily okay?"

I nodded.

Matthew looked relieved, "Whew, that's great then."

Henry looked at me and apologized, "I'm sorry, Frank. But Will couldn't come though he wanted to. He's too busy."

I nodded understandingly.

Emily whispered, "Thank you for taking the time to visit me."

Matthew smiled, "We have to come visit Frank's future wife often."

Emily smiled.

I stated, "Alright. She needs rest."

Everyone nodded.

I held Emily's hand and smiled, "Don't worry. I'll always be with you."

She smiled sweetly.

Part 25

Emily got out of the hospital within a few days and we started to prepare for our marriage. Today, we were picking wedding dress and Emily was trying out different gowns. She came out in a white, sheath-wedding gown. I looked at her and marveled at her beauty. I couldn't believe it. I was going to marry this gorgeous woman.

She smiled, "How do I look?"

I grinned, "Perfect."

My cell phone rang and I picked it up.

"Hello? Yes. Okay. I'll be right there."

She asked curiously, "Who is it?"

"The doctor has your X-ray results. I'll go pick it up right now."


I arrived at the hospital and knocked on the doctor's door.

"Come in."

I entered, "Doctor, do you have my girlfriend's X-ray results?"

"Oh yes. Let me take a look."

I waited till he got out her results.

The doctor looked at it for a while and looked up at me gravely, "Sir, I'm sorry to say this, but the X-ray results aren't that good."

I spluttered, "What? What do you mean?"

"The results showed her brain was hit by a blunt object before. It caused a blood clot in her brain. The blood clot is capable of causing amnesia. The blood clot is separated now, but pieces of it are blocking the hypothalamus. We must perform surgery immediately to remove the remaining pieces or else her hypothalamus will stop functioning."

I asked nervously, "What happens when the hypothalamus stops functioning?"

"The hypothalamus controls many things in our body. The most important are body temperature, hunger, and thirst. In her case, when the hypothalamus stops functioning, her body temperature will drop to dangerous levels and she won't feel hunger or thirst. In the end, she'll die by starving or her body temperature drops below normal."

I asked frantically, "What's the surgery success rate?"

The doctor looked at me grimly, "The success rate is 50/50. However, even if her surgery is successful, the time it takes to perform the surgery is very long. In the worst-case scenario, her heart will stop beating. We'll need a heart transplant immediately or else she'll die during the operation."

I opened my mouth in shock and shouted, "Have you any idea what this means to me? We're about to be married!"

The doctor shook his head sadly, "I'm very sorry."

I drove to the airport runway. I got out and yelled, "AHHHHH! AHHHHH!"

I cried. Why? Why did it have to be Emily? After all the hardships, we were finally able to be with each other, and now this. God! Why must you do this to us?

My cell phone rang. I looked at it and it said: Emily.

I cleared my throat and answered, "Hi."

"Where are you? It's two hours already since you left." Her voice sounded worried.

I replied, "Sorry. I'm coming."

She asked, "My X-ray report. Wha""

I hung up. I wiped my tears away and started driving back to the wedding store.

My cell phone rang again.


"Sir, your fianc just fainted. We dialed 911 and she's at the nearest hospital right now."

I hung up and stepped on the accelerator.

Part 26

Emily woke up and a doctor was standing in front of her.

She weakly asked, "Doctor, what's wrong with me? Why did I faint?"

The doctor gravely replied, "According to your X-ray reports, your hypothalamus is blocked by pieces of blood clots. We must perform surgery immediately or it will stop functioning and you will die."

Emily choked, "Doctor, are you serious? I'm going to be married soon."

The doctor nodded, "The surgery has a 50/50 success rate. However, it takes a long time to perform the surgery. During the operation, your heart could fail and we will need a heart transplant immediately or you will die during the operation."

Emily said sadly, "Thank you, doctor. Oh, one more thing. Please don't tell my fianc about this. I don't want him to worry."

The doctor nodded, "I understand."

I rushed in Emily's room and ran toward her.

"I'm sorry I took this long to get here. I'm sorry."

Emily smiled weakly, "It's alright. I'm fine. Don't worry. I'll get out soon and we can continue the marriage as planned."

I shook my head, "Your X-ray results""

She interrupted, "Everything is normal. Don't worry."

I looked at her and blurted, "Don't lie to me. I already know about your X-ray results. Emily! Why did it have to be you? Why?"

She touched my hair gently, "Please don't be like this, Frank. I want you to be happy, not sad."

I cried, "You must have surgery. We can't delay this any longer."

She cried, "No! I don't want surgery. I only want you by my side. I don't want to leave you."

I exclaimed, "But you'll die if you don't perform that surgery."

She smiled with tears in her eyes, "I may die, but I want to die with you by my side till the last minute. Promise me. I don't want surgery."

I yelled and ran out of her room.

Part 27

I sat at a bar and waited for Will to come. He came within ten minutes.

Will looked alarmed, "I'm sorry about what happened to Emily."

I yelled, "Why? Why must it be her?"

Will replied sadly, "There's nothing you can do right now."

I replied, "She must perform the surgery, yet she doesn't want to. But she will die if she doesn't."

He asked, "But the surgery success rate is 50/50 plus her heart might fail during the operation. How can you be so cruel to let her perform the surgery?"

I cried, "You're right. I'm cruel. But what else can I do? The surgery is her only hope of surviving."

He closed his eyes and said, "I guess you're right. There's nothing else we can do. She has to perform that surgery."

I shouted, "But she won't. She wants to die with me than perform the surgery. What do I do?"

He said nothing.

I blurted, "I know. I'll need to find a way to make her hate me. Then, she'll perform the surgery. That's right. I know. I'll marry her, but on wedding day, I'll need a random girl to come and stop the wedding. She can say she's pregnant and I'm the father. Then, Emily will hate me and perform the surgery."

He looked at me and shook his head, "That is going to kill Emily's heart."

I nodded sadly, "But there's no other choice. She must live. I rather let her hate me forever than see her die."

He sighed, "Do what you think is right."

I stopped him and warned, "I want you to swear that you'll never tell her about this. Never."

He nodded sadly, "I've never seen you like this. You truly love Emily. Too bad God won't let you two be together."

Part 28

Emily got out of the hospital and we agreed to be married today. We were at a church and James, Matthew, and Henry walked over to me.

Matthew laughed, "Why are you standing here, groom? You should get ready at the altar and wait for your beautiful bride."

I stared out the window sadly.

James tapped me, "Frank? Are you okay? Today is your big day. Why do you look so sullen?"

I mumbled, "It's nothing. Go greet the guests for me, guys."


I stated, "Go now."

They left, looking at me suspiciously.

Will arrived and mumbled, "Are you ready?"

I replied, "Yeah. The girl is here?"


I closed my eyes and nodded.

Will asked, "Must you do this?"

I sighed, "I can't back down now. Besides, it's better this way anyways."

Will nodded.

The pianist played the wedding music as I walked to the front sadly.

"Why is the groom so sad?"

"Does he want to marry the bride?"

"He looks as if he's about to cry."

I closed my eyes and waited for Emily to appear. She walked slowly and I turned around. She looked so beautiful. I fought back a tear by blinking it away. She smiled at me with the happiest and sweetest smile I ever seen. She was like an angel. I wanted to cherish her forever. I sighed inside.

The pastor smiled, "Ms. Emily, are you willing to take Mr. Frank as your husband?"

She smiled, "I do."

"Mr. Frank, are you willing to take Ms. Emily as your wife?"

I replied, "I do."

The pastor finally concluded, "If anyone present has any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace."

The wedding door flung open and a woman yelled, "Stop this wedding!"

The crowd gasped. Emily turned around and opened her mouth in shock.

The woman walked up to me and cried, "Frank! How could you marry this woman? I'm pregnant with your child."

Emily froze and looked at me, "Frank. What's she talking about?"

The woman pushed Emily aside and held my arms, "Frank only loves me. He was just playing around with you."

Emily looked at me as tears rolled down her cheeks, "Is this true, Frank?"

The woman scoffed, "Of course it is. Now move aside, you bitch."

I closed my eyes.

Emily cried, "Frank. Talk to me. What is this? Why did this girl appear on our wedding day?"

The woman snapped, "Shut up. I'm pregnant with Frank's child. He should marry me. Pastor. Continue the wedding, but I'm the actual bride."

Emily tugged my arm, "What's going on? Frank? Answer me! You said you loved me. I""

I pushed her aside and snapped, "Shut up. I never loved you. I lied to you the whole time. Please continue, pastor."

James got up and exclaimed, "Frank. What is the meaning of this?"

Emily got out my diary and waved it in front of my eyes and cried, "Frank. I don't believe you love anyone else besides me. You waited seven years for me."

I barked, "I never truly loved you. You were just a random girl I met when I was lonely. I couldn't care less about you. Do you get it?"

Emily shook her head and exclaimed, "If you don't love me, then what is the meaning of this diary you wrote?"

I snatched the diary from her and replied, "I could not care less about this piece of crap I wrote."

I ripped up the diary into pieces and threw it in the air.

Emily cried and ran off.

The stunned pastor announced, "Ms.?"

I held out my hand, "Enough." I walked out of the altar.

I got in my car and cried painfully, "Emily. Forget about me. Go perform that surgery."

Part 29

Several days later, I pleaded Will to convince Emily to perform the surgery. He reluctantly agreed.

Will asked, "Emily? You should perform the surgery."

Emily shook her head, "What's the point of living anymore?"

Will softly said, "I know Frank seriously hurt you, but I love you. I want you to be alive. During the time you forgot about your past, we had a relationship. Honestly, I fell in love with you. Please stay alive."

Emily looked at him and said, "Alright. I'll perform the surgery, but please give me some time. After Frank betrayed me, I'm really not in the mood to start a new relationship."

Will nodded.

Part 30

Will called me and said today Emily is going to perform the surgery. Out of happiness, I rushed over to the hospital.

I looked at Will and he said Emily went in the operation room an hour ago.

I nodded.

Will looked at me and confessed, "I told Emily I loved her and wanted her to stay alive. That's how she agreed to perform the surgery."

I looked at him sadly, "That was the right thing to do."

Will was shocked, "You're not mad at me?"

I smiled, "Why should I be? You convinced her to perform the surgery. I should thank you."

Will sighed.

After several hours, the doctor and nurses came out with Emily on the operation bed.

I asked, alarmed, "Is she okay?"

The doctor replied gravely, "Her heart stopped. We need a heart transplant immediately."

I replied without hesitation, "Use mine."

The doctor looked at me, "Are you sure? After the transplant, you will die."

I nodded.

"Follow me."

I replied, "Wait. Will, promise me you'll take care of Emily for me. Love her, care for her, and cherish her."

Will cried, "Are you sure, Frank? You'll die."

I smiled sadly, "I feel it is worth it to die for Emily because I love her more than anything. Promise me. If Emily ever asks, just say I married that girl and disappeared forever. Promise me to never tell her the truth."

Will nodded sadly.

I smiled with tears in my eye, "Good-bye, Will. It was nice knowing you. Oh. Say good-bye to Matthew, James, and Henry for me. You and they are the only friends I have. I wish you all the best. Let's go doctor."

Will actually cried for the first time in his life.

Part 31


"Emily? Is that you?"

"Yeah. Come. Follow me. I'm waiting for you."

"Emily! We can finally be together. I'm so happy."

"Me too. Hurry. Catch me!"

"Don't run. I'm coming!"


Part 32

After several weeks, Emily woke up from her comatose state. She found Will lying asleep beside her. She smiled and touched him gently.

Will woke up and exclaimed, "Emily! You're finally awake. I'll go call the doctor."

The doctor came and checked on her, "Congratulations. You are out of your comatose state. Your fianc truly loves you."

Emily looked at him, confused, "Huh? What do you mean?"

The nurse wiped a tear away and said, "During the operation, your heart failed. We needed to give you a heart transplant immediately, but there was no donor available. Your fianc, Frank, agreed to give you his heart without hesitation. That's how you survived."

Emily spluttered, "S-so he's?"

The nurse nodded sadly, "Dead."

Will said with tears in his eyes, "Frank told me not to tell you this, but I can't. You have the right to know."

So, Will told Emily the truth.

After Emily heard this, she burst out crying painfully for hours.

After Emily finished crying, she wiped her tears away and smiled.

Will asked, "Is something wrong?"

Emily smiled happily and sweetly, "Frank is not dead. He gave me his heart. He'll always be alive in my heart."

Emily heard her (Frank's) heart say, "I love you."

"True love is forever, unconditional, and sacrifice. Too many people think of their 'crush' as true love. True love only occurs once in a lifetime and not everyone is fortunate enough to experience it."

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