Another Life

by IMonique W

Sam pulls up in his conservative yet sporty sedan into the driveway of his parent's suburban home. After ringing the bell his mother comes to the door and welcomes him. Sam has a nice dinner with his parents who asked him how work was and how he was in general. He gave all of the expected answers ending with, "Everything is just fine." After leaving the home he heads to a night spot. He flirts with the ladies while doing a little E and taking so many shots of tequila he's dizzy. He gets into his sedan realizing he has work in the morning. He's a highly successful office executive, but he's run out of sick days. Little does his parent's know that he spends many nights this way. He's in a rush so he decides to take the highway. One of the ramps faces a large body of water. As he approaches the turn he loses control and shoots off the ramp, breaking the safety wall and landing in the cold deep water. His mind is in such a blur as he sinks in the cold blue deep. The water covers his flesh and flows through his hair. Everything goes black. There's no time. As soon as the rescue workers pull his body from the water the paramedics begin CPR. They prop his head back, blow the air in and push on his chest over and over to no response. He is pronounced dead at 2:35am. The family quickly makes arrangements for Sam's body to be transferred to the funeral director at Pine Funeral Home. Mrs. Moore is highly skilled and has great experience in this field. She started the home many years ago with her husband. Her job is to prepare Sam's body for burial. She enters the parlor where a few bodies are covered in sheets. She looks at Sam's file for a moment. Then she pulls out her tools and sets them beside the cold metal table. Then unveils his body from the head to waist. She picks up an instrument. A soft beating sounds. As she approaches Sam's body with the sharp tool the beating intensifies and Sam jumps up! Mrs. Moore so startled she drops the tool and falls to the floor. "Oh, oh, oh my God! Dead. You're not dead." Sam sits up straight and his eyes appear blank....

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