What Must the the World Be Thinking?

by Mike Stevens

What Must the World be Thinking?

What must the rest of the world be thinking

when they see us on T.V. Yee-haw, a bunch of rednecks drinking!

How else to explain our love affair with the gun?

Or, the leading Republican who speaks common sense, but has none?

The ultimate reality show playing out, right before their eyes,

proving once again, that it matters not if he's spouting verifiable lies.

A guy who likes the movie, 'Air Force One' because the hero

'stands up for American values!'--his common sense rates a zero

because, as Harrison Ford says, "It's just a movie, Donald!,

that doesn't happen in real life!" He talks tough, apparently, he hasn't mulled

over what's real, or, maybe he has. Maybe this macho shit

is his take on everything--the thought of dealing with bad guys doesn't bother him a bit.

That there's a bunch of like-minded rednecks to whom the truth

is just another casualty, another facet to his being uncouth.

A man who condemns over a billion poor innocent souls,

a dude who rakes their undeserved fate over the coals.

He knowingly unleashes the hatred of his followers,

who play follow-the-leader, and who are bull shit-swallowers.

In the eyes of the world, we're nothing but a three-ring circus,

who backs a man who throws the truth under the bus.

The nation who tolerates a few thousand gun deaths a year

as an acceptable risk, the price we must pay, and who let fear

run our lives, and that is why we could elect a buffoon,

a lying racist-sexist who's election now would be most inopportune!

But, I fear, the damage is already done, the die is cast.

The world is amazed we tolerate and celebrate him, and are aghast.

If he was the only one with views so extreme,

but he's just a symptom--I fear so much for the American dream.

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