Act : Confession

by Bagus

Father, Thy servant

kneels before Thine presence

"I know that Thou hearest me

and that Thou hearest me always"

Thy undeserving slave

Seeketh the way

For this feeling that I

feel in my being

What do they call it...


Yes, indeed

Father, I have sinned

Oh, why did Thou createth us?

Foul beings

animals hidden in our faith

A creature of chaos

consumed by petty

Desires and Hatred

mother, father!

It is not thine fault that

I was to be born in this body;

loved by none, despised by many

Mayhaps this twisted features

are a picture of my soul

If so, thought I

how about the souls of my parents?

My mother was beautiful; of this you know

My father was handsome; of this you know

Surely, their souls must be

as what their appearence


I suppose these bruises and scars

(on my cheeks, my mother gave me

on my back, my father gave me)

art what beautiful souls

does, encased within that mortal body

I wanted to see it;

how I wanted to see their souls!

It is thus that I have

made a hypothesis; a theory

The soul is what drives us forward

inside this feeble vessel

lies an intricate labyrinth

I skinned my father

After I cut his throbbing throat

with a saw

It is fine;

He was drunk, I made sure of that

I suppose, as many would say

Liquor is the best pain killers

I could not see his soul

It was covered in blood, muscles

His skin I threw away

the foul stench an aroma I could not comprehend

I heard a wise man spoke;

"the eyes art the window to the soul"

so I, so to say,

in a manner to my dismay

took away his window,

and to my surprise,

the soul is still

hidden away

I searched, cutting and sawing through

a futile attempt, this I know

to find that which you know nothing of

when I exhausted my self

the vessel of my father's soul was no more

My mother, I smashed her head

against our lovely white wall

Patterns, so lovely, so grosteque

formed on a pure white background

Her soul was not in her head;

nor was it in her bulging breasts

Her vessel I investigate

but, in a manner most similar

to the previous vessel

(whose vessel was it?)

I could not find

that which I thought would be

a beauty beyond compare

It was then that I realized

that I have sinned gravely

and thus, I kneel before Thee;

Most Graceful, Most Loving

I have sinned

for not being able to

see Thine most ingenius design

Is it perhaps because I lack


Father, my will is hardened

My resolution absoute;

I shall,

look for more vessels

and rest assured, with Thine will,

Someday the nature of the soul

shall no longer be a mistery

to me, and to others

Failure is the first step

to success, so they say

I shalt take this failure

as a stepping stone; a small gap

of which I can jump on; or over

Father, I have sinned

(To whom doth those two vessels

belong to?

I can not, for the life of me


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